Top 10 Best News Apps for iOS and Android in 2023!

In the fast pacing life sometime we find it hard to connect to the world happenings. There were days when for all the information one had to depend on the television and radio.

In today scenario with hectic schedule, work commitment and for many such reason it get hard to get along with world.  But internet has changed the way with mobile app development that has conquered the TV and newspaper industries.

There are dozens of digital app available in the market that helps you to connect with world happening on a single tap. In these apps you get every ounce of information from politics, games, entertainment, editorial all just at one place.

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In short these digital apps save your time and make reading short and brief. Not even this you get all the real time information too on these apps.

All you need is to download these apps on you smartphone and get connected. As the market is flooding different genre of apps it become critical to pick the one that interests you and satisfy your needs.

Here we have evaluated some of the best news apps that will enable you to remain on top and find the news you need.


10 Best News Apps

The Guardian


The guardian is one of the highly rated new source apps for both iOS and Android users. It gives you access to award winning journalism with live updates sport & opinion.

Along with this you get different range of topic from business to music and customization of the feed with content that interest you. You can even save the article you find interesting and read later.

Moreover, you also get to enjoy audio, video, interactive content as well as full screen photo galleries. Though all the features are quite enough but if you wish to enjoy more you can anytime upgrade to premium subscription.

Google News

Google News

Google news replacement of Google Play Newsstand is quite popular app with easy user interface. This app is as polished and fast as you might expect.

It collects all the news and information all across the world and brings out the best briefing in your feed all at one place. That’s how you get most important stories and full coverage of everything without Google’s curation.

With its in-built recommendation system it will be better and more in tune with your interest when you use it more. It is easily available for both iOS and Android users.

Financial Times

Financial Times

Financial Times is one of the oldest publication news source app to look for all the latest events. Apart from other news source it emphasis more on finance and the financial markets.

It enables you to keep a keen eye on the latest developments of the business world. Along with this you get news alerts on lock screen, option in online and offline watching mode, dark mode, customized Home page and much more.

In short if you want to have an experience of that’s as close to paper then it’s just for you.

Microsoft News

Microsoft News

Formally known as MSN this news source app is a lightweight and easy to use app. On this platform you can select from edition in 20 countries carrying content from 3000 top brands.

You get breaking news quickly and accurately 24/7. Along with this you get dark & light theme, widgets, breaking news alerts and synchronization to different devices.

And you can easily switch between the local and global news with a single tap. Additionally if you are looking for a simple yet useful news source app then it is must have.

AP News

AP News

AP news is another news source app for both iOS and Android users. This news source app covers the news from all around the world with dedicated journalist.

It focuses on all the current topics and trends. Along with this you get customized news alerts, curated content hubs, and award winning photos, videos, articles & story lines.

You can also get local interest stories from different newspaper and broadcasters. Overall it’s a useful and simple app with all the glitz and glams that fulfils all your needs.

New York Times

New York Times

New York Times is one of the most popular news source apps across the world. From breaking news alerts, morning & evening briefings, podcasts, mini crossword to daily e newspaper you get everything at one place.

But its most exciting feature that makes it differ from another app is augmented reality. This feature helps you in giving access to meet world class athletes and personality face to face.

You can get it easily on your smartphones with free and offer in app purchases.

BBC News

BBC News

BBC News is a universally respected worldwide news source app. This app keeps you updated with the latest trends and topic with their trusted global network of journalists.

Apart from this you get personalized feed, live BBC radio service, access to full range of video and audio, full screen images & galleries. You can also share news on different social network and email to friends.

And all the breaking news you can see easily through the app itself. Moreover, if you choose to receive push notifications a unique identifier of device will be stored by Airship and keep you up-to-date.

CNN News

CNN News

This app is the condensed version of the CNN 24 hour cable news channel. It enables you to watch live CNN, CNNi or HLN television anywhere anytime.

You get a wide variety of article that keep you update on all the current events at one place. But most important this is the only app where you can watch CNN original content and award- winning CNN films.

Moreover you get daily 10 minutes preview each day and access to log in for unlimited viewing.



Papr is a beautifully designed news source app to follow what matters to you.  From world news, politics, sports & tech, finance, lifestyle to fashion you get everything at one place.

You can also get an option to switch between top publications like ESPN, BBC, GQ, New York Times, and many more. You can comment, tag and share your opinion and become a part of Papr community.

 Along with this you can also share your content like video, music, podcast, and articles on Papr and gain followers and be seen and heard on Papr.

Smart News

Smart News

Smart news is another award winning news app available in 100 plus countries. It is widely read by 40+ million readers daily.

This app analyse trending stories and organize in the way what interest you the most. Apart from these you get news from tons of publications like Time, The Huffington Post, Quartz, fast company and many more.

It aims to give you all the news in one minute and it does it very well with clutter free and easy user interface.


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