Best Apps To Design Your Own Stickers

Today we bring you a collection of the best tools to design your own stickers , with which you can create your own sticker packs that you can then send to your contacts. 

These stickers that will be in your own packages may be created with your own photographs, so that the customization is maximum. It is an alternative to having to download stickers packages individually.

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In most of the list you will find different applications with which to compose your collections of stickers. However, we will also add three or four editing tools that will help you better create those photographs that you are going to use later, although later you will have to resort to the other package creation apps to complete the task

As we always say in Xataka Basics, in this list we have tried to include as much variety as possible, although if you know other applications that you think should have been part of it, we invite you to share them with the rest of our community in the comments section.


Best Tools to design your own Stickers for iOS and Android

Sticker Maker StudioSticker Maker Studio

And we start with Sticker Maker, an application that we have already talked about this in detail because it is one of the best alternatives you have to create your own stickers based on your photos . 

You can create as many collections of them as you want, each with a maximum of 30 stickers.

Its operation is very simple. You just have to choose the option to create a new sticker pack and a collection will be generated with the name you want and all the blank boxes. 

Then you just have to click on each box and select a photo from your mobile, which you can cut to your liking or leave it square and then install the collection on WhatsApp.


Top Sticker MakerTop Stickers Sticker Maker

An alternative that is only for iOS is this one that in English is called Top Sticker Maker Studio Memes , and in Spanish it is Top Stickers Sticker Maker . 

In essence, the application is designed to be able to share the most popular memes through WhatsApp, but it also has a function to create your own stickers using your own photos.

The application has more than 700 memes in the form of stickers, all of them of great quality and that you can share whenever you want by adding the different packs in which they are categorized. 

And if you don’t have enough, you can also use your photos by automatically removing their backgrounds and adding text to your liking.


Another multiplatform application with which you will be able to create your sticker packs for WhatsApp, and that also allows you to share them with your contacts. 

In this case, it is a paid application to be able to make the packs of the corresponding 30 stickers, although it has a free version with advertising in which you can make up to 16 in each package.

One of the most interesting features of this tool is that it has an option to remove the background from your photos so that they look better as stickers with a transparent background. 

You can also crop or resize them, and it allows you to import external stickers or share your own or save them to Google Drive. You can also add your own texts on top.

Personal Sticker CreatorPersonal Sticker Creator

Personal Sticker Maker is an exclusive application for iOS that goes beyond conventional sticker packs, since it allows you to create animated stickers that you can later add to other applications. 

Not only WhatsApp, but also others like the same iOS iMessage.

You have more than a thousand free stickers with which to create your compositions, although you can also add your own photos. 

You can add augmented reality filters, photographic filters, write on the stickers or draw directly on them. You also have other effects, and when you have created your package you can import or share it.

Another very good application that is actually a two in one. 

First, it allows you to explore thousands of pre-designed stickers, and secondly, it also allows you to create your own stickers using your photos. 

It has an automatic mode to erase the background of the photos, and when you create your package it allows you to create a custom link to share it.

The way it works is the same as most similar applications, and starts by creating your sticker pack and giving it a name. 

So, you choose from your mobile the photos you want to add and cut and edit them to your liking, choose the titles for all the images, and export them to WhatsApp or send them to your friends.

Sticker Maker for whatsappSticker Maker for Whatsapp

Another highly valued application, and in this case it is exclusive for iOS. 

It allows you to use its complete editor to create stickers with your photos, rotating and resizing them, cutting them, removing their background or applying other types of basic editing. 

It also has a collection of 2000 high-quality stickers.

You can write by hand to send stickers with the text you want, and they work both for WhatsApp and for other applications such as iMessage on iOS. You can also share the results once you finish.


This is a slightly different application, since with it you can design your stickers however you want, but then you will need another application to create the pack with the stickers that you have created in it. 

Therefore, you will design the stickers and save them on your mobile to later use them in another of the applications that we have told you above.

Of this type of apps we will tell you several today, but one of the most complete is Canva. It offers a selection of 60,000 templates, although you can also upload your own photos and images, to which you can add text, colors, filters or logos. 

The app is more designed to create photos and upload them to Instagram and company, but if you want your stickers to be well-edited photos it can come in handy.

Magic EraserMagic Eraser Background Editor and Background Eraser

Other applications that we put together because one is for iOS and another for Android. 

Its function is also to complement the applications with which to create the sticker packages themselves, and what they do is eliminate the background of your photographs so that later you can use them with a transparent background when creating the stickers.

The option to remove the background is usually native to many sticker creation apps, but if they don’t convince you, this serves as a third-party alternative. Of course, after editing the photos you will have to resort to another application to create the stickers with it.


Before finishing, we return with the applications that are purely for creating stickers, and we do so with one that has a version for Android and iOS. 

It’s called StickersApp Stickers & Memes , and it is used to create these two types of compositions with your own photos and very few steps on your mobile.

There are pre-built themes for creating memes and emoticons so you know where to start if you’ve never created a new one. 

As for the stickers, it allows you to organize them all in collections that you then install on WhatsApp. You can compose stickers by adding extra texts and stickers.


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