Top 10 Best Wrestling News Apps For Android & iOS

Intense fights, a heart numbing suspense entertainment and physical strength filled to the brim- that is wrestling for you.

This entertainment genre is focused on physical matches between two opponents who play as an individual or represent a team. The brutal fights, the enormous rage and the crowd unison are a few of the reasons that make wrestling a great source of entertainment.

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All the wrestling fans love to be up to date with all the related news and for that, we have apps specifically designed such. The wresting news apps for android and ios, all of them, offer all the related news articles on professional as well as personal matters of the wrestlers.

As expected, it is of great interest and use to the fans! What should we wait for then?


10 Best Wrestling News Apps:

#1 WWE

An abbreviation of World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE is a very renowned company in all over the world. The app from WWE therefore, makes its spot in the best apps for wresting related news and updates.

The app is free to use for most of the features like celebrity related news, upcoming wrestling shows and competitions and other such content. If a user decides to go premium, he can also enjoy watching live shows and matches in the app itself.

Overall, the interface and appearance of the app makes it super interesting for the user to follow. Being an app from the corporate giant, the news available is verified and genuine.


The next-up is one of the best news apps for wrestling related news and updates. It is also one of the oldest platforms that came into being for such updates.

By categorizing the news into different sections by genre, the app makes it easier to access and find relevant news articles. The articles can be opened in a browser or shared through various social media platforms online.

By adding some unique features such as the save option and the notification alerts, the app stands out from almost every other wrestling news apps.

The app is completely free to use, however, it is ad supported and might get annoying sometimes.

#3 Sportsfusion- WWE News Edition

SportsFusion is an app from the WWE community, specially designed for the fans interested in wrestling shows and updates and wish to save their space from the enormous app of WWE. Consider this as a lite version of WWE.

The best part about the app has to be its community chatting system, that lets you discuss your favorite stars and matches with like equally crazy fans! It even categorizes the news articles for you.

The app also features some of the most demanded features like the “favorites” column and the notifications system. The app is free to use and hence, ad-supported. This can be removed with a single payment.

#4 All Wrestling- News

Developed and owned by CM3 Solutions, the All Wrestling- News app is the easiest to use and read wrestling articles.

The biggest reason to download this app. However, remains its range of news articles on wrestling. It lets you read blogs on the relevant topics, as well as listen to podcasts available on various websites, through a single app.

The only drawback the app faces is that of design and overview. Simplicity compromises with a fancy interface.

Overall, the app is a great option to be updated with genuine and authentic content, without any complicated and unnecessary features.

#5 Suplex

Suplex is not a regular wrestling news app. It does not provide articles and blogs on what’s trending in the star world of wrestling, instead, it provides updates on the upcoming matches and competitions for budding wrestlers.

What is more is that it also keeps a track of your past performance in the previous competitions to help you study your progress and work accordingly. 

For people into wrestling, who are looking for matches to practice their training skills and track their progress, this is a great go-to app.


The very famous channel ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) has launched its own app, and all the sports enthusiasts can’t get over it!

Streams and live scores, match updates and show trends, celebrity gossip and ranking- the app has everything a fan could wish for. Moreover, the services of the app is not limited to that of wrestling genre, it includes many sports under its domain.

The news updates are super genuine and authentic, making the app a great option for the wrestling and other sports maniacs

#7 Wrestling News World

The next app is a well-deserving one in the list of the best wrestling news updates, given its coverage of the entire top wrestling competitions and not just the ones from WWE.

The app provides live news updates and live scores which are faster than those telecasted on televisions. The app also features live discussion during matches, to enhance your viewership experience.

Wrestling News World offers insider information, but it is highly ad supported, making the in-app experience slower. Apart from that, the app is a great choice for genuine and quick information.

#8 eWrestling News

The next up is a treat for all the android users!

This specific app is a great solution to the need of news updates for all the aspects of wrestling. Be it the creative posts by WWE, the personal lives of celebrities, videos or related podcasts- eWrestling News got it all covered.

The user interface and outlook of the app is quite impressive to a viewer’s eye. The news is categorized for easy access.

The app is again, a free to use app which is ad-supported. However, the ads are not that pokey.

#9 Pro Wrestling News Hub

To describe this app, it would be appropriate to say that it is a highly specific app. The app does not feature news from various sports and genres; instead it flourishes one’s window with only and only wrestling news.

The app has a makeover which is similar to most of the news apps- a flash card of quickly summarized news, which can be fully read by a single click.

The app also includes full details of upcoming wrestling shows. How many tickets are sold, who are the participants and the results, etc. – everything is covered by this free app.

It is also ad-supported.

#10 WrestleFeed

As entertaining the wrestling world is, this app is too.

The interface of the app makes the simple news updates very interesting with different elements like GIFs, videos, pictures, quizzes and animations.

When you first use the app, you will need to create an account or link your facebook. Either way, you would be glad that you did.

To conclude, all the wrestling fans love being updated with the latest and genuine information. Be it celebrity news or the upcoming matches, there exist a lot of apps that offer such service.

Some of the apps also offer access to live scores of matches. Most of them are free to use, however, many include a single payment to remove ads permanently.


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