Top 10 Best Home Decorating Games

Want to design your dream house? If it is not possible in your real life, you could make it possible through these wonderful home decorating games. 

If you don’t have money you can simply play these games. We have listed the best top 10 home decorating games for you. These games are enjoy full and filled with fun. These games let you to design the houses and décor it. 

Exhibit your talent by transforming outdated houses into beautiful one. You could develop your skill in designing and apply these skills in real life in decorating your houses.

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If it is your hobby or passion, you could live it every day.  These are games that are suitable for all age.  You could live your dream life while playing these games. You could give your best designing skills by playing these games.  


10 Best Decorating Game Apps

Design Home

Design Home

We suggest you this game to design and decorate your dream house. You could live the dream of doing interior designing in game. 

You came across new designing styles and decorating items that help you to sharpen your skills. 

Daily design challenges allow you to express creativity in home decorating. You could also try playing Building Games.

Discover new brands and trends in game and learn more about it. Share your design with friends and other player, let them know your talent.



If you love decorating your home then this game is for you. Discover new designs and furniture and decorate houses with them in game. 

You could gradually develop your design skills in game. Vote your favorite design and master in interior designing. 

The game offers you thousand of furnishing items to choose from them. 3D view in game make you feel realistic learn about different interior design styles and express your own style.

Home Design Makeover

Home Design

This is one of the best home decorating games. You are home decorator and your clients are waiting for you to do their house makeover. 

You are able to design and renovate every part of house like living room, kitchen or bathroom. 

Many new challenges came in your way like décor the house of newlyweds or Hollywood celebrities. 

You could play the game in offline mode. Install the app to enjoy its feature

Home Design: Caribbean Life

Home Carribean life

This game is next our in list. This game has many levels that make your journey filled with excitement. The 3d view in game allows you to relate the real world. 

You need to follow the interesting stories of clients in game to decorate their houses. This offline game let you to win rewards by unlocking new episodes. 

Similarly, Exploring tattoo designs could be fun too. You could interact with other player to have more fun. This home decorating game is filled with adventure.

Kawaii Home Design


You are able to design and decorate rooms, house, garden or even a restaurant. 

Showcase your talent in decorating home with different furnishing and many interior designs. 

Manufacture your own furniture and open a home décor showroom to make the game more interesting. 

The game has a storyline and you play the role of successful home stylist in the game. Makeover houses with kawaii decorations in different styles.

My Home

My home

You will live the real life like journey of home decorator in the game. many characters with their heartfelt stories came in your way in wanting you to decorate their houses. 

If you ever want to decorate and design your dream house, this game is for you. Graphics and 3d furniture in the game would let you to experience the real designing. 

You are able to visit different places and see the houses of your in-game friend .the fun match puzzle 3 are included in game so you can enjoy playing it also.

Home Craft


This is the newest tap blaze’s home design game. The game has match 3 puzzle to play to unlock new décor items. 

Design the houses of your clients according to demand become the most successful interior designer in the world. You could run your own interior designer studio in the game. 

Unlock new rewards while you gloss your designing skills in the game. Became perfect home crafter with your superb designing skill and live your dream.

Property Brother Home Design

Property brother

You are playing on the side of two brothers who are famous home designer. They will guide you and give tips in your journey to design your client houses. 

There are many levels and variety of modes in the game. You could also play the game in offline mode .

Discover new design styles and learn to design the houses like a professional star designer. Makeover spaces to transform it into beautiful places with pops of color and stylish fixture and finishes.

Home Design: Hawaii life

Design Hawaii

Play this amazing game which give you chance to live the life of interior designer. Help your clients to make their dream house in real on the Hawaiian island. 

People come to live on the island from the stressful life in cities and it is your task to makeover all the homes of island. You could customize, remodel, rebuild and renovate the perfect home with beautiful decor. 

Express yourself with designer furniture , flooring , lightening and many other decor items. You could collect coins by playing match 3 puzzle to decorate various room styles.

Sweet Home

Sweet Home

This is a brand new home game which gives you opportunity to design your dream home. This is  an offline game where each level have number of steps and you get the stars after each level. 

The game has variety of characters and trend with a fascinating plots that allow you to believe that you are living a real life. 

You can also checkout Fashion Apps. Choose your favorite decor items to make your house a beautiful place. Download this amazing game to enjoy home decorating.    


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