Top 10 Best Emoji Apps For Android And iOS

Just as one uses gestures and tones to improve the communication of ideas and thoughts, over texting, emojis do that for you. But that is not it. They serve as an enhancement to your otherwise mundane conversations. It helps you understand the other person better even when you are miles away.

Most of the people use apps for using these emojis. While most of them are free to use, others have a really appreciable collection. There even exist apps that let you create your own emojis! Interesting, right?

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Below we have covered the best and most popular apps for emojis used by people from all over the world. The only catch left is to find the one that most suits your needs.


Top 10 Emoji Apps:

#1 SwiftKey Keyboard

The keyboard is very different from what you might refer to as an ordinary keyboard. It features an amazing collection of emojis and suggests the same as you type through.

It has all the popular emojis and the suggestion mechanism is also quite accurate.

Apart from these, the keyboard is also a great choice as a default keyboard given its unique features like learning and adapting to your writing style, auto suggesting words, auto correct, etc. The users are also free to customize the keyboard to a great extent.

It is a free app and supports over 100 different languages.

#2 Giphy

Giphy is another free app that lets users bring their daily conversations to life by adding emojis. It has a decent collection of emojis which it also suggests according to the word or words you type.

The app is quite a popular choice among all android users and is well compatible with all the most used social media platforms like facebook, whatsapp, instagram, etc.

The app also lets you create emojis out of images from your gallery. This feature allows you to convert your friend’s face into an emoji and share it with your friends!

It is a simple app designed to give you the best possible conversation experience.

#3 Bitmoji

If there were grammys for the most creative emoji app, Bitmoji would definitely be one of the nominees.

The concept of the app uses your animated avatar to create and express feelings. The users are free to customize their avatar according to their likings and then, well, enjoy!

The app automatically makes emojis out of the avatar you create. These emojis or stickers can be shared with your friends over most of the social media platforms. It even lets you add some of them to your favorites or search them by word.

#4 GBoard

With a concept just like the SwiftKey Keyboard, this one is again a very popular choice among android as well as ios users. It is developed and owned by the Google Labs LLC and is therefore greatly trusted.

The app has a given collection of emojis, which it keeps suggesting as you type. You can also search the emojis by word or categories.

It also supports a lot of languages and the auto correct feature- making it a nice default keyboard candidate. It also has various features of its own like voice to text typing, customization, browsing, etc.

#5 Keymoji

KeyMoji is another free to use app with a remarkable emoji collection that keeps updating itself in real time.

The key feature of the app is that its services to not finish to the point of suggesting a relatable emoji for a word, but even doing the same for phrases or sentences. It makes sure to convert the entire set of words into something meaningful in terms of emojis.

With KeyMoji, you don’t need to find the most accurate emoji, instead pray that the receiver knows the real meaning of all emojis so he can decode it correctly.

#6 Disney Emoji

Be it Elsa from frozen or Eugene from Tangled, the most upbeat Micky mouse or the deadpan platypus Perry- every Disney fan would agree when we say they are the kings/queens of emotions.

This keyboard is specifically designed to please all the Disney fans!

Most of the emojis and stickers are available for ready use, whereas others have to be conquered by playing and winning mini games. It makes your communicating experience even better.

#7 Emoji Maker

For the users who cannot get enough of their creativity and customization, Emoji Maker is a gem for you!

The app is no ordinary emoji app. Well, it is, but what it also is a platform where you can create your own emojis using the various layering, formatting and editing tools available for use. Further, you can share these with your friends and show off your creativity skills!

This is also completely free to use and offers lots of customization options as compared to ordinary emoji apps and keyboards.

#8 Elite Emoji

No fancy customizations, no glittery personalized emoji options- Elite Emoji is one of the best classic emojis apps.

The collection of emojis with the app is appreciable, not to forget the quality of emojis. The app features the most popular and trendiest emojis to suit every mood and emotion.

It is a free to use app and has a pretty simple user interface. It is also well compatible with all the popular social media platforms.

#9 Mirror

The concept of this app revolves much around that of Bitmoji. It lets you create emojis and stickers of your face to make it more personalized.

It comes with over 1500 different layouts to make emojis which you can further use to chat with your friends over any preferred social media platform. 

The app is also free to use and has a very simple interface so that you don’t have to waste time in looking for the best match.

#10 Smileys


An exclusive for ios users, Smileys is a treat to the extensive emoji users.

The app also promises high end security of all the data of users. It has a simple user interface to save your time and a pretty vast collection of emojis and stickers to suit every click of the conversations.

It suggests emojis according to the word you type in. The emojis are of high quality and ensure that your message is clearly expressed.


It is not today’s tale that we use gestures, tones and pictures to ensure the clarity of our message- it has been a life-long story.

The abovementioned apps let you communicate effectively with your friends and family. It garnishes your otherwise boring conversations with the fun element.


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