Top 10 Best Call Recorder Apps For Android

While talking to someone over call, there might be a few things that you’ll need for reference but might fail to remember them effectively. When you are aware of this habit of yours, you might often find yourself panicking to find a pen and a paper near you at that time.

To avoid those moments where you just rush yourself and miss other important details, or maybe for some other purposes, a call recording app comes to a lot of use. 

While a lot of cell phones comes with an in-built system to record calls, the features that they offer is often limited. Moreover, the built-in call recorder is very unlikely to support cloud storage. This makes the phone loaded with recordings and ultimately slows down the functionality.

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In the article that follows, we have enlisted the 10 best call recording apps available for android devices. While all of them offer the basic functioning of recording calls, they all have their own specific combination of unique features. 

It is important to note that the basic functions are often provided with the system, therefore, when you go for advanced functions you will have to pay for them.

Without wasting any time then, let us discuss one by one, the best call recorder apps available for android along with their functionality.


Best Call Recording Apps

Blackbox Call Recorder

The first one in the list of the best call recording apps is the BlackBox call recorder app. It is not just its neat interface and functionality, but also the low cost that they charge for such a package of features.

Firstly, it has all the basic features like call recording, high quality recording and cloud storage. What makes it better than most of them is its security system– where you can lock a recording and can only access it with a password, Bluetooth accessory support for a lot of devices and even dual-sim support.

It offers a monthly subscription for $0.99/month. Before that, it also offers a free trial.

Packed with such amazing features and designed with one of the cleanest and easiest user interface, Blackbox Call Recorder is the best call recorder that you can have on your android device.



The next up in the list of best call recorder apps for android is the Callapp. This one has consistently good reviews from its users.

Just like the one right before it, this one is loaded with the most popular features in a call recorder app. Moreover, for people who are looking for free call recorder apps, this one is a boon as it is free with in-app purchase feature. 

Additionally it’s just not a call recorder, it supports wide range of features such as caller ID, call blocker to keep you updated about spammers. 

In several places, it does beat the other apps available for such use. If you wish to go for an application that has good functionality as well as a simple and classic layout, this one is a great option for you.

Cube Call Recorder

With Cube Cal Recorder, your recordings don’t necessarily have to be the phone call recordings. This app can also record calls via other third party applications like Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. This unique feature of the app makes it better than most of the available apps for android.

Apart from this, the app has a pretty decent set of functions. You can even allot contacts to automatically record all calls to and from them. The interface of the app makes it super easy to integrate and use.

Some of the features of the app are available for free use, however, if you wish to use the entire package, you will have to pay $1.99 every 3 months. Compared to the other available options, Cube Call Recorder is actually a pretty good deal. Also, It can be used as free calling app.

Automatic Call Recorder

This gem is one of the most popular call recording apps among android users.

With its loaded set of features, like automatic call recording, cloud backup storage and even a voice recorder available for use, Automatic Call Recorder stands as a fierce competition to the other available apps for android.

It is a bit costly; involving a payment of $6.99 for the access to the full version, the functionality that it provides well compensates it. It comes up as being worthy of every single penny spent on it.

Moreover, you can still use the basic features for free.

Call Recorder Automatic

The next up in the list is a very simple application for recording calls on an android device. It is a super trusted application as it had been developed quite a while ago.

The features of the app are in well competition with the other best apps for the same purpose. However, the only reason that the application ranks lower to them is that to effectively record a call recording, you will have to put in on speaker. This makes calls a little less convenient and hence the app a little less popular.

It is available for free use and can be upgraded to use the advanced functions with a onetime payment of $4.99.

Otter Voice Notes

This app is not a call recording ap. Rather, it is a transcription service.

While on call, due to the voice or noise or even network, a few details might be blurry. This gibberish might be or might not be understandable. It would then, actually be great if you could have written logs of the calls, word to word. Otter Voice Notes does just that for you.

You can import or export audio files and call recordings to this app and then have them transcribed. You can even use this application as an organizational one for all the call recordings.

Users of this application can get upto 600 minutes transcribed for free every month, post which they would be charged $4.99/month. When considering super important calls and reports on those, Otter Voice Notes is a pretty useful app.

Automatic Call Recorder

While this one does not have a very unique name, it pretty surely does have a functionality and price combination that beats many of the available options.

Available for full capacity usage at just $5.49, it presents itself as a complete call recording application. The developers have designed the app in the most details yet simple mechanism and for maximum functionality.

It has the ability to record calls, and do that automatically, cloud storage, audio codec and other amazing features like hotkeys. With its great set of features, and such low cost for them, this app is also a very nice option for people looking for call recorder apps for android.

Smart Recorder

The next up in the list is called Smart Recorder, and does full justice to its name.

It wasn’t really designed to be a call recording app. originally; it was just a voice recording app. However, it can easily perform the basic function of recording a call. 

What makes it slightly better than the options available for android users is not just its multi functionality of a voice recorder as well as a call recorder, but also some unique features like Skip Silence, which skips the silence in a call recording to make it more efficient.

If you wish to upgrade the app to the full version, only a onetime payment of $1.49 has to be paid.

Smart Voice Recorder

The first free app in the list of best call recording apps in the Smart Voice Recorder.

Just like the previous one, it was not actually designed to be a call recording app, but can do that very well. Since it is available for free, there are ads that you will have to face.

However, despite the ads, this is one of the best call recording apps that you can have on your android cell phone.  For just a little annoyance, you would have a really powerful call recorder app in your mobile phone, which also works as a voice recorder.

Voice Recorder

The last one on the list is also a super light multi functionality application available for installation on almost all android devices. Since it was a voice recorder app first, the call recording features are not very advanced.

However, for only a price of $1.99, you get an entire package of two applications. This is to be considered as a really good deal.

Overall, when purchased in full, the application has some really nice features to offer. Plus, the user layout and interface are also of decent quality so that the functioning is quick.


While most of the call recorder apps are paid, it is so because people generally need them for advanced features. The basic features might also be available on the set, or even the apps’ free versions.

The list above presents the 10 best call recorder apps for android, out of which you need only one. This decision can be made by understanding one’s needs. By common reviews, going for an app that has backup cloud storage is better. This ensures that you can store a lot of recordings without burdening the phone.


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