Top 15 Best Chinese Apps Alternatives In 2023!

Nowadays data breach has become a major concern for users because many Chinese apps have been accused for data leakage and selling its data to third parties. 

When it comes to data security, people are now becoming aware and careful regarding their personal information and are becoming selective in terms of downloading apps.

And if you are one of those who are searching for Chinese Apps alternatives then you are at right place. We have sorted out ‘Top 15 Best Chinese alternative’ for apps that you use in your daily life.

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These apps will totally satisfy you with their work and will surely prove out to be better than their Chinese counterparts.

Moreover apps have now become an essential part of our life and without these applications we can’t even manage and schedule our day. 

So believing on correct app should be on top of one’s priority list while downloading any app because these apps could sell your data to inappropriate sites.

So let’s get started with ‘Top 15 Best Chinese Apps Alternatives’.   


15 Best Chinese Apps Alternatives

Google Chrome (Alternative to UC browser, DU browser)


Google Chrome is one of the best browsers and it proves out to be one of the best alternatives to Chinese browsers. 

You get recommended things which you like and come in area of your interest. Searching becomes easier with this browser and more you use, more personalised it gets. 

Privacy remains its utmost priority so your personal information and data will never be leaked to third parties. Chrome allows you to voice search making it more feasible to use and allows you to sync with many other devices.

WhatsApp (Alternative to WeChat)


Then comes one of the most known chatting app WhatsApp which is completely free and helps you easily connect to your friends. 

You just need an internet connection (4G, 3G, 2G or Wi-Fi) and then you can message or call anybody completely free. 

WhatsApp allows you to make groups with your friends where you can chat with everybody at same time. 

This app never charges for international calls, so now you can connect with your international friends completely free. You can backup your data so that even if you install it in some other device, all your old messages and data will be restored.

Instagram Reels (Alternative to TikTok)


TikTok was one the most used short video sharing platform in the world but it failed to protect the data of its users and was accused of leaking data to Chinese government which resulted in ban of the app in India. 

But you don’t need to worry because Instagram has launched Reels where you can share videos up to 15 seconds with various filters. It’s like any other short video sharing app where you can see all trending Reels and make your one too.

Adobe Scan (Alternative to Camscanner)

Adobe Scan

Next comes Adobe Scan which helps you in scanning your photos and easily converts them into Pdf. 

This app allows you to scan everything from photos to documents with very few simple steps. 

It automatically detects borders, recognises OCR and scans image preciously without taking much time. Adobe Scan helps you in removing imperfections, edit or erase stains. 

Scan business cards, images or multipage documents and save them with just single tap. You can explore many other features by downloading it from play store/app store. 

OnlyFans Photos: HiddenVault (Alternative to Vault-Hide)

OnlyFans photos

When it comes to privacy, we don’t download app which doesn’t takes the privacy of its users as a major concern. 

This problem is now sorted by OnlyFans Photos because it provides its users some best features to hide their personal data. Now you can save your personal moments and memories in KeepSafe. 

It’s easy to use interface and beautiful design will help you to easily organise and view photos. This App assures that it do not access, store or save your data. It even can’t see your data. This way your data stays safe from getting leaked over the internet.

Proton App (Alternative to Turbo VPN)

Proton VPN

When it comes to VPN we are always concerned about our data leak, so we have come up with the safest VPN called Proton VPN. 

It’s one of the best alternative to Turbo VPN because it is encrypted with AES-256 and 4096 RSA which is safest in the world. 

This app doesn’t sell its users data to third parties and don’t even records your history. Provides 577 high speed servers from 44 different countries and could connect up-to 10 devices at the same time. 

So now you can access the inaccessible content and watch your favorite content without any hindrance.

Kinemaster (Alternative to Viva Video)


Kinemaster is a video editor app which gives you some best features to make and edit videos. 

It has some best tools to increase video qualities and correct images. Add special effects, stickers, filters and many other tools to enhance the video quality of your video. 

It allows you to speed control your videos, so now you can make time lapse and flaunt about your editing skills. 

With Kinemaster you can share your videos to YouTube and Facebook and show others your masterpiece. Unlock other fantastic features by subscribing into premium version of Kinemaster.    

Google News (Alternative to UC News)

Google News

One should always be updated with the news and happenings around the world and Google News will surely help you through this. 

It’s the best alternative to UC news and other Chinese news apps because it keeps you updated with things that matter you. 

Google News perfectly which news is relevant for you and suggests you top 5 stories of the day including national, local and International. You can select the area of your interest like fashion, sports and many more.

Candy Camera (Alternative to Beauty Plus)

Candy Camera

If you are selfie freak and looking for alternative to Chinese beautifying apps then Candy Camera is perfect for you. 

Candy Camera provides you a diverse range of filters and beautifying tools made specifically for taking selfies.

You just have to click photos using Candy Camera and it will make your skin look flawless. 

Just Right and left swipe to change filters and take a best shot of yours. You could even add trendy stickers to decorate your photos and make it look amazing. This app allows you to slim and trim your face in photos and could even make collage of many different grids and styles. 

Myntra (Alternative to SHEIN, Club factory and ROMWE)


Next comes the Myntra App which gives you best shopping options from Men’s cloth to women’s. 

Myntra proves out to be one of the best Chinese apps alternatives because of its amazing features and policies. 

You can buy all the amazing stuff you like of your favorite brand and your order will be delivered to your doorstep within few clicks. 

It is the biggest store where you can get jeans, shirts, jackets, jewelleries and many more things. It has secure payments and hassle free exchange or returns. You can explore features of Myntra by downloading it through play store/app store.           

Microsoft Look (Alternative to Mail Master)

Microsoft look

With Microsoft Look you can now manage and schedule your events and mails very feasibly. 

You could manage your messages and swipe to quickly schedule or to archive, delete messages. 

This app allows you to bring all other apps you like in outlook like Instagram, Facebook and many more. 

View and attach files directly from e-mails and dropbox without even downloading it making it cooler to use. For exploring its more features you can download it from app store/play store.

Hola (Alternative to WeMeet)


Hola is one of the best choices if you want to make new friends and meet new people every day. 

You can make new friends of any gender in no time with its easy to use interface. 

You don’t need to worry about language because it has real time language converters which will make it easy for you.

 Hola allows you to send and receive messages to your friends in no time. So if you are willing to make new friends then Hola is perfectly for you, which you can download from play store/app store. You can take its premium version to unlock more amazing features.

Google Duo (Alternative to Mi Video Call)

Google Duo

If you are looking for alternatives to Chinese video calling apps then Google Duo is one of the best options out there. 

It has best video calling quality and up to 12 people could talk at the same time with no buffer. 

This app allows you to send video messages to your friends and groups making it more fun to use. 

You could even react with amazing emojis to make your conversation more interactive. You can download this app from play store/app store.

Solid Explorer (Alternative to ES Explorer)

Solid Explorer

SD Master is one the most unique and amazing file manager for android and iOS users. 

It has built-in browser where you could view your files and many more. You could send files by e-mail, create directories and even manage it. 

This app also works as a Spanish dictionary which has more then 190,000 words. You could add words to your favorite list and learn them later.   

Record it!::Screen Recorder (Alternative to DU Recorder)

Record it

Next on our list is Record it which is one of the most preferred alternatives to Chinese DU recorder. 

You could now record your entire screen with just one tap. Now you could add commentary to your favorite recorded videos to enhance your recording. 

Trim your videos, add video filters, adjust video speed and could even change background colors and music. 

It has exporting features so now you could even share your recordings to YouTube easily with just few taps.


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