Top 10 Best iTunes Alternatives in 2023!

Music is an integral part of our life no matter what you are doing exercise, household chores, walking lanes you need music to gear up. Here you will get to know about best iTunes Alternatives.

And many times you wanted to be sorted out with music like different genre for different mood. So when the thought of sorting the musing comes in one name appear the most that iTunes.

It is piece of software that helps you to add, organize and play your digital media collection on computer. It also enables you to sync it with apple supported device.

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But with the advent of technology the defects if iTunes started coming out. With the latest update of iTunes company has divided it in to three separate apps. And these 3 apps particularly support Apple sponsored products.

In brief Apple functionality is now converted in a Finder only. Though Finder work well in managing iPhone but somehow it lacks flexibility. It is time consuming during syncing, backing up, and restoring.

It is not an easy user interface anymore. In this scenario you definitely need an alternative that provides you better flexibility in term of functionality. So here we have inoculated some of the best iTunes alternatives that you can use with your iPhone without any hassle.


10 Best iTunes Alternatives


Waltr 2

WALTR2 is smart automatic content recognition built for windows and macOS. It is very convenient and powerful with Wi-Fi connection.

This tool allows you to transfer videos, music and files in just a span of seconds. And with this too not only you can share music files but also you can share ePub and audio books too.

It just automatically recognizes the files we are sending and pushes them in to the native apps. Additionally it supports huge number of file such as 3GP, WMV, MPG, DV, OGG, and many more. With this tool you will never have to worry about and support format.

Music Bee

Music Bee

Music bee is ultimate music manger software built for windows. This tool helps you in managing all the music files in an organized way.

As a result it becomes a lot easier to find, listen and play files your computer. Apart from this it also supports podcast, web radio stations, and sound cloud integration.

Moreover you can easily sync your music between Windows PC and iOS devices. It also enables you with many features like 15 band equalizer, volume scaling, support for Win Amp plugins and much more.

WinX Media Trans

Winx Media Trans

This is one the most used and popular tool for easy transfer of music file for windows. This software is the one that understand your cross platform media backup demand most.

It comes with many features like automatic back up, music management with two way transfers, video transfer and more. Apart from this you can organize book, make ringtone, download podcasts, and create voice memos.

You also get many editing tools to organize your files. And all your photos, music files, and podcasts encrypted with password

DearMob iPhone Manager


DearMob is a robust and all in one manager tools designed for Windows and macOS. It transfers thousands of photos just in a blink of eye.

This app let you easily manage media, music files, transfer file between your computer and iOS devices. Additionally it also create automatic backup and provide encryption to all your data.

And its most unique feature is rich audio management service that makes music management a child’s play. In short you get limitless feature to manage and selectively choose for certain backup files. If you are looking for a simple but intuitive tool then it’s the right choice.

Vox Media Player

Vox media Player

Vox media player is another tool with simple and rich feature specially designed for macOS. This app allows you to synch, stream, and cache your entire music in a way that suits you the best.

One of the best things about this tool is that it supports multiple audio formats. Not only it support MP3 and MP4 but also other formats like FLAC, CUE and M4A.

It also supports sound cloud integration and you tube sources. Additionally you also get gapless playback, enhanced stereo sound, and cloud storage solution for your music and much more.



 Musique is a clean and intuitive interface tool designed for Windows, macOS and Linux. This app comes with built-in lyrics finder which extracts the lyrics of song that you play.

Apart from this it beautifully organize music by artists and albums in tiled mosaic view. And its best feature is it retains the folder structure of your music collection just in the way you organize it.

So if you are looking for software with simple but rich features that too free of cost then it is must have.



It is another sophisticated music player for macOS with wide format support. It comes with many features including folder watching, advanced tag editing, duplicate finder, smart playlist support and many more.

Additionally it works so fast that no matter how big your library is it will never lag behind. It also enables you to import your whole music library from iTunes with one click.

And its highly customized interface allows you to change anything according to your needs. Moreover it is available in both free and paid version.



Fidelia is an elegant interface app with high definition audio player. This app allows you to organize, customized, and save the digital music collection at the highest possible fidelity.

Apart from this it comes with many editing tools like equalizers, compressors, Can Opener, and headphone modeler. It also provides seamless access to your existing iTunes library. Along with this it supports 64- bit audio plug in for your music experience.

In short it is one of the best apps for the people who want high definition music to listen like never before.

Phone Rescue

Phone Rescue

Phone rescue as its name says it is one the best data recovery software. There comes a time when we accidentally delete our music files, videos and photos.

At that time it helps you to recover all the lost data. It has the ability to recover 31 types of files including photos, music, videos, docs and more.

And its UI is so quick that you don’t have to spend a lot of time to get a good hang of data recovery tools. Additionally according to your need you can choose data and retrieve it selectively in few clicks.

Media Monkey

Media Monkey

Media monkey is one of the best alternatives to iTunes in both free and paid version. It comes with enormous support for multiple file formats including FLAC, MPC, WAV and many more.

Apart from this you get many features like music tag, organizing & renaming files, automatic library updates, easy sync and backup from multiple sources. You can also download music and podcast through this software.

And its powerful customize interface allow you to arrange your library as per your choice. In short if you are the one who are looking for a tool to organize a huge music and video library then this is the best you can have.


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