Top 9 Best Birth Games For Adults On iOS And Android

Every married couple wants a baby that signifies their love and which will carry their inheritance. But sometimes they have a fear of how things happened if they have a baby and how their life would be afterward. 

There is a solution to this problem the couples can now simulate the same conditions as they have to face during pregnancy and having a baby afterward with the help of birth or pregnancy simulator apps and games available there to help you out. 

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These apps seem a little bit kiddish but they will help you learn about these baby things!
We have found out some apps and games that you would find intersecting and you don’t need to worry about searching them one by one just go and pick one which you like.


Best Birth Game Apps

Pregnant mother simulator

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It is a super realistic simulation game with high-quality graphics and a nice-looking character. In this game, you have to play the role of the pregnant lady who got pregnant and has to deliver his baby.

This game story revolves around a pregnant woman whose role is played on our behalf. You have to go through every step of the pregnancy to giving birth. It involves all three trimesters of pregnancy and their specific periods.

These apps also provide some educational background about each trimester like in the first trimester you have to avoid the stairs or falling down as the chances of miscarriage is very high in this period. This is very high rated it is available on the google play download and enjoy it!

Pregnant Mommy Virtual Reality


This game about caring for your pregnant mother. It is for those who want to learn about the daily routine of the pregnant woman not delivering the baby herself.

This can be played by every member of the family one by one. Every adult and teenager who is expecting a family newcomer found this game suitable.

In this game, you have to do household chores liking cooking maintaining the house. You have your older kids also, who will disobey or unhelpful. You have to solve these issues on your own while going through the game. 

Pregnant hospital maternity doctor


It is a simple and lightweight game and only concentrates on the baby delivery in the hospital. You have to take care of the pregnant mother and her newborn baby. As you go through the levels of the game you earn coins that you can use to buy dresses for the pregnant mother.

This game graphics are very simple and there is no 3d perspective to it. It is good for those who just want to take care of the baby and they do not care about the pregnancy stuff. This game is free to download but contains add only. There are no in-app purchases.

Maternity doctor game


In this game, you have to play the role of a doctor that will the woman to deliver the baby. The theme of the game is set in a hospital, where you have to play the role of a surgeon or a physician. The goal of the doctor is to examine the mother and her baby in a real-life situation.

This game does not like the other games that we have talked about so far but this includes medical treatment and care. There are other activities like selecting clothes for the baby. The game is only available for android users.

Pregnant mommy and newborn baby


This game is built for both kids and adults. It is for those who do not want the complexities of the pregnancy and just want to take care of the pregnant woman and her newborn baby.

You will play the role of a physician whose role is to check the temperature, tummy measurements, and heartbeats of the pregnant woman. You have to give a good diet plan for her to be healthy during her pregnancy. 

Then there is the time for baby arrival that will be a very amazing episode in this game. After the delivery, you take care of the baby like give him a shower, feed him, etc. This game is free to download with some ads in it.

ER Hospital 1- Zombie Mommy Pregnancy Games


This game is an emergency pregnant women simulator. Here you have provided good care and medical treatment in an emergency situation. 

A pregnant woman needs surgery. There are no pretty-looking characters in this game. There is a real-life emergency delivery condition you have to deal with.

There is a sick story in this game where there happened a nuclear exposure in the city and many people have got injured. You as a doctor receives an emergency case of pregnant women who need an urgent medical operation.

Later you will find out that the woman whom you are taking care of will become a zombie mother and her child will also become the zombie monster. 

Your task does not only include the baby delivery but as a surgeon, you have to do medical operations to fix the injuries on the pregnant woman like you have to fix the broken knee and cut out the infected skin.

Pregnant girls giving birth 


The graphics of the game are very bright and colorful. In this game, you have to play different roles.

You have to play the role of the nurse in the hospital and at home, you have to play the role of the mother itself.

As a nurse, you have to use real-life medical equipment use in the delivery process and you have to take care of the pregnant mother. After being discharged from the hospital mommy’s mother have to deal with everyday chores being a new mommy mother. This app is available for android users.

Mommy pregnancy newborn baby care 


 This game is similar to the other games in the list where you have to look after the pregnant woman and her newborn baby. There are 10 different mini-games inside the game which include various activities to perform.

You have to take the pregnant woman to the hospital for her early check-ups. You have to take care of her and look that whether she is taking healthy nutritious meals. When the time of delivery came you, he to call the ambulance and prepare her bag.

After delivering the baby you have to take care of the baby like you have to bathe, nurse, and dress up. These little game tasks will introduce you to the duties that you have to do if you have a newborn.

Virtual Mother New Baby Twins Family Simulator


Like the other games that we have I our list this game does not include delivery or caring for the pregnant mother but it directly goes to the baby care part. But there is a twist you have to take care of the twins so double effort is required from your side.

The game starts with a BBQ party for the celebration of the newborn baby girls and boys. this game is the journey of the family who is seeing their twins growing up through the daily living routine of caring for them.

This has been highly rated and positively commented on. This app is a must-try on our list. However, you have to face ads and online purchases.


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