Top 7 Best Book Reading Apps For Android and iOS

Today, the world is divided into two- people who like reading on book reading apps, and people who don’t.

There is no denial to the fact that physical books have their own life. But when all the great authors gave quotes on reading books, were they specifically talking about hardcovers or paperbacks? No.

Thanks to the technology masters, reading a book on a digital device, is as easy as checking the time. The experience has received a lot of appreciation. This is well due to factors like- you don’t have to carry a 800 page novel with you. E-Books have their own benefits, and their readers completely follow.

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Given a plethora of choices to choose from, what is the best one you could make?

Don’t worry, with this article, we have made it easier for you to choose a reading app, than choosing what to read next!



Best Book Reading Apps

Amazon Kindle

Udoubtedly, the very best app you could use for reading books digitally is Amazon’s Kindle.

You can download the app on your android or ios device, or even purchase the trademark product to read and store all of your eBooks.

Kindle offers some of the very best functionalities. Users can buy a customizable membership, or an unlimited one. There are sufficient features for a better reading experience like text adjustments, brightness, modes and even a built-in dictionary for all their books.

The reading progress is always tracked and recorded. Moreover, you can sync a Kindle account across various devices.


To sit and read for a while might be time consuming for some. This is where the giant Amazon’s Audible comes in.

The beast of a platform offers over millions of books, in their latest edition, that you can listen to- on the go! Audible creates a revolution in the art of reading books digitally by introducing AudioBooks that you can learn at any point of time.

The app provides a good set of handy features too. For example, the books you listen to will be added to your lifetime library. They can be accessed even after you cancel your membership!

Users can swap their audiobooks with other Audible users. It also lets you download the books and listen to them when offline.

Besides a range of narrators, adjustment features and sleep timer feature, the app offers a worthy reading experience.

Google Play Books

Google has not in any way been left behind when talking about the best apps for android devices.

Google’s Play books has a collection of over 130 million different titles including books, audiobooks and comic books. You don’t need a membership to start reading on this app. Instead, you only pay for the book you wish to read.

This gem of an app lets you read samples before buying the books. This way, you will always be making a worthy investment.

The search engine of the app is really appreciable. Moreover, the interface and design o the app is so simple, that reading can actually become a nice hobby of yours instead of a tiresome job. There are also adjustment features like modes and timers to enhance your reading experience.

Apple Books

For all my Apple-user friends out there, you don’t even have to look for anything else when you have the best already!

This app is available to download and can be used across all ios devices. This means that you can even listen to an audiobook from your Apple Watch. All you need to get started with this app is a good internet connection, an ios device and your Apple ID to sign in with.

The app has customization options for page and font, mode, timer and everything else you would need for a convenient reading session. Moreover, you can create a to-read list in the app itself. Just search for books and add them to your list!

Applebooks offers the option to share your subscription with your family too (up to 5 members).


The next one on the list is Scribd with its wide variety of material. The app not only features eBooks, but also has a good collection of audiobooks, magazines, comic books and music sheets for musicians.

Scribd offers an ad free experience and also a free trial period for new users. Features like this make the app one of the best ones available for digital reading.

Users can even customize the narration speed, page colors, font settings and other functionalities. There is an option of horizontal or vertical scrolling. Books can also be downloaded to read or listen to later.

Overall, Scribd offers one of the most wide-ranged collection of digital materials for you to explore.


Available for both Android as well as Ios users, the Barnes’ and Nobles’ Nook app stands as a tough competition to Azmaon, Google and Apple themselves.

The app offers a library of books- that look like an all you can read option!

Not just eBooks, but Nook also features Graphic Novels, Comic books and magazines for you to read. The font, pages and other readability settings are highly customizable. Additionally, there are options to download the books and materials.

You can create your own to-read list in the app itself. Add bookmarks, highlight a sentence that you really like or take notes in-app. Nook comes up as a pretty convenient and widely functioning reading app.

The app also features the option of sharing stuff to your social media channels. Users can also synchronize their account across various devices.

PocketBook Reader

The last one on this list is a free app that supports more than 26 different eBooks and audiobooks formats. There are also special comic book formats available.

PocketBook Reader has a cloud based synchronization system. Users can search for the book they need with its name, a part of the text or even its ISBN code. The app has comparatively easy navigation and accesss. The interface has been designed keeping in mind the heavy set of features it entails.

Choose from the various page turning animations available, or just scroll. Choose between the two night modes available or set one up for yourself. PocketBook Reader has almost all you need to read.

Moreover, the app provides a built-in dictionary and translator.


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