Top 10 Best Cute Stickers Apps For iOS and Android

Humans are the smartest and most expressive beings. We express ourselves while communicating in various ways. But nowadays communication has become virtual and facial expressions aren’t visible through textual conversations. Although GIF and emoji have found their way long before as a way to express feelings and emotions in textual communication. Stickers have also become a part to express emotions in a much better way, with cute gestures and characters.

Using stickers to express emotions has become a new trend. If you love using stickers in your conversations and looking for some cute sticker apps to do so, worry not we have curated the best list for you to express your emotions better. With the following apps, you can even make your own unique cute stickers if you want to. Let’s go through the list and download the app that seems much more convenient for you.


Best Cute Stickers Apps is one of the most downloaded, top sticker apps for your smart device. You will find more than 1.5 billion sticker collections to choose from. That means your conversation will become more expressive. Explore millions of cute stickers and use them during your textual conversation. not only offers you cute stickers, but you get access to various funny stickers as well. Not only that you get to create your own unique stickers and share them with your friends in the chat. With the latest Auto Cut Technology, lets you create stickers from your photo. So, if you have a cute photo of yourself or your pet or anything, use them as a sticker and share it with your friends. There’s no limit on creation, create unlimited custom stickers for Whatsapp and Telegram.

You can easily export the stickers to your instant messaging app be it WhatsApp or telegram, use your exported sticker hassle-free. With you also get access to animated more than 500,000 animated stickers, that include stickers of your favorite TV show, celebrities, animals, anime, and much more.


With AnySticker App browse more than thousands of cute stickers and share them with your friends via WhatsApp and Telegram. The Anysticker app lets you create unlimited stickers and export them to WhatsApp, telegram, or Instagram while chatting.

Take any object or a cute picture and turn that into a sticker with the Anysticker app. Create your own unique cute sticker collection. To add a bit of personal touch to the sticker add texts in your personalized sticker. 

You can add share your unique and cute stickers on your Instagram stories. You get to paste those stickers on any instant messaging platform that supports stickers. Collect thousands of stickers from the AnySticker library.

The app is ad-free and needs no charge to be paid at all, but to explore and unlock more sticker packs you have to buy AnySticker PRO for just $1/month.

Love Sticker

We all want to express our feelings better virtually over text with our loved ones. Do that by sending cute stickers to your loved ones. Just as the name suggests love sticker comes with a huge collection of cute love stickers and also GIFs and emojis so that you can express your feelings and emotions better.

The app is free and very easy to use. There are various themes available to choose from. All you have to do is tap on the sticker you want to share and choose your convenient instant messaging platform like; WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and more. You can also add stickers to your WhatsApp Keyboard to share stickers instantly.

Choose stickers from various categories such as; cute bear stickers, heart, hug, kiss with love, love smileys, and many more.

Aminal Stickers

You love animals and pets; they are cute and their cute expression leaves you feeling awe. Communicate with your friends by sharing cute animal stickers and enjoy your conversation better.

Aminal Stickers app has got tons of charming aminal stickers to choose from and the app is free of any cost. These stickers help you have more character in your conversation. This is app is only available over iOS devices. You can share stickers via iMessage and WhatsApp. You can drag and drop the stickers in any of the instant messaging apps before sharing. In the latest updated version of the app, they have added cute Hippo and Otter stickers too.

Stickify: Stickers in WhatsApp

Stickify has got the best collection of WhatsApp stickers other than any other WhatsApp sticker app. You get various collections of cute WhatsApp stickers to choose from in just one app.

The app is free and easy to use. Just tap on the sticker that you like and download it. You get to see the full preview of the sticker and tap on the add button, after that the sticker will be added to WhatsApp. Then share that sticker while having a good conversation with someone.

Be more expressive with your stickers, and create your personalized sticker. Select a cute photo from your device and make a sticker out of it, decorate that sticker with emojis and texts, and then share it with your friends on WhatsApp. Create as many stickers you want to create.

ZeroHart WhatsApp Sticker

Are you a fan of cartoon characters? Miss those good old days when we used to enjoy our nostalgic cartoon shows! We have taken care of that as well. ZeroHart WhatsApp Sticker comes with a bunch of cute cartoon character stickers to express your emotions with. It’s not only cute but funny as well. Download ZeroHart and relive your good old memories while communicating via WhatsApp.

The first collection of the app has got, Shin-Chan, Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump, Chocobo (Final Fantasy), King of Fighters KOF, Ranma, Saint, Seiya, Captain Tsubasa, Yu-Gi-Oh, and More.

Lovely Teddy Bear Emoji and Stickers App

Add more fun and excitement to your virtual conversation by sharing stickers from Lovely Teddy Bear Emoji Stickers app. Choose from more than 5000+ Sticker’s collections, not only that you get access to more fun emojis and emoticons as well as GIFs.

The app is free and very easy to use. All you have to do is to download the app and tap on the ‘Add to Chatting Apps’ button. Then install their emoji keyboard and get access to all the emojis and stickers available. The app supports more than 150+ languages and keyboard layouts as well as dictionary packs and many more.

Cookie Monster Stickers

We are acquainted with the famous cookie monster character and now we can use that character to express emotions in our chats. Relive the nostalgic days while using the cute cookie monster sticker in your chats.

There are variations of emotions given to the cookie monster to express ourselves better in the chat section. Be it sad, happy, silly, or nostalgic you will find it. This app is built for iOS devices and can only be shared through iMessage.

Echo The Cat Stickers

If you are a cat lover then this app might be the perfect sticker app to express yourself in chats with. Echo The Cat Stickers is an iOS-only app and works with iMessages.  The illustration is brilliantly done by the illustrators named Tabby Freeman and Jason Stoff. The sticker pack comes with 30 different Echo stickers. The illustration is impressive and looks very cute.

Cute Emoticons Stickers

Choose from various cute stickers, smileys, emojis, funny images, and emoticons for your chat. Express yourself by sharing cute stickers in any instant messaging app. Cute Emoticons Sticker is completely free and easy to use. All you have to do is tap on the sticker you want to share then choose a platform and the sticker will be shared.

The app has a loaded collection of characters such as; panda, monkey, rabbit, 3D characters, and many more. Save frequently used stickers and secure them as your favorite just by long-pressing the sticker, you also get to remove the stickers you do not like anymore. Enjoy expressing yourself in chats by sharing stickers with your friends.


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