Top 10 Best Rap Apps For Android And iOS

Music has evolved a lot over time, just like any other form of art. One such form or rather a very popular type is rap. Being a rap singer has been considered quite a difficult thing to accomplish given the nature of its composition. 

But just like the advantage technology has brought for every other thing, rapping has not been left far behind. With this list of best rap apps at your fingertips, you can rap all day! 

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You have spent much of your time perfecting every line of Eminem’s, wondering when you would ever learn to rap like him. Worry not! go through this list of rap apps for both android and iOS devices, and wake the rapper in you to the most favorite of your songs or you might even end up creating one of your own. 


Best Rap Apps

Rap Fame – Rap Music Studio with beats and vocal FX 

Bring your love for Hip-Hop home with Rap Fame and enjoy studio like experience at the tip of your fingers. You can become a part of community full of millions of Rap fans and record and share your talent across the platform. Belong to a hub of rappers and discover other amazing beats and raps, while collaborating and creating! 

Discover and choose from a huge collection of beats, available absolutely for free along with amazing audio effects in the app.

 Not only this, but the app also allows you to collaborate on songs of your favorite stars, get a following by people who like your music and even earn prizes! And the fun does not end here; if you are someone who likes to make their own beat, you can get their subscription and upload them on the app and spread your talent across the world. 

Battle App

Do you feel adrenaline pumping through you every time you hear the words Rap Battle? Do you cheer on the sidelines or jump right in with them? Or do you constantly challenge your friends to a rap battle? If you found yourself answering yes to any of the above, this is the app for you to try. 

A quite interactive platform mainly based on short videos and your participate and competitive spirit, battle App provides you with the opportunity to bring out the rapper in you to the forefront and have insane amount of fun! Record yourself using the awesome collection of beats, share it with others and star and win challenges. 

Rapchat – record music; beats; auto voice tune 

Popular as one of the easiest apps to use to record music, be it for fun or as an artist, Rapchat is definitely worth a try. With amazing features such as 100,000 beats and instruments available for use, joined together with a community of over 7 million people similar to you, ability to record music at the tip of your fingers and then share it to your social media platforms. 

Get the studio experience in the hold of your plam, as soon as you access Rapchat, and record vocals and audio using their beats, mix tracks or set variations, or even use their AI feature to give your songs the studio quality. Interested in pursuing this even further than a hobby? Use this app to give you a boost by creating, spreading and getting noticed! 


Another platform connecting you with the world to enjoy, collaborate and share your music on, Speazie, is a must try. It has been popularized as a music collaboration as well as a recording platform. Speazie also features hundreds of songs, newly made, using their mobile studios with professional quality sounds and rediscover music within their vast community. 

One of the advantages of having such an app is that, whenever inspiration strikes, you can just take out your mobile phone and record it on the go. Later on you can make alterations, add more beats and vocals, whatever pleases you. Another advantage to this is that you do not need access to expensive musical instruments because you have everything you need, free of cost, in the app itself.   

KEAKR – #1 Rap Studio and Instrumental Beats Catalog 

One of the best application available out there for beatmakers, rappers and fans of hip-hop, KEAKR has had over 1 million artists use their platform to record videos in their mobile based studio. There are even rap contests for you to compete in and win amazing prizes. 

KEAKR provides you with an opportunity to buid and grow in this community by attracting audiences for your music, and engaging as well as collaborating with other stars in their community. 

This way, by promoting, competing and interacting with others will make you visible to millions of people. Create your own aesthetic and build a name for yourself, using these resources and keep building and polishing your skills. 


Exclusively to help you out when you are stuck, RapScript is here for all those free style rappers. There are often times, when you get creative blocks and your mind is either out of focus or you keep going in circles, so the raps you make probably end up being about the same thing, repetitively. 

RapScript will challenge you to break free of your repetitive pattern by throwing timing based crazy words at you during rap sessions for you o incorporate them in your song. Once you get the hang of it, you can challenge yourself even more by making use of the three skill levels, ten speed levels and four languages

AutoRap by Smule: Record rap over beats w/vocal FX

Developed by the creators at Smule, AutoRap acts as a platform where you can either make your own raps using the various beats avaiable or you can duplicate your favorite albums in your own voice. The choice is completely yours. Later on, share them across on your social media platforms and enjoy. 

Once you start exploring the features of this app, you will not get over it. From its instant pitch correction, it morphs words spoken by you into a unique rap and a similar beat flow. 

In aditon to this, you can choose from a huge collection of classic, as well as the latest in R&B or hip-hop and use them to create awesome raps which you can share with the entire Autorap community or even collaborate with them on the same. Compete and watch yourself grow as well as maintain or increase your position on their leaderboard. 


This is something different in this list, and you must be wondering why. Many Rappers among us would definitely love to the latest updates in the Rap world and this is the answer! 

With Rapunchline, you have access to all the latest developments in the world of Rap along with exclusive as well as freestyle interviews conducted by their team, as soon as they are released. On top of it all, you even have access to all the new clips from the moment of their release! Hear the mic drop from any corner of the world with Rapunchline. 

OffTop Studio: Record, Rap, Sing and Write On Beats

OffTop developed by Deep Thought LLC, offers many different instrumental beats based on which you are free to write, create and share your raps or songs as much as you wish. 

one of the best things about this app is that it allows you to import your own beats so that you can further work on that or simply choose from their own library, be it pop, r&b, electronic, hip-hop or other instrumentals. No need to fret over losing your inspiration when it strikes, because you can simply use OffTop to write and then save it for later to continue recording your song/rap later. 

In this community as well, you can find many contests and competitions which will help you increase your reach and popularity.  

Music Maker Jam – Song and Beatmaker App

One of the best and featured apps in the music category, Music Maker Jam developed by Loudly, is definitely a must try app. Whether you are a beginner or at a DJ-ing level or even a producer, this will prove to fun and useful to one and all. 

With more than 10 million tracks, created and covered by the members of their community, you will have a wide range to of choices as well as people to share and take inspiration from. 

If you are a rock beat fan, or into EDM, or jazz or even Latin, this app has it all in store for you. Tune down on the disappointment and change the volumes and beats of your own music with Music Maker Jam.


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