Top 7 Best Boxing Training Apps For Android and iOS

Boxing requires stamina, devotion, hard effort, and technique, so you must be motivated. Boxing is a fantastic sport that can help you gain confidence while you are away from home.

It also aids in the burning of calories and the attainment of fitness. Boxing can be taught by a professional boxing coach or a private boxing instructor or even a smartphone.

If you enjoy boxing and want to learn how to do it, you might not need an instructor or a boxing facility; there are several ways to get started on your own.

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Smartphone users can benefit from these apps. You can utilise any of these to learn boxing techniques quickly and effortlessly without the need for a trainer. These apps can assist you in practising boxing.

Here is the list of best boxing training apps!


Best Boxing Training Apps



Boxx is an online fitness streaming app that offers a diverse range of online instructors and training methods.

It comes with an outstanding training schedule to engage you in the training mindset and assist you keep getting the results you want. Despite its name, the application is capable of providing both strength and fitness training.

It lets you to conduct boxing, cardio, yoga, and flexibility workouts wherever and whenever you want. You may do both intervals and long and short sessions of exercises with Boxx.

You would not have enough time to practise the same thing over and over again because the training is always changing and you can try out various programs.

The app comes with a 14-day free trial period after which you must pay to utilise it.

Professional training is not provided for free, but when you purchase a single membership for all devices, you will receive high-quality videos tutorials on boxing and fitness that can be accessible even while you are offline, you simply have to save the training to your device ahead of time.

Now, even if you do not have access to the Internet, you can still become a pro.

Precision Boxing Coach


Precision Boxing Coach is a virtual boxing instructor that teaches you how to box from the comfort of your own home.

It includes high-level boxing training so that you can have your own personal boxing instructor who will call out tactics and combos.

One of the best features of this application is its AI feature, which allows you to design your own combinations and then returns combinations that are similar to the ones you entered.

To learn great boxing for free, it covers offence, body shots, defence, and head movement. There are numerous versions of Precision Boxing, including Lite and Pro/Supreme.

It is a simple search for you if you really want to develop your boxing talents. You can practise utilising the original techniques as well as creating your own, which involves both shadow boxing strikes and techniques as well as normal strokes.

Not only does the app allow you to design your own combos, but it also helps to identify others who are similar to you.

In general, if you want to be good at boxing, you already know which application you need to put on your smartphone.

Shadow Boxing Workout App


Shadow Boxing is a free application that allows you to practise skills in the comfort and privacy of your home.

You will be able to see various exercises and participate in training sessions using this service.

You will also be able to build your own routine and, if desired, including a timer. This application includes shadow boxing, or unique routines.

You would not need the workout equipment, but if you already have it, go ahead and utilise it. Do you want to do some cardio? No issue, you can do whatever workouts you like and burn calories.

A number of fascinating features are included in the app. You will be able to acquire outcomes by repeating a series of body movements as per the directions.

There is also a jump rope for energetic workouts and other items. This course is suitable for improving fitness and training for long-distance races.

All of the exercises are accompanied with music, which you may turn on at any time to establish the tone.

When exercising, make use of the handy timer. The timer will keep track of your activities and rest periods.

Boxtastic: Bag / Shadow Boxing Home HIIT Workouts


Boxtastic was created specifically for punching bag training.

All you have to do now to get in shape is buy a punching bag and download Boxtastic.

The application will create a combo of blows on par with the instructor in the professional ring. It has 5 different modes.

Real Fight is a mode that allows you to feel like a famous boxer. You can step into one of the 16 epic bouts and fully recreate their blows, fighting skill, and triumph.

Boxing 1 mode consists of a series of hits that teach your attention while also increasing your cardio load. Boxing 2 mode is a typical set of tricks and hits used by pro and amateur boxers around the world on a regular basis.

Ultimate Boxer; in this mode, a randomly produced battle is created just for you. Reflect your opponent’s strikes and walk away victorious. You can match the intensity of your opponent’s blows in this mode.

Last but not least, Boxersize. It employs the HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) method. This enables you to engage the intensive training mode, often known as Tabata, in the shortest amount of time possible.

Kickboxing Fitness


Kickboxing Fitness is one of the finest apps in this category.

You can combine aerobic training and strength training right from the box with Kickboxing Fitness.

Strength training with a practise kick isn’t the only benefit of boxing. Boxing can be used as a kind of exercise as well. People who wish to be tough and skinny prefer fitness kickboxing.

You will increase your endurance, coordination, and even flexibility by burning calories. Light, medium, and complicated are the three training modes available in the app.

Even the busy people can stay in shape with a smartphone, as training might take up to 30 minutes per day. You can keep track of your daily and post-exercise calorie burn right in the app.

Kickboxing can help you if you don’t want to use a treadmill or stepper. You don’t need any special equipment to use the app, and you have complete control.

What could be better than cardio with little effort and no equipment?

PunchLab: Home Boxing Workouts

Punch Lab is an app that allows you to have total control over your training.

By pressing a few keys on your smartphone, you can get detailed statistics about your success.

Professional players and UFC fighters use Punch Lab. Is not that a measure of quality? The training for this app was developed with the help of well-known fighters.

The training sessions directly involves Conor McGregor and Anthony Joshua. It goes without saying that such renowned and well-known athletes cost a lot of money.

As a result, the application only offers a 5-day trial version. You will have to purchase the application after the trial period has over, but you really should agree that great training is worth it.

Boxing Training


Last on the list comes Boxing Training. It is a really interesting boxing application where you can get numerous sorts of training that are precisely tailored to you.

The following boxing abilities will be covered in this section: defence, punching, aggressive combos, mitt drills, sparring drills, speed-bag trainings, heavy-bag training, footwork, and more.

Another fantastic benefit of the Boxing Training application is that it has DJs pre-programmed for training, so you won’t have to worry about finding motivational music to listen to throughout your workouts.

When you select an exercise, you will have access to both a video and an audio instruction to assist you during your workout. Furthermore, the boxing footage are available both offline and online.

The only disadvantage is that you will need to purchase a premium subscription to gain access to the entire library of exercises, dietary guidance, and other useful features.


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