Top 11 Best Trippy Photo Editor Apps For iOS And Android

You probably know what Glitch is if you are a fan of electronic music, noise, and other experimental genres which appeared in the first and mid-1990s. 

Many of you a little younger and not familiar with the VJ-ing stage have probably met glitch art through videos from bands like The Glitch Mob or Gorrilaz. 

While photo and video editing apps that have emerged on the market in the last few years rendered the photo and video technique nearly automatic, whereas deliberately causing glitches and distortions due to hardware malfunctioning used to be a complex and highly technical method.

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If you want to make glitch art, but don’t know where to start, you’re at the right place as we will guide you through 11 of the best glitch art photo and video editing applications in this post.

Furthermore, the amazing glitch art effects are also filled with strong tools for photo editing that can be used to edit the footage that you shot with your phone wherever you want. Let us look at some of the new photo and video editing apps for iOS and Android devices in glitch art.


While Glitché is cheaper than other applications, its price is rather restricted. You have to pay for all of these items if you want to twist images or use real-time camera effects. To export high-resolution files, do the same.

The money costs a glittering image editor which is capable of generating graphical errors in your images and exporting results as a GIF. There are several effects, each with different modes and controls.
Such cool integrated Image processing software, such as flipping, inverting, scaling, and transforming images to black and white, are missing in the Glitch Wizards.


Hyperspective is a luxury application that is at the top of glitch art contemporary trends. It is a “reality distortion program,” meaning it functions both as a real-time camera and as a film post-processor.

The program uses filters identical to Instagram’s, which may alter many parameters. Through taping and dragging the frame, you can change the impact easily. You would only be able to export post-processed videos at 1080p if you recorded them in real-time.

The presets are spectacular themselves, with typical blur, coloration, mirrors, 3D stereoscopic, and a range of variations. You can export your videos in 16:9 by spinning your screen or taking great Instagram square videos.

ap3Glitch wizard

With a greater focus on GIFs and granular control than on default filters, Glitch wizards have a better strategy than Hyperspektiv. The other major distinction is that to preview failures you can’t use real-time effects.

The wizard breaks it down with frames while importing a video. You may use the buttons at the bottom of the app to add various effects for each frame or scale an effect in the series.

The replay rate and sequence style can then be adjusted. The app also features feed content that can be exported directly to an app, as a screenshot, a GIF, or an app.


While Glitch! is mainly a photo editing tool, both GIF and MP4 animations can also be created with it. All you have to do is pick an image from the gallery of your device, upload it to the app and select the best effect. 

You only have to define the X and Y principles to decide how many mistakes the image can include and post on social networks. Please note that some advanced capabilities of the app must be bought before creating the artwork with them.


A versatile photo and video editing software with some options to create professional videos. InShot has a rich catalog of visual effects for the Glitch effect, so you have just to import a video to create glitch art for this software if you like. 

You would have to buy your Transition Pack – Glitch for $3.99 if you want to create glitch videos for this software continuously, all videos you are creating for your free edition InShot would have to be watermarked.

Glitch Labap6

The core concept of Glitch Lab is “Easy to use and endlessly configurable at the same time.” With a huge number of free customizations and modifications to induce a glitched image, all changes can be modified using a user-friendly GUI providing rich layers of visual confusion.

Glitch Lab also provides a few simple picture changes and a general feature, allowing a user to create the art of glitch from the bottom up without photography as a starting point.


The Glitcho application helps you to quickly change and preview images and videos in real-time. The app provides even a GIF generator feature that animates such picture glitch results.

Glitcho has several free glitch presets for picture and video applications. The software also provides more glitch effects which can be accessed by advertisements or Glitcho Pro upgrades.


EZGlitch, like Glitcho, delivers smooth effects in real-time and can produce smooth photos and videos. EZGlitch’s in-app transactions are balanced according to the variety of filters offered by the consumer at no fee.

EZGlitch comes with an easy-to-use Auto GIF feature to save and upload animated GIF or MP4 files.

ap9OneTap glitch

If you want the classic RGB effect of glitch art, don’t look any longer. You’re looking for the Onetap Glitch Photo Editing app. You can change various settings like Random Seed.

This distorts various parts of the image. In addition, the colors can be moved and separated using RGB Shift. You can then choose the intensity and thickness of the effect.


The next on our list is Glitchr, a fun-to-use generator of glitch photography. Picture or download one from the gallery and choose the desired effect.

The filters include Glitch Art, ASCII, and 3D. They are entertaining. It can also emulate Gameboy and NES console graphics.

Mirror Labap11

Mirror Lab is the best publisher for extreme glitch artists. There are several customizable presets available. These include fractal arts, glitches, planetary agents, and kaleidoscopes. 

You just have to pick the filter you like after you upload or take a picture. You will immediately see the impact. This is a great ios app for Android users on our list, so over a million downloads are available.


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