Top 10 Best Chatroulette Apps For iOS And Android!

In this tech driven world it is quite easy to connect with people. We can talk to people easily through audio & video calls and even through real time apps.

And not even these now days even if you don’t have network on your phone there are apps that can help you to connect with anyone easily.

But what if sometime you want to have conversation with people who are not in your social circle?

Do you have any option or you will still depend on the same old friend and relatives?

If you ask me then I will say yes it is quite possible. There are plenty of chatroulette apps available in the market that can allow you to talk with stranger easily.

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With these apps you can talk to anyone all across the world. And take advice from them in any mater without being in fear of judgement.

You can not only talk with them through messages but also can converse with them in real time through live video calls.

If you are like this idea of conversation then go through this information till the end.

Here, we have dodged out some of the best chatroulette apps for your smartphone that you can easily install and have fun.


10 Best Chatroulette Apps



Azar is one of the highly rated chatroulette apps that are specially designed only for iOS users.

This app allows you to talk and make friends with people from over 190 countries. It is widely popular among 80 million people worldwide.

With each swipe you can you meet new person. Along with this it has many features such as access to Azar community, protection of personal information, camera, video calling, notification and much more.

Besides this one of the best thing with the app is that it allow you to meet people based on your location.



Chatous is another app that allows meeting people of different interest and age at one place.

Using this app you can make connection worldwide with simple and rich user interface app.

Along with this you get many other options such as message exchange, photo & video sharing, audio messages, real time conversation and much more.

Besides this you can also experience the cross platform capability of chatous community. You can also share you tube video to the people with ease.

Unfortunately, this app is available only for iOS users.



Do you ever want to have conversation with your Facebook friends but n secret way? Then this app is the best you can ever have.

This app allows you to talk to your Facebook friends anonymously for 4 days.

But right after 4 days you and your friend’s identity will show up.

Besides this there are some other features such as initiation of conversation by rolling the dice, photo & video sharing, gender filter and much more.

You can also get notification when someone sent you a message.

Additionally, all your data and information get secured and safe. This app is only available for android users.



Cam is one of the best video chat apps for the people who want to connect with people all across the world.

This app enables you to discover, flirt and video chat with interesting people. You get 300 successful matched through this app.

And all the interaction is done on this app through the swipe feature only.

You can easily select preferred gender; have private & discreet conversations with the people.

And the best thong with the app is that your identity is always hidden. It also offers zero tolerance for abusive bullying and offensive behavior.

Fav Talk


If you want to talk the people who share the same interest as you have. Then this app is perfectly made for you.

With this app you can talk to people from Korea, Japan, China, US and many other countries.

You can easily choose other people with whom you want to converse.  Apart from this you can change profile photo, add nicknames and also share your interest.

Moreover, if you are learning foreigner language or want to learn it you can search people who can help you in language exchange.

You can also change the settings to allow or refuse other people searching you.

Strangers Chat

Strangers Chat

It is another handy app for the people who are craving for acquaintance. It is available only for android users.

With this app you can have conversation with anyone from all across the world.  You can chat either by setting filters or by not setting any filter.

Along with this it also give you many options such as live video chats, face to face chats, easy reporting of abusive and offensive behavior and much more.

Additionally, all chats are moderated which ensures a safe and secure environment.

Chat Star Messenger

Chat star

If you are looking for a rare anonymous chat app then this app perfectly fit in your criteria.

You can easily get this app on your smartphone and have conversation with people all across the world.

You can either make any new account or can chat through your Facebook account. Additionally, you can also add your profile picture and other information on this app.

Once your interest match with other person you get automatically connect to them.

Besides this we can also earn coin everyday by watching rewarded video. Luckily, this app is available for both iOS and Android users.

Random Chat

Random chat

Do want to make new friends and also want to meet them? Then you are at right place.

This app is simple cool yet interactive option to meet strangers.

Besides this we get some other features such as random people chat, fast chat rooms, random video call chat, amazing filters, and much more.

It also enables us to meet people from all across the world just on a single tap.

But there is one mandatory condition on the app that you have to be above 18 years of age to use this app.

Meet Me

Meet Me

Meet me is another app that helps you to find people who are nearby and share the same interest as you.

It is fun friendly and interactive user interface app. This app gives you access to meet 100+ million people from all across the world.

It is quite different app which allows you to talk people even with disclosed identity.

But the only restriction on the app is that it shows you people available only in your area. Luckily, this app is easily available for both iOS and Android users.



Do you want to meet people and have the random chats with them?

Then this is one of the best options to have on your smartphone. This app allows you to talk to people from 40 different countries.

Along with this it have many features such as free live video chat, text chat, 1 on 1 direct video call, gender and region selection and much more.

Not even this you can easily use this app by using 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, all your data is highly secure and safe on this app.  

It has more than 30 million registered users from 190 countries.


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