Top 10 Best Signal Alternatives Apps In 2023!

In the 21st century, nothing seems more important than being in constant touch with your friends and family. Be it a simple good morning text or the entire planning of an event in the vicinity- a texting app serves as a solution to many of our communication needs.

While there are a lot of them available online, it gets pretty complicated to choose the right one. Each app has its own unique set of features and shortcomings. The catch is to sign up to an app that best suits your needs and preferences.

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Signal app is the fastest growing app in the recent times. However, it might not be the best for your needs. Worry not! Below we have enlisted the 10 best apps that you can use instead of the signal app.


10 Best Alternatives to Signal App:

#1 Telegram

Telegram is the next best app for texting. To put it in an easier way, if there was no Signal, Telegram would have been the fastest growing app!

Telegram is an open source application and it is free to use. The app offers a high end secure texting system to ensure data privacy. All you need is a contact number to sign up with telegram.

There is a long list of features that make telegram worthy. Creation of channels with no maximum limit to members, sharing data of up to 1.5 GB at once and super groups with up to 200,000 people being some of them. It also promises high quality calling services.

The app being completely free to use and imbibed with a super easy user interface stands out as a great app for texting and sharing media.

#2 Discord

If you need an app that maintains perfect anonymity, Discord is the one for you. It does not need any details from you to sign up with discord- not even your contact number.

The app is a popular choice among gamers given its high quality calling features and the ability to create servers. The app is also very secure and trusted.

It is an open source application just like Telegram and is also completely free to use. Some users might be unsatisfied with the group chat feature as it allows creation of groups with only up to four people, but the server feature pretty much plays for it.

#3 Threema

Unlike most of the texting apps, Threema is not free to use. You will be needed to pay $1.99 for the app. Despite the fact, the app well deserves to be in the best alternatives to signal.

Threema is an open source application. The users may choose to sign up using their contact number or their email ID and use it to be found by their friends and family using Threema.

The app offers end to end encryption of all chats. The group texting feature is also very well spoken of.  It has a simple user interface making your texting experience even better. One unique feature of Threema is its web client.

#4 Element

An open source application with a super easy interface and a pleasing graphic layout- that is Element for you!

Being a free-to-use app, the app is already a popular choice among many users. Text your friends, share media with them, call them over voice or make a video call- everything is being made easy by Element.

Element lets you create rooms for group chats which can be private or public. This feature makes it stand out from its competitors. The call feature is not only for personal calls, but also for room or group calls.

Every chat is end to end encrypted.

#5 Microsoft Teams

One might not really relate this app to casual texting and calling, but for purposes of communication that are quite formal and need a trusted technical assistance, Microsoft’s Teams app is the go-to.

The app makes teams or channels instead of groups and well supports voice and video calling with even large groups. The quality of calls is also one that well deserves appreciation.

With Microsoft having a backhand, the app is a trusted choice among many institutions and corporate.

#6 Matrix

When looking for an open source messaging app, Matrix has a beautiful experience to offer. With a simpler user interface as compared to other open source texting platforms, it comes up as an entirely different system of texting.

The users are free to write their own bots, readers, etc. Matrix is free to use and offers end to end encryption of all data. The calling features are also quality assured.

#7 Viber

With the cleanest interface, Viber is next in the list of best texting apps.

The app lets you connect with your friends and family via texts and also over calls. The quality of calls is in no way degraded. Viber is completely free to use. One shortcoming of the app is that it does not support its web client.

The best part about Viber, however, is the feature of Viber Out that lets you make international calls over the app at minimal cost.

#8 Skype

The pre established maestro of video calls- Skype is no doubt a great choice for getting in touch with your known ones.

It has a texting window, like that of every social media app, and also allows data sharing over chat. However, its best feature remains video calling. Many users are already using this app, which makes it easy for you to find and connect with them.

Skype is free to use and offers ultimate resolution calling- making it a worthy alternative to signal.

#9 Rocket.Chat

This app lets you sign up using any detail you wish- email, contact number, google account, facebook account, etc. It is an open source application which is also free to use.

It runs across all kinds of devices, but the desktop verison is considered the best. Apart from the basic features of texting and data sharing, the app also lets you make calls to your connections over a stable internet connection.

#10 Google Hangouts

Developed and owned by Google Labs LLC, hangouts is another app that fulfills the communication needs of users over an active internet connection.

The app lets you sign in using your email or google account and is free to use further. The texting and voice calling feature, including media sharing over chat, are the better features of this app than the video calling.

It might not have the best features but the brand trust and simple interface make it a nice alternative to the Signal app. You can even link it with the other apps of google.


With so many alternatives available to use, choosing the best one becomes the need of the hour. An app with an understandable interface, security and pricy policies and quality services should be the ultimate choice for everyone.

An open source platform is a great choice for those who love customizations whereas a free to use platform is a popular one.


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