Top 10 Best Games For Chrome Book

Chromebooks are the new category of the laptops that were introduced by Google in the year 2011 . Since then they have gained success as they are designed for their targeted users. They are built for those who use their laptop just for surfing the internet and preparing some documents, this does not need much computing power . Chromebooks offer their users the work they would like to do on their laptops at a lower price than the conventional laptops.

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When people ask whether there are any options to play games on the chrome book because they know that it is not built for this purpose. As chrome books do not have very powerful CPUs and dedicated graphics cards, very high end gaming is not possible. But this does not signify that this stops you from playing games on the chrome book. There are plenty of games developed for the Android devices which also made a room for development of games for the chrome books. Now some gaming titles that you like to play on your android devices are added to the list of google web stores and some are specially built.

So ,We have come up with some gaming titles that you like to play on your chrome book.


10 Best Chrome Book Games

ap1Asphalt 8: Airborne

The Asphalt racing game series is already an Android classic. In its eighth installment known as Airborne, it offers you a total of 290 licensed vehicles that you can drive on up to 75 different circuits. In addition, it allows you to run with both cars and motorcycles, and customize or improve them as you wish with thousands of accessories.

Asphalt 8: Airborne has a single-player mode, although where it shines is in its online multiplayer mode with up to 8 players. As if that weren’t enough, the game is constantly updated with events and new challenges, making it undoubtedly one of the best games for Chromebooks, especially if you want to compete online.


The pinOut is a classic pinball game but revamped with new mechanics, more eye-catching graphics, and great music. It is the combination between an infinite runner and pinball. Its controls are quite simple since the player only has to move the two paddles on the board. Of course, once you pass a phase, you will appear in another with new paddles so that you can continue to advance the ball.

In short, PinOut is a highly recommended arcade game to kill time on your Chromebook. It should be clarified that it is completely free (without ads), although it includes an optional payment to activate the option to continue from the control points when you lose and not from the beginning.


Some say that Roblox is an alternative to Minecraft, but it is much more than that. This game (or platform, rather) not only lets you create your worlds but also implements your game mechanics. For this reason, Roblox is considered a platform to create minigames. But the best thing about Roblox is that it allows you to play the immense number of games created by its user community.

In Roblox, you will find adventure games, horror, action, shooters, Battle Royale, online party games, and even Fall Guys. Plus, it’s fully keyboarding compatible, so you can enjoy all these free Roblox games comfortably on your Chromebook… what more do you want?

ap4Sonic the Hedgehog

And if you want to play an authentic retro game, Sonic the Hedgehog cannot be missing from your Chromebook. It is available for free on the Google Play Store and can be played perfectly using only the keyboard. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Sonic CD Classic can also be played for free and with a keyboard on Chromebooks, in case you’re looking for tons of hours of play. Of course, although these three classics are free in the Google Play Store, they include ads that can be removed with an optional payment.

ap5Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is one of those relaxing games that is overflowing with art, although in terms of gameplay it doesn’t offer anything new. You will control a character who must slide through many scenarios, avoid obstacles, do tricks, collect points and bonuses, etc. What makes Alto’s Odyssey truly special is the attention to detail on all levels, which are aesthetically beautiful and feature highly immersive sounds.

Its controls are simple, so you shouldn’t have a problem playing it on your Chromebook. Anyway, it’s free so you don’t lose anything by trying it.

ap6Fallout Shelter

Bethesda’s classic post-apocalyptic role-playing game franchise Fallout has an official mobile game called Fallout Shelter that can also be played on Chromebooks. This game, instead of an RPG, is a simulator where you will have to build and manage an underground shelter to protect yourself from a post-nuclear crisis and prosper. To do this, you will have to balance the need to produce resources with the requirements to keep everyone happy.

In our opinion, Fallout Shelter is best played on laptops, as the large screens make it easier to see everything. In addition, dragging and clicking with the Chromebook touchpad is easier and more precise than moving objects with your fingers on the mobile screen. In this case, the keyboard is only used when you need to enter text. So if you like these types of games, give Fallout Shelter a try.

ap7Mars game

Another simple, but very fun game that you can play on your Chromebook is Mars. In this game, your character is sent to Mars on a mission to explore this inhospitable planet. However, in reality, what you will have to do is go from one gas station to another without crashing on the way. Luckily, along the way, you will find improvements and power-ups that will make the game more enjoyable and fun.

Also, as you travel the planet and reach certain milestones, you will be able to unlock new playable characters with unique characteristics. One of the things we like the most about Mars is its beautiful aesthetic section and that in Chromebooks its controls are very comfortable.


The quake, once a technical marvel that revolutionized the industry, today looks a bit ugly. However, despite the years, the magic of this brutal first-person shooter is still intact. Don’t you believe us? Well, play it right now on your Chromebook. Yes, believe it or not, Quake is available for Chromebooks for free through a Chrome extension that you can install from the following link.

This fan-made version of Quake for Chrome OS includes all the good things you remember about this FPS, including its frenetic multiplayer mode. In addition, although it is played with a keyboard and mouse, it also has controller support.



Another excellent classic that you can play for free on your Chromebook through a Chrome extension is Spelunky. And no, we are not talking about the remake that was released for consoles but about the original game from 2008 that does not look so pretty. Still, the original Spelunky has all the mechanics that have made it one of the best platformers ever.

In case you don’t know it, Spelunky is a game where the levels are randomly generated and where you have to steal a legendary treasure. Along the way, you will have to overcome various obstacles and enemies, save damsels and even collect treasures. It’s Indiana Jones in indie play. It is very good and addictive, so give it a try.


ap10Destiny 2

Chromebooks are fully compatible with Stadia, Google’s streaming game service. This service is paid, but it allows you to play Destiny 2 without paying absolutely anything and without time limits. And don’t worry about the requirements, as the game is streaming, so it works on even the slowest Chromebook of all. Of course, you must play with an Internet connection of at least 10 MB speed.

The only difference between users who play Destiny 2 for payment and those who play it for free on Stadia is that the free version of the game plays at a maximum resolution of 1080p (you will not be able to play in 4K). Of course, it must be clarified that Destiny 2 is already a free game on PC and consoles. But with Google Stadia you don’t need to have a gaming or high-end Chromebook to play it.



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