Top 10 Best Breathing Apps For Android And iOS

Deep and relaxed breathing puts your mind on an ultimate relaxation mode. It allows you to breath slowly that control your heart rate and blood pressure. This will help you combat stress and other panic conditions.

In today’s hectic life, you all face anxiety and do not get time for self-introspection. Few minutes of breathing and meditation will leave your soul with utter peace and improve your concentration. 

You need not to find a place and set a position to perform breathing exercise, all you are required to use your smartphones and install a breathing app.

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Yes you read it right breathing apps. There are so many breathing apps available for smartphones and can guide you to different forms of inhaling and exhaling. 

It is medically proven that breathing can calm your mind and help improving your body fitness. Various yoga exercises and postures supports deep breathing as cure for critical diseases.

These amazing breathing apps are at your fingertips. Go ahead and explore top 10 best Breathing apps for relaxing your mind.


10 Best Breathing Apps

Stop Breathe And Think

Stop, Breathe and Think is an app that focus on improving your overall mental health. It will help you develop good habit of regular breathing and mind exercises.
It includes meditation sessions, breathing timer that is customizable. All these simple habits are focused on finding peace and resting mind. It allows you to track your emotions after and before each meditation.
This will let you know that these practices are contributing in your mental health. You can install this app from playstore and appstore for free.


Zenfie is one of the best breathing and meditation apps. It works differently and allow you to attain a state of mind rest anytime anywhere.
It provided you 10 minutes mindful session on different topics including letting go, breathing awareness, inner peace, etc. and ask you to deep breathe at the same time.
By hearing these sessions you understand different scope of life and start seeing things from others perspective.
It will give you immense sense of relaxation and make it a habit to do 10 minutes deep breathing. This app is available to iOS and android users for free.

Breath Ball

Breath Ball assures something extra from other breathing apps. As this app allows content that is completely medical approved.
Just inhaling exhaling at a constant speed will not solve stress related problems. Breathing intervals in this app are added based on clinical studies carried out on humans.
It enables you to customize the app visualization including theme, colours, breathing exercises and the size of user interface. It also regulates your blood pressure.

Mindshift CBT

Mindshift CBT is an amazing breathing app which uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. CBT provide multiple ways to tackle your anxiety and help you in calming your mind.
It provides quick relief that supports you to shift your thought instantly and guide in breathing. This app allows you to maintain a journal that reorient your thoughts.
Coping card feature enables you to use coping statements that supports re-adjusting of your thinking process.
It also provides healthy habits to keep your body fit and mind relaxed. This app is available to android and iOS users for free.


Kardia is a simple breathing exercise app. This app help you learning paced breathing for stress relief. It features relaxing sphere movements and sounds for focused breathing sessions.
It is advised for kids and adults both as it boost your confidence and concentration. You can set your inhaling-exhaling cycle rate from 5 to 7 cycles/min depending on your need.
Also, it allows you to stop looking at your phone and just follow audio instructions. You just need to download this wonderful app from playstore or appstore for free.


Breathe2Relax app provides exceptionally useful stress management information. It explains you the illeffects of stress and anxiety on your body and guides you on how to cope up with this.
It features Diaphragmatic breathing is helpful in controlling mood swings, anger and depression.
You can sync this app with your smart watch to monitor your heart rate during your breathing exercise. This is a complete mind health app. It can be used by both iOS and android users for free.


Breethe is a mindfulness meditation app available for android and iOS users. This app provides you many mode of relaxation such as deep breathing exercises, bedtime stories, soothing music, masterclasses from coach and so on and also you can try some plant identifier app.
It helps you in tackling health issues like insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression. It allows you to enjoy calming music or relaxing videos while breathing and also supports better sleep.
Breethe provides sessions with coaches and personal growth experts. It is a free app.

Health Through Breath​

Health Through Breath is a Yoga based breathing app. This app teaches you goodness of breathing through Pranayama. Pranayama guides you about conscious breathing and its benefits.
It helps you meditate and increase your concentration. It provides counting, soothing music or visual effects for calming breathing sessions.
Doing breathing exercise will increase your immunity and reduce the health issues.
It gives you an amazing animated view of human organs during Pranayama. This app is free and can be used by iOS and android users.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a popular breathing app. It features guided talks and meditations by mindfulness experts, psychologists, teachers and neuroscientists from various top universities and institutions.
This app enables breathing time for short to long breathing sessions as per your need.
You can get this app on Appstore as well as Playstore for free. It supports various types of meditations like Zen, Buddhists, Vedanta, yoga, deep breathing and so on.


Headspace is a wonderful app that teaches you mediation through various forms. It guides you on how to meditate, breathe and live peacefully.
This consist of exercises on stress relief to deep breathing to managing stress. It explains you the meaning of happiness, calmness and focus.
The basic courses available in this app helps beginners to start. It features sleep by headspace that is focused on need for deep sleep. It will help you if you have sleeping issues.


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