Top 10 Best NotePad Apps For Android & iOS

In today’s time a virtual notepad app become necessity for everyone. Whether you are child, adult or profession we always need reminders for our chores.

Carrying a notebook, pen and journal become old phenomena in time of advance technology. However we already have some basic software apps for making notes and to do list but many of them are with limited feature.

These days much more convenient and advanced notepad apps available to make your work a cake walk.

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You get so many features like adding audio, video, drawing and images in to your text. And now nowhere you have to worry about your reminders and to do list .

You can easily make notes, set reminders and can also share with your friends or colleague. Apart from this you get cloud sync to store and retrieve your data any time.You can also connect to your personal computer as almost all apps also available for windows version.

In today’s hectic work schedule or study these notepad apps are all you need. Here is quick rundown of some best notepad apps that will definitely replace your traditional notebook.


10 Best NotePad Apps



ToDoist is one of the highly rated notepad app used by around 25 million worldwide. Available in both for android and ios users this app allows you to organise, plan and collaborate on your projects.

You can add due date, reminders, flags, subtasks and much more. This notepad allows you to customise and prioritise your reminders according to your need.

The service also features tremendous offline support and automatic backup to cloud.Apart from this you get easy integration to Gmail, Alexa, Siri, Google Calendar and much more.

It’s also available both in free and paid version with more advance features.



Bear is also one of the most stunning and easy user interface app for ios users only. It is specially designed on keeping a thought for writers and editors.

As, this app allows you to write flexibly in simple terms. You can write, organize and share your notes in different formats including HTML, JPG, PDF and RTF.

Its most interesting feature is tagging system that easily organise notes in a folder form. Along with this its easy sync feature helps you to integrate with all devices on one click.

If you are looking for a clean design and fluid performance notepad app then it’s worth trying.



Quip is one of the most known apps for creating and organizing notes. It comes with an easy and fast user interface to organize tasks, edit documents and make notes.

This app gives you a place to create live documents that you can later edit elsewhere.

And it’s most interesting feature of real time chatting and messaging make it easy to collaborate with your colleague.

You also get automating integration of docs and spreadsheet at one place. In short it’s a great package of deal for creating docs, spreadsheet, chatting and collaborating on single app.



NoteBook is also one of the attractive note making apps to fulfill all you needs. This app allows you to create notes with different themes and styles and sync it on any device.

Its best feature is that you can add images, audio and sketches to your notes and organize them in different variant of cards.

These attractive cards make it easy for you to see everything on display itself.

And all your data get encrypted with a Touch ID or pass-code. Additionally you get two view options Grid and Landscape. Moreover you get everything free of cost so just give it a try.

Any Do

Any Do

Any do app which helps you to create a perfect planner and organise your task according to your priority.

This service give you a simple and wonderful calendar outlook to view your to do list and task for days, weeks and months.

And its exciting feature is that you can add voice message to your notes. Additionally you can sync your notes to any device and can share it with your friends and colleague from anywhere.

You can explore much more while having this app on both android and ios devices.

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk

Remember the milk is the smart to do notepad app for the busy people. This app gives you different badges and widgets to make your notes more attractive.

You can organize your list, save your favorited searches, classify the task and share it with anyone to get things done faster.

Along with these features you get easy integration to many devices, cloud storage, advance sorting, unlimited sharing and much more.

In short it’s a get to dos out of your head and let the app remember for you.

Microsoft One Note

Microsoft One Note

Needless to mention Microsoft One Note is highly used note taking apps since a long time.

Along with note making this app allows you to plan a big event and save your idea and errands that are too important to forget.

You can also sketch and clip web content on your notes. Its most stunning feature is that you can integrate with other Microsoft apps like Word and Excel.

Moreover you get cloud storage to get access from anywhere. All your notes and information get secured with a touch ID or passcode.



Simplinote as the name say it’s a simple intuitive and easy user interface app. If you are looking for a simple note making app with easy synchronisation across devices then this one is perfect for you.

This app allows you to create, organise, sync and edit the note at one place. Apart from this you get amazing tagging system which helps you to find important to do list in your one glance.

Additionally Simplinote is one of the few apps which bring a native Linux app. And this app always make your content secure with pass-code lock.



Notion is a versatile workspace app for creating notes, tasks, wikis and database. Despite just being a simple note making app it’s a best project management tool.

Notion supports checklists, list items, notes history, team collaboration and much more.

And its most interesting feature is the ‘/’ command which help you to add heading, subheadings, dividers and tables to your notes.

In addition to this you get embed support from different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and much more.

Google Keep

Google Keep

 Coming from a giant Google search this app is unique for many special features. This app allows you to create to do list, normal list, reminders, attach photos and much more.

One of the best features of the app is that it displays all your notes in coloured- card interface. That make easy to get your important content detail in one glance.

Being a Google product you get easy access to all the google apps and connect easily to them. In short it’s a one in all app that you should have on your devices.


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