Top 10 Best Planner Apps For iOS and Android

Have you been in the situation when you forgot an important meeting and bear the brunt of your boss’s anger? I think we all have been in this situation once in a while. Planner Apps are the best way to keep your stuff organised and handy.

It’s not a surprise that being organized is always linked to productivity. Whether you are a diehard to –do list making person or someone who lives by making plans on paper or calendar.

You need to get all your tasks, projects and deadlines at one place. And sometimes organizing everything efficiently may become a daunting task.

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While you must be an old school planner who loves to organizing task and to do list with pen and paper, but still sometime you end up cleaning dust from paper instead of following the list.

So what’s the solution? Just consider upgrading your planner. And now technology got a pitch higher, it become easy to get the planner apps easily on your smartphone.

These apps replace a traditional office planner and keep your to do list, scheduling and task lists at your fingertips. And you can manage everything on just one tap.

So to ease your burden of searching different apps, here we have curated some of the best apps that can help you to organize your work.

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft planner is one of the highly rated apps for organizing your to-do list and plans. On this app you can plan as an individual or as a team.

This app make it easy for you and your team to create new plans, organize & assign tasks, share files and chat about what you are working on.

Along with these you get many features like easy categorization of tasks, comprehensive view and status of all the upcoming and ongoing tasks and much more.

With this planner all your team’s discussion and deliverables stay with plan and don’t get locked away across disparate discussions.



Trello is a visual tool for organizing your work and life. Moreover this app is widely popular among 35 million registered users.

Whether you are planning a website design project, vacation or off company site this app is infinitely customizable and flexible for all your need.

Besides this you get many features like adding checklist option, labels, due dates of your projects and much more.

And its unique and interesting feature is that you can add power ups like a calendar view of your due dates and tasks. You can also add locations to get a map view of your projects.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Goal setting is another app for the people who are looking for personal tasks planner app.

This app comes with a step by step goal setting process and a unique set of effective tools that can boost our productivity and helps to accomplish our meaningful goals and dreams.

It has an option of daily tracking of goals and tasks. And one of the best features of this app is it supports multi-level views: goals, projects, tasks, and subtasks so that you can easily manage and recognize your task.

Besides this you can manually sort you goals, tasks, next action and contexts.

Edo Agenda

Edo Agenda

Edo agenda is one of the unique user interface planner app. This app is a combination of calendar, note taking and task management.

With this app we get many features like managing personal work & tasks, scheduling events, setting reminders, collect meeting notes and manage checklist.

It also allows us to capture and organize ideas and notes with alarms option.

Along with this you can easily make you’re to do list and wish list of a particular day and event.



If you are looking for a particular study planner app then nothing can beat ToDait.

This is an authentic app that helps you to utilize 100% of your time and ace your exams. This app is an automatic calendar that enables you to manage tasks without spending much time.

One of the best feature of this app is that easily divide your tasks and arrange them in a calendar by using an advanced AI.

Besides these you get many features like automatic plan adjustment, time table, study trend graph analysis, lock out notification option and much more.

Moment Diary

Moment Diary

Moment diary is the app that can compel you to replace your diary. This app allows you to make short notes of your day plan easily on your smartphone.

It is a private diary which allows you to make notes with timestamp option. You can make short notes in the form of text, vocal memos, photos and videos.

With this app you can take a short note and use it as a private diary, simple business note, diet plan, lifetime recording cash flow record and many more.

It also provides an option to share notes on social media sites.



Daybook is free passcode protected personal diary; journal and note make for both iOS and Android users. 

This app is designed to record activities, experience, thoughts and idea throughout the day.

Besides this you get many amazing features like personalized memory organizer, one time single sign on, easy user interface, speech notes and much more.

And its best feature is that you get free content storage with auto data backup to cloud.

In a nutshell, this is one of the best multipurpose ability planners that can ease your burden of managing tasks.

Time Blocks

Time Blocks

Time Blocks is one of the unique user interface app to create appointments, to-do list and events in one app.

This app has combined the best parts of calendar and task lists with a colorful drag and drop option. You can easily switch between calendars and to do list on one tap.

 Along with these you get many options like event planner, to do list, widgets, quick memo and many more. And its best feature is that you can create unlimited number of notes and memos.

Note Vault

Note Vault

Note Vault is another app that allows you to easily document project notes and photos on your phone. And in return you receive a professional daily report.

Besides this you can do many tasks like record audio notes, receive multilingual translation, and capture photos & videos. And its most inciting feature is that you get daily report of your ongoing projects.

And you can easily collaborate with your team on this app and discuss the task in real time. This app come with 15 day free trial and if you wish to enjoy more you can get premium subscription any time.

Informant 5

Informant 5

More than just being a calendar app this app is agenda driven. It allows you to organize your tasks in project.

Along with these you get many features like customizable calendar layers view, projects with tasks, subtasks & checklist, focus view option and much more.

You can also sync it to other devices or on cloud service. Additionally, it comes with an easy setup you doesn’t require any particular app. Just download the app and you are get set to roll.


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