Top 10 Best Rabbit Alternatives In 2023!

Do you love watching movies together with your friends and family that too at one platform itself? Then this piece about rabbit alternatives may help you in many ways.

Usually we have different means to enjoy a movie and series. We can either watch it through Wi-Fi or internet or can keep a copy on hard drives and watch it offline.

But have you ever thought of watching movies and shows in real time? Moreover, when we talk about having a platform for streaming movies and shows, one option is quite popular.

And that is Rabbit. Rabbit was a popular platform which allowed users to stream, interact, and watch content with friends and family.

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It used to be a dream of co- watching come true. But with some professional reasons it has sold its assets to Kast Company.

And its million users are out on a limb. Though the Kast Company has promised to bring the same features as Rabbit, but the truth is not the same.

Kast has added some features but it’s not worth having. So till any further transition happen we need an alternative.

Here we have compiled some of the best options that can enables you to enjoy all the features same as Rabbit. 

Two Seven

Two Seven

Two seven is one of the highly used and popular user interface that allows you to watch movies with your friends and family altogether.

And the best thing with the app is that it allows you to chat with other people through the platform.

Along with this it has many other features such as live interaction with webcam, maximum video streaming support, and real time experience without any latency.

It also supports Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many more platforms. Additionally it also offers Chrome extension that means you can stream video from any website.



Metastream is another best option to stream online movies and shows at one place.

This platform comes with an easy yet intuitive interface. It uses the proprietary technology to bring enhanced live streaming to multiple without any hassle.

Beside this it have some other features such as on screen chat, video queuing, quick user management and much more.

It also supports live streaming playback. Moreover you can also aces different streaming sites such as Amazon Prime and Netflix with the use of this interface.

You can also chat with your friends and family directly through the app.

Watch 2gether


If you are looking for an app that can make your streaming movies experience a social one, then this is one of the best apps for you.

With this app you can watch movies, listen music and audios and much more.

Along with this it have some other features such as live streaming, sync playback, highest upload speed and much more.

You also get a chat option to talk to people through this interface. And the best thing with the app is that it also allows you to use GIF through the chat.

Isn’t it amazing to have a platform that fulfils all your needs at one place?

Sync Lounge


If you are a Plex user, then Sync lounge offers a great range of features that allows you to play synchronized media flawlessly.

And in this particular section this platform works in the best way. You can easily connect your Plex library with this interface and create a private room with your friends and family.

Moreover, the best thing with the app is that it uses its own server to transfer file at multiple location.

Additionally, it also has chat feature that make your streaming experience completely social and interactive.

Netflix Party

Netflix party

Coming directly from the Netflix this video streaming site is another way to enjoy movies and shows altogether with family.

This platform allows you to create your own tele party with in the interface.

You can easily create your own group and people and enjoy movie together with them.

Along with this it also has a chat option in real time. And the best thing with the app is you don’t have to install the app on your PC or Laptop, you can easily browse it and enjoy directly from here.



If you are looking for an app that can allow you to watch content and video chat in real time, then this is one of the best options.

With this app you can watch YouTube videos, listen to music and video chat with other by using stickers, Gifs and much more.

At one time you can add 10 people on your tele room and enjoy watching content with them.

Moreover, the great thing with the app is that it also supports audio commentary and media playback simultaneously.

Besides this you can also share photos, video clips, and much more to others while watching.

Sync Play

Sync play

Sync play is another unique way to watch movies and shows online directly through the app.

It supports major operating systems such as Windows, MACOS and Linux.

You can easily play offline media using VLC, media player classic, and Sync Play will broadcast your playback in a private room.

And the best thing with the app I that you can easily share your private room with your friends and family and watch content together.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for an app that can simply sync any of the player app then this is the best option you have.

My Circle Tv

My circle

Do you want to enjoy watching movies and shows in seamless manner? Then this platform has everything that can compel you to try it once.

This app comes with integrated various video platforms such a YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and much more.

You can directly play videos on the website and other members can also watch the video in complete sync.

Besides this you can also share your URL and watch content together with your family in no time. Moreover it also supports chat feature with amazing Gifs and stickers.



Everything is fun with friends and family, and you are looking for the same then this app can blow your mind.

You can use this app to watch any Netflix show and latest songs on YouTube and much more. Just sync with Rave and here you go.

Along with this it has some other features such as Netflix Binging, easy transfer of movies, thousands of shows to stream and much more.

Besides this you can also upload your own video on the Dropbox, Google, and on other platform too.



Do you want to game, work and play altogether from anywhere? Then this one is the best option.

You can invite your friends to your video stream and they can watch content in real time without any hassle.

And the best thing with the app i that you can also enjoy chatting with others while watching your favorite shows and movies.

Moreover, it has super strong Sync playback option that is quite same as Rabbit. In tandem, if you are pretty okay with the synced playback and one directional control then you can go for it.


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