Top 10 Best Crossword Apps For Android And iOS

Among many others, crosswords are a popular choice for enhancing vocabulary and polishing critical thinking skills. The age old game involves an empty grid to be filled with words that are actually the answers of the hints given.

The game gained popularity in the early years as it was published in newspapers and people would take it up as a morning tea activity. Even today, fans of great vocabulary skills use crosswords as a medium to stay in the game.

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With serious advancements in technology however, the game is not limited to the newspaper editions. It can be played at any time, any place, at the ease of your fingertips! There are a lot of applications that offer the crossword gameplay. Here we have enlisted the 10 best crossword apps for your android or ios device.


Top 10 Crossword Apps

#1 The New York Times Crossword

Developed and owned by the New York Times Company, this one is a standard classic. It gives the users a similar experience to that of the newspaper crosswords.

The game involves various levels of difficulty for you to choose from. It brings new puzzles daily. The game is completely free to play, however, there is an option of paid subscription with a few additional features.

The game is built to operate offline and does so beautifully.

#2 CodyCross

This little buddy here breaks the stereotype of crosswords. Instead of a black and white deadpan layout, CodyCross offers a highly interactive and fun interfacewhile maintaining the classic game of crosswords.

With over hundreds of levels to play in and a built-in hint system to help you out of gamers’ block, the game is a full package of fun and learning.

The game is also free to play, but as with other apps, it does include in-app purchases.

#3 Wordscapes


Another great innovation in the world of crosswords, Wordscapes has a game play different than the classic crossword rules.

Instead of hints and a grid, the game presents a set of letters and a grid. The catch is to form as many words as possible from the given letters and complete the grid.

The game has a pleasing display and sound integration. It does not actually compensate for the classic crosswords, but stands as a great advancement in the same.

#4 Crossword by AppyNation

In the list of the old style crosswords, this one is the next best. It enhances your grip over vocabulary and thinking stronger by having to offer more than hundreds of puzzles and thousands of clues to crack.

The game can be enjoyed offline and has a pretty simple interface. The best part about the game is its real time ranking system. It lets you compare your skills with the other players, making you more motivated to work on your present ones!

#5 Cryptic Crossword

Another standard crossword app is the Cryptic Crossword from Teasel labs.

It is a very popular choice among the crossword fans and has a pretty unique set of features to offer. Greying out completed clues and jump letters being a few of them.

The app has over 300 different puzzles and hundreds of clues for you to crack. The simple yet creative game play layout of the application make it a worthy inclusion to the list of best crossword apps.

#6 Wordalot

If the clues are turning out to be very easy for you, Wordalot is the perfect game to go to!

Not just an innovation to, it is a revolution in the game of crosswords. It involves pictures as clues instead of statements or phrases which is sure to challenge your critical thinking too.

The game presently has thousands of different puzzles to play and of course unique clues every single time. What is more is that it has an option to customize the background as per your likings.

#7  Wordbrain

This one is a perfect combination of the two most powerful word games- crossword and word search. It is a very popular choice among android as well as ios users due to its creative game play.

The game involves a grid with letters and clues to certain words. The player cracks the hint and then swipes through the letters in the grid to mark the answer. 

The best part about the app is that it supports more than 15 languages and has more than 700 hundred levels.

#8 Redstone Games’ crossword puzzles

The next up in the list is a simple, offline and lightweight game to be played any time, anyplace.

The game offers a hint system to help you when you get stuck apart from the essential clues to the crossword. The app has to offer a fairly decent number of puzzles to play without having to pay.

The users may, however, at their option choose to get the paid version of the game.

#9 Picture Perfect Crossword

With concept much similar to that of Wordalot, Picture Perfect Crossword also presents clues in the form of pictures.

The players have to guess the word based on the image shown. This not only helps boost vocabulary but also enhances the imagination and creativity of the person.

The game is completely free to play and has various unique features like fresh and latest content, a hint system and facebook link to make your crossword experience even better.

#10 Clean Crossword

Clean Crossword is the game that is the closest to the actual pen and paper game.

It comes with a simple user interface, a simple clue system and a black and white layout. The only additional feature is that of hints. However, it is really necessary to help you out of unmanageable situations.


Out of all the available apps, the abovementioned are a great choice. Some of the apps are a classic rendition of crosswords while the others offer a creative alternative or innovation to the game.

Most apps are free, but some ask for a subscription in exchange for additional features. Every app is, however, a great chance to boost your vocabulary skills.


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