Top 10 Best Rendering Apps For Android And iOS

Rendering is the process of turning a model into 2D or 3D pictures within a software. Render engines create these images by processing diverse data, such as texture, colour, or some other specialised feature. Furthermore, everything you see in a simulation, animation, or video game is a mash-up of these images.

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Thanks to the advanced technology, you can now perform any complex activity on your smartphone; they’ve progressed to the point that they can perform 3D design, a task that was formerly reserved for powerful computers.

There are numerous rendering apps available for IOS and Android that allow you to create 3D designs while on the go. Here’s the list of best rendering apps that category that worth your time.


Top Rendering Apps



Let’s start with one of the most popular 3D modelling software, which is now accessible on smartphones.

Initially, the software version of AutoCAD was designed for professionals, but there are only a few options in the mobile version.

Nonetheless, a variety of tools enable you to construct basic 3D models. The best aspect is that this application supports DWG files, the most common format, and it also allows you to open all of your files from your mobile device.

However, if you want to create some designs for 3D printing, this is not the application for you. But, if you only need to make minor changes to your files, the programme can accommodate you. The application encodes all data, ensuring the safety of all your work.

The app can also be synced across many devices. Aside from that, the app comes with a free trial that you can utilise to see if you like the features. Overall, if you’re familiar with the classic AutoCAD software, you should definitely try the mobile version. You will not be dissatisfied.



Qlone combines 3D scanning and 3D design features without using lidar. Through augmented reality, you can quickly scan 3D things. During 3D scanning, you can record depth information in real time. You can also change these objects from your phone using the app’s rendering parts.

After you’ve finished your editing, you can save it in whatever format you like. You may also use these editing tools for 3D printing. After the 3D model has been scanned, you can edit it, render it, and export it in standard 3D formats.

Scanning is very simple; simply print the AR sheet from the Qlone app and set the object in the centre. It is preferable to scan the things from numerous angles in order to obtain precise findings. That’s all; your project is finished in a matter of seconds.

The app’s editing section contains a variety of drawing brushes and texturizing tools. You can also work on details by experimenting with shades and zooming in on the object.

Although the free edition lacks this AR perspective and 4K scans, you may upgrade to the Pro version for a one-time fee.

The Qlone app is undoubtedly your cup of tea if you require a scanning and 3D modelling tool.



One of the best 3D rendering applications is Spacedraw. This renderer application offers an easy-to-use UI and provides the same experience as the desktop app.

Moreover, understanding how to sketch in Spacedraw is not difficult. You may practise creating and viewing, drawing, patch and polygon modelling, and 3D printing here.

Multi touch and motion sensors are available to boost the app’s performance. In addition to all of these tools, your smartphone will have desktop modelling.

Aside from all of these excellent capabilities, it also supports a variety of project formats and can be used for future 3D printing. The best thing is that numerous access modes allow you and your co-workers to work on the same project.

You may also change the look of your model by adding an animated background.

Try the Spacedraw app if you need to create dynamic 3D models on the fly.

Prisma3D – 3D Modeling, Animation, Rendering

Prisma 3D app includes animation, modelling, and rendering skills. It provides its consumers with a user-friendly and attractive interface. This tool allows you to export .obj files, which are a widely recognised 3D file format across all software.

The application has layouts for all of the fundamental 3D figures, which you can combine and change as desired. For easier rendering, you can clone and rename specific objects, as well as label them as active and inactive. There are also a variety of texture options and a large colour pallet to choose from.

You can also empower your project in a variety of ways. It also allows you to change the resolution of your model to up to 4K. It has a zoom-in tool to work on every minute detail. In addition, Prisma3D enables multi-touch and simple navigation.

Putty 3D


Another excellent mobile app for creating 3D designs. This is the ideal application for artists and enthusiasts.

It can be used as a portable sketchbook. Putty 3D will be the excellent partner for you to work on your concept no matter where you are, even if you are travelling or vacationing somewhere.

The best part is that you can draw your sketches even if you are not connected to the internet. It will automatically store your modifications after you go online.

Putty 3D also includes tools for creating blocks and layers on your creations. Making videos within the app allows you to share your efforts.

Try the Putty 3D Sketchbook if you need a 3D sketchbook for construction project on the fly.



Sculpt+ is a drawing and 3D sculpting application. If you are an Android user, this sculpting app is a must-have. You can save files in .stl and .obj formats and import them as .obj files.

Sculpt+, unlike the other 3D modelling apps on this list, has a large range of sculpting equipment such as expand, move, standard, rotate, crease, and cube. This enable you create more sophisticated 3D things. This software also offers clay mode, flattening and trimming tools, and smoothing instruments for a better experience.

You may also set up multiple access so that everyone in your team can work on the same project at the same time. If you are looking for a sculpting app for your phone then check out the Sculpt+ app.

uMake: 3D Design, CAD Modeling


uMake is a touch-based 3D design application. This 3D design application is a good option. The rendering apps are designed to be used as convenient as possible.

The app makes you feel like you’re working on a 2D drawing when you’re working on a 3D sketch. However, it is preferable to use it yourself to understand its simplicity.

You can also use it to examine your sketches in augmented reality and to draw on a live video.

This entertaining tool may be used to create simple sketch plans as well as complex detailed projects. There are more features like as block modifications, layers, and pull and push tool.

Shapr 3D CAD Modeling

The last on the list comes Shapr 3D CAD Modeling. It’s one of the most capable 3D designing application available.

It helps in creating complex projects with ease. This app comes in first place when it comes to mobile 3D modelling. With its powerful engine, you can build projects on the go.

Its tools also allow you to create detailed and accurate projects. In this app, you will find both 3D and 2D modelling tools. However, these features and the engine cause heavyweight for the application, so be prepared.

Do not worry, all of your data is completely secure. You can also try a demo version to see if this is the right instrument for you.


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