Top 10 Best Countdown Apps For Android And iOS

Take a moment and think about countdown timers. Perhaps you use them when you put something in the oven, workout, or have an event (20 days until the New Year!). You must have used the countdown at some time. The Countdown is an arrangement of backward counting to show the time remaining before an event is organized to occur.

Countdown gives you the skill of how to manage time. It also motivates you to produce general desire or willingness of something to do.  Countdown generates a sense of urgency in you. With Countdowns, you see exactly how much time did you have left to complete your duty or endeavor. Thus, you will waste less time on social media, scrolling the internet, talking to girls, etc. because you feel the requirement to get that particular work or task done on time. 

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As an example, you need to send out a gift to your sister by 7 PM for her birthday. You probably wrote down or put in your to-do list, ‘Send gifts to sister by 7 PM on December 10’. As the days pass, you keep in mind December 10 and you send gifts to your beloved sister.

By the way, there are so many types of Countdown application are available in the market. But in this article, we have sorted out ten best countdown applications for both iOS and Android operating systems.


10 Best Countdown Apps

Dreamdays Countdown Free

DreamdaysWith this app, you could arrange through your countdown events by category and time. You would be able to customize each countdown happening with your particular background, record voice calendar that would reflect your affection beyond words.

There are so many functions that are available in this countdown application. You would get the widget in the notification center. This application has redesigned the home screen with more clarity on events. it has six default countdown categories like anniversary/ birthday/ holiday/ life/ school/ and trip.

You could also buy new wallpapers, themes with this app. After subscription, you will be free from advertisements.

Countdown Star

Countdown star

Now come to our next countdown application Countdown Star. This app allows you to countdown to birthdays, holidays, an upcoming vacation, festivals, a wedding, the New Year, parties, sporting events, concerts, and more.

Countdown provides you many features like customizing each event with your wallpaper or photo, showing your events in today’s widget, and much more.

You could also remove all advertisements after taking a subscription to this app. In this application, you will also get many themes and wallpapers after taking a subscription.



This countdown application is one of the most feature-filled apps developed by famous software company Sevenlogics, Inc. You would also get lots of variety in themes and wallpapers. You could countdown to your upcoming events, your upcoming vacations, your anniversary, and more.

You could adjust the Countdown display wherever you want. Fit your personal music for each countdown. This app also works in portrait and landscape mode. You would get lots of variety in frames and filters for the background photos. You could customize fonts like changing colors, changing styles, and many things.

Big Days – Events Countdown


Now come to our next precious countdown application. In both iOS and Android, you would get a good rating of this countdown app. This is a voguish and lightweight app to remember and track your events easily and quickly. You can search for photos of events in the search bar and use them too.

You would know the days remaining, days elapsed before and after the events. Create a customizable notification for each event. Choose your preferable fonts style. Drag the countdown display wherever you want. This app allows you to pick some favorite events for a special reminder.

Countdown+ Calendar (Lite)


This application allows you to Countdown to events, birthday, concert, holidays, and many more. You would also get some special features like an auto-reminder, countdown calendar planner, holiday calendar, Facebook events countdown, and many more.

Make countdown timers to unlimited numbers of events. You will get social capability with this application. The most amazing thing about this app is customization. You can drag countdown widget wherever you want. You could also purchase some great themes and wallpapers in this app. 

Days Matter – Countdown Event


Now our next countdown app is Days Matter developed by Clover Team. This application supports various widgets. This app would tell you daily that what happened in history today. The unique thing about this app is that you could also use the lunar calendar as well.

This countdown application comes with passcode protection that would provide you better protection with cyber scams. It also supports various kinds of widgets. This app has lots of themes and wallpapers that you can purchase at a reasonable price.

Ready Set Holiday!

Readyset Vaction

This countdown application is very colorful. You will get a colorful and beautiful interface. Ready set holiday is congested with countdown features as well as it would guide you in traveling. AI of this application will automatically tell you how long until you should be ready for your trip, office, and all other work. 

It has a list of cool hotels to reserve a room for your vacations. It will remind you to don’t forget a thing with the combined travel checklist. There are some other features like changing background photos, a reminder for completing your work on time.

Countdown by

countdown timeand date

Now, this app is developed by, which is very famous in software development. So the features of this application are countdown with fun and festive, fun themes, user-friendly, and many more.

You can count up, and count down from any point in time. You would also be able to remove the advertisement and use your own photo. After installation, you would find it very great. This company has more than a decade of experience as a precise and authentic provider of time and date related information worldwide.

Big Days of Our Life Countdown


This app is one of the most rated apps in the countdown apps category. The features of this app are what makes this app special. It is super easy to use. There are many hilarious features like setting your photo for the background image, drag the countdown widget wherever you want, setting your countdown to repeat, and many things.

Add as many countdowns you want holidays/ vacation/ exam/ goal/ appointment/ meeting and many things. You could also connect it to Facebook.  

Exam Countdown Lite

Exam countdown life

Now come to our next hilarious Countdown application. This countdown application is specially developed for the students by ROOT 38 LIMITED. In today’s time, everything has been connected to technology. With this app, you would be able to make a perfect exam countdown.

 You can add your exams and dates at a specific place. Give the code to your exams with colors. In this app, you can also take notes for exams.

After the subscription, the advertisement will block, new 400 color codes will open, and many things would be done.


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