Top 10 Best Tethering Apps For iOS and Android

In modern times more or less everything has become digital and needs some sort of internet connectivity to work with. With the advancement of technology and the increased use among people, the internet has become a necessity. Even nowadays you can share your phone’s cellular data with other electronic devices such as; Laptops, Desktops, Tablets as well by using tethering apps. This feature is available nowadays on almost any smart device.

Tethering, also known as phone-as-modem (PAM), helps to share your phone’s internet with other electronic devices such as; laptops, PCs, and so on. This activity or using Internet packet data is illegal in some countries thus, handling separate internet connections might seem like a challenging task at times.

However, you don’t have to worry about such difficulties anymore. There are various apps today that help you get free tethering for Android and iOS devices. We have compiled a list of the 10 best tethering apps for your iOS and Android devices which will help share your mobile internet with other electronic devices.


Best Tethering Apps

TP-Link Tether

The well-known router provider and manufacturer company TP-Link also has a dedicated app for iOS and Android devices for tethering connectivity. The app has a very intuitive user interface that is very easy to use. With the help of the TP-Link app easily share your phone’s internet connection with other electronic devices.

With TP-Link, you get to set up SSID, password, and other internet-related setups on your device. You can access the devices that get to use tethering connections and block unnecessary ones. The app provides parental control functions, you get to schedule connectivity timing and also you can manage other TP-Link devices at the same time.


Foxfi most probably is one of the best tethering apps available for android devices. Before launching the app on your mobile device make sure that the same application is installed in your electronic device (laptop or pc) as well to share Wi-Fi.

The app has an easy interface and is only compatible with mobile devices having android version 7.0 (Nougat) or above. Foxfi has secure tethering features and the user can access indefinite access with the paid version of the app.


Use your phone’s internet via wi-fi without worrying about draining much battery of your phone and rooting it. Klink helps you share the data of your mobile device securely with any other electronic device. Connect with Windows devices, Mac (Version 10.5 or above), and Linux.

The app requires the installation of a companion program on your Windows, MAC, or Linux devices. The app has got an independent platform and costs Rs.394.


No need to root your Android device to give access to your internet on other electronic devices. Secure Tether helps you share your mobile’s internet with Mac OS X, Windows devices also Android tablets. You don’t have to pay for a tethering plan from your mobile carrier anymore and no custom app on your other electronic devices.

Just as the name suggests Secure Tether helps you connect your phone’s internet with other devices securely. The strong built-in firewall of the app protects your computer from getting hacked by hackers. Get details on all incoming and outgoing internet connections, block websites.

The app is easy to use, you don’t have to touch your phone to connect with other electronic devices. With its Bluetooth tethering app, thus the app will be able to connect the internet with other devices via Bluetooth.

VPN Hotspot

Anonymously browse the internet and share wifi to your other devices at the same time with the help of VPN Hotspot. This two-on-one app helps you connect things that do not support VPN such as Chromecasts behind corporate walls and sets up gaps behind the corporate firewalls. The app is able to identify, monitor, and block unwanted users from the network.


Tetrd is another great tethering app for your android device which is simple and easy and requires no root access. The app allows the user to share an internet connection from a mobile device to a PC or MAC and vice versa. This feature is called reverse tethering. The app does not demand any other in-app feature for access, but the device must contain a high-speed internet speed of at least 7GB or an unlimited data plan. You get to connect up to five devices at the same time.

Wifi Hotspot-Share Internet

Share your fast mobile internet with your other electronic devices easily. With Wi-Fi hotspot turn your mobile device into a portable mobile hotspot. Share your 2g/3g/4g mobile internet with your laptop and desktop.

The app is very easy to use because of its interactive user interface. Set name and password and enable or disable hotspot at your own convenience. Monitor when new devices get connected with the hotspot. The app displays information of all your network upload and downloads data statistics.

NetShare no-root-tethering

NetShare is an easy-to-use tethering software application that requires no root. This application allows you to share your mobile device’s cellular data with PC and desktops. This app can be downloaded on devices having android version 6.0 and above.

NetShare allows you to create a portable wifi hotspot to share cellular data or extend an existing wifi connection as a wifi repeater.  This app is faster than Bluetooth and C libraries. This app helps you extend weak Wifi Signals by just using your mobile device.


PdaNet+ is yet another popular tethering app that you will find in Google Play Store. The app mainly does not need any root access but to enable certain great features you might need to root your device.

The latest version of PdaNet+ has got a ” WIFI Direct Hotspot” that works on android phones having version 4.0 or later. This feature allows you to connect your electronic devices such as; laptops, tablets, and computers to your phone using WIFI. But this feature requires the user to install the client app or set up a proxy depending on the device you want to connect your mobile device with.

PdaNet+ app works in three modes- WIFI, USB, and Bluetooth. Change your hotspot name and protect your hotspot network with a strong and secure password. Set up a widget on your mobile device for your quick convenience. It’s a free tethering app so you don’t need to pay any additional amount to use its features.

Easy Tethering Lite

You do not have to root your android device to use Easy Tether Lite app, which is a carrier-independent tethering application. Easily share the internet connection of your smart device with your other electronic devices such as; a computer, tablet, or router.

The app supports USB tethering, Bluetooth Tethering for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux devices, Android tablets having version 4.0.3 or above and does not require any special tethering plans.

The app takes care of your device security thus, it uses only official APIs. The lite version of the app has limited features it blocks secure sites that include HTTPS, instant messenger(Gmail, Facebook, Online Banking, etc.), and game console tethering, you can unlock other features in the paid version which costs $9.99 (One-time).

Create easy tethering widgets on your mobile device for your convenience. Unlike other widgets, the app creates its own tethering mechanism completely from scratch.


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