Top 10 Best Brain Game Apps for Android and iOS

In such high paced times, where people are mostly stuck doing mundane jobs which does not require any major use of creative or analytical side of brain, brain games provide a much needed simulation and relief. These brain games force you to think differently than you normally would, helping you utilize your observational skills as well as come up with creative solutions.

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The best thing about it is that, you do not need to go out anywhere for such experience since it is all available at the tip of your fingers. We have compiled for you a list of best brain games apps, so that whenever you feel dullness in your brain activity and need some rejuvenation, these apps will be there to your rescue! 


10 Best Brain Game Apps

Skillz – Logic Brain Games

Give your memory a test with this app which uses logical games to increase your speed levels, your accuracy as well as train your reflexes along with the challenging levels faced. Developed by App Holdings, this brain game is here to boost your skills and wake your brain from a slumber.

Skillz is based on a game with several levels where you earn starts from 1 to 5 based on your performance which tests your abilities, common sense, memory, reflexes and more. You earn a set of brains, which you can later use either to redo a previous level or clear a level with full stars, whatever way you want. It even has a multiplayer feature which allows you to play with your friends at the same time. Ready to be challenged? 

Elevate – Brain Training Games

Featured as the Editor’s Choice on PlayStore, Elevate is one the best apps available for brain games. It is more than just a game. It is a training program for your brain, personalised as per your needs, meant to not only test but help you develop your memory, speed, observation, attention span, math skills and what not. 

Since Elevate has been designed in collaboration with education experts, it is based on techniques proven to enhance your cognitive as well as critical skills, which ultimately leads to rise your in self confidence and productivity. It hosts many features like more than 40 games focused towards testing your skills to adaptability, which makes your experience more challenging as you progress. You can even track your progress just like you would of a physical workout. 

Brain Dots 

A very simple looking game, revolving solely around bumping two dots has been one of the most downloaded apps in the brain games category with over 40 million downloads. 

Available in around fifteen different languages and allowing the users to create their own levels, Brain Dots is a seemingly simple but a must try app when it comes to testing your logical thinking, flexibility and creativity. 

Brain Puzzle PRO

Make use of mini puzzles and challenges and brain teasers to give your brain the workout it needs using Brain Puzzle pro. This app engages your mind in a fun and interactive way leading to strengthening your mind as well as improving your brain function.

This app has a very user friendly and an engaging interface. At first the app gives you access to two unlocked puzzles, after solving which you move on to more where you earn stars upon completion, where one star entitles you to pursue the next level. The stars you earn are directly related to how fast you solve the puzzles, so make sure your engine has enough oil! This app tests your speed, accuracy as well as the strength of your brain. 

River Crossing IQ Logic Puzzles and Fun Brain Games 

This app gives a fun twist to old riddles and puzzles which are sure to make you rack your brain! As the name suggests, here you will found a huge collection of river crossing related challenges and puzzles, and many more unique puzzles.

Did you know that river crossing challenges can be traced back as far as ninth century into the Latin manuscripts, even before chess? These river crossing puzzles have been popularly used in brain games to improve critical thinking, strategy development and even incorporate mathematical analysis along with trial and error. This is prove to be one of the best ways to work on brain development since and early age ad even works when you want to improve you IQ but also have fun doing so. 

CogniFit – Test and Brain Games

Developed by CogniFit inc. this is based on patented technology along scientific guidelines, and is globally recognised as the best application for cognitive assessment and training market. 

This app includes personalised training programs which will help you focus and develop your cognitive skills along with evaluating and training your memory, attention, concentration as well as work on your reasoning, mental agility, planning and more. There are even specific exercises targeted for children and adults, along with the feature to track your progress and performance which will help you evaluate how well you are doing over a period of time.  

Clockwork Brain Training – Memory & Attention Game 

Training and improvement made fun by Clockwork Brain Training, you will find series of engaging, enjoyable as well as challenging puzzles and games to give your brain the boost it needs. From using this app as a mere way to pass your time or to give your brain a proper workout, it is definitely worth trying. 

With the ability to sharpen your verbal skills as well with the availability of languages like Spanish, German, French, Russian etc., this app has a multitude of features. Along with around 17 different puzzles and games, there are daily challenges for you to participate in and then track your weekly and monthly progress with the help of the in-depth statistic data provided which can be synced automatically on all the devices you are logged into. 

Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles 

Finally we have something with physics here for your brain! With one glance you will clearly take it for some game with shapes, but it is much more than that. Challenging your brain to use the basic laws of physics in a fun and engaging way, Brain It On! is worth trying. 

Offering you flexibility in the way you solve the puzzles, which require to draw objects and then earn stars to unlock and move onto new levels. There are dozens of puzzle with more constantly being added to the application. You can even compete with your friends on the app and share it across as well. There are ad free versions of this app available as well, for a cost. 

Roll the Ball – slide puzzle 

Brain games are so much fun that you will forget you are even exercising your brain, and Roll the Ball fits right in this category. This is a classic game with a challenging twist on it where you have a tile puzzle game which you need to move and make path for a ball to reach the end. 

This will prove to a fun game to pass your time as well as improve your hand-eye coordination. It gets complicated as you reach the higher levels, where you have more than 3000 challenging levels to play but with the added benefit of zero penalties along with no time limits. If you find yourself stuck somewhere, you also have access to hints and you can even earn rewards and bonuses! 

Get sliding! 

Peak – Brain Games and Training 

Another Editor’s Choice feature, developed by PopReach Incorporated, Peak is a workout app for your brain to provide it with the training it needs. 

With brain games meant to keep your mind active, created in collaboration with academicians from top universities like New York University, Cambridge and more, Peak will challenge your critical skills, language skills as well as your memory. This app will work as way to map your brain to identify where are your strong points and where you lack the most, which will help you focus on those aspects. By spending a maximum of ten minutes here, you can give your mind the workout it needs and feel refreshed! 


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