Best Flashlight Apps For iOS And Android !!

Certainly every smartphone has a built-in flashlight thanks to the flash LED, but with the right flashlight app you can still optimize a lot. Flashlight apps comes under a wide variety according to the use of an individual , some of them covers quiet unique technology to make it more impactful.

When it comes to click a nice picture , we always curse our camera quality if it is not able to do the same but the lightings of your surrounding also plays a crucial role and some of flashlight apps are design in such a way that they can strengthen your picture quality.

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The application which we are going to mention have shown that they can do more than just light up – and with many bonus functions, the smartphone actually becomes a fully-fledged replacement for smaller bulbs thanks to the flashlight app.


Best Flashlight Apps

Best Flash Light! 

This app is particularly appeBest Flash Lightaling because of its simple design; the classic display design is based on a real lamp. 

This flashlight app is correspondingly easy to use – the luminosity of the LED is exhausted to the maximum, so extremely bright results are achieved. 

In addition to continuous lighting, this flashlight app also offers a stroboscopic function with a variable frequency. The frequency can be set very variably. An SOS signal is also preset in the app.

The quick access even works so effortlessly and quickly that Torch can become a real alternative to the flashlight app built into the operating system. Beyond that, however, one looks in vain for additional functions.

Flashlight by RikFlashlight by Rik – simple design, great functionality

The flashlight app Flashlight by Rik can be set very flexibly, the somewhat sober interface is ideal access to brightness or stroboscope and fits seamlessly into the design of iOS.

In addition to the setting of the light brightness , this flashlight app also has a flexibly clockable stroboscope (the light sequence can be determined here to a tenth of a second). 

In addition, the light can also be adjusted via the Hertz number, which is useful, for example, when using the flashlight app as a light source for filming. In addition, all functions can also be adjusted when the flashlight app is not currently accessing the LED.

The SOS function, which is switched on by shaking the app when the app is activated, is practical. If there are emergency situations – for example when skiing – in which the display can no longer be operated, an emergency signal can still be sent.

LED H‪D Torch

The flashlightLED HD Torch app TaschenLampe LED HD is available for Android, iOS and WinPhone devices as well as Apple Watch and also offers a very bright light on very different devices. 

Here, too, the LED is used to the maximum. Operation is very easy, because the flashlight app only has two control elements.

While the LED in the LED HD flashlight is activated via a button as standard, there are two additional elements for illuminating the screen. If required, this also serves as a light source for the LED HD flashlight , the flashlight app uses the entire screen and the color can be adjusted as required. 

This works particularly well as a light source in photos – provided you have a bright camera and a correspondingly large display.

Of course, the brightness of the LED and light frequency can also be freely adjusted with the stroboscopic function, but the screen stands out as a light source.

Flashlight OFlashlight Ⓞ

The flashlight app Flashlight (O) is a real multitool, because a compass is integrated here in addition to the flashlight. This is of course especially useful on hikes. 

If a GPS signal is available, a map can also be called up by clicking on the compass – without the lights going out. This makes the flashlight app Flashlight (O) ideal for all those who are afraid of losing their way and proves to be a true all-rounder.

The brightness can be conveniently adjusted in the app at the top of the screen using a slider, there is also an SOS position here. The stroboscope can be set to ten different frequencies.

Together with compass and map, the flashlight (O) is a great flashlight app for travelers. Thanks to the illuminated screen, the app even sticks out some analog compass in the dead of night – at least as long as the battery lasts.

Flashlight NightlightFlashlight, reading lamp and night vision device

The flashlight app flashlight, reading lamp and night vision device is not only the flashlight app with the longest possible name, but above all impresses as a light for reading.

This flashlight app is particularly suitable as a reading lamp because a light circle of variable size and color can be made lighter or darker with a gesture. 

This turns the smartphone display into a soft reading lamp or night light. Due to a built-in timer, the latter is an interesting variant of this flashlight app.

The only thing you shouldn’t expect too much from the night vision device is that this function of the flashlight app activates the camera and the LED light. As with night vision devices, the screen is wrapped in green, which is particularly visible to the human eye. 

Objects are not brighter than in the glow of the flashlight, but this function is very gentle on the eyes. For example, if you are looking for something just before going to sleep.

Color FlashlightColor Flashlight

As the name suggests, Color Flashlight also features a flashlight that has light with a variety of colors. 

The best flashlight application this one may not be suitable for those of you who are in an emergency and need lighting. 

But, if for just fun this application is perfect for you. In addition to offering flashlights of various colors, this application also offers flashlights of various sizes and shapes. 

Interestingly, you can use the app to write messages while you’re apart from your group while you’re in a crowd. Interesting isn’t it?

Conclusion: Always the right luminosity

A suitable flashlight app is a practical alternative to the integrated functions of the LED. Whether for reading, making an emergency call or navigating in the wilderness, smartphones can now do so much more than just light up. 

And thanks to the bright LEDs, which are ultimately intended to flash, it works better than some classic flashlights. 

My favorite and thus test winner in this test was TaschenLampe LED HD, but also Torch Flashlight convinced me ,  if only because these apps are available for different operating systems.


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