Top 14 Best Calculator Apps For iOS And Android

Struggling with your maths problems? Want to find out the answers to the tiresome physics expressions? Then fore sure you use the scientific calculators. 

But can you carry them everywhere you want, the answer is should be No? As you can not carry them in your pockets due to their bulkiness. They have that small black and white display that sometimes makes it harder to use them.

Smartphones can replace your regular calculators. They have the ability to solve complex mathematical expressions. What makes them even more useful are the apps. These apps provide more functionality to smartphones than a conventional calculator.

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Calculator apps have ready-to-use mathematical formulas built-in libraries. So, you don’t have to worry about writing them to find the answers. With the help of these apps, you can draw graphs, convert units, and find the solutions to the equations.

Here in this post, we try to find all the possible ways you need scientific calculator apps. We have come upon a list which is a mixture of scientific, graph plotter, and simple calculator. We also keep in mind that both of our iOS and Android friends can use these apps.


Best Calculator Apps

HiPER Scientific Calculatorap1

HiPER Scientific Calculator can do both simple and complicated calculations. This app was set up by a university setting to carry out these operations. 

This is similar to a traditional science calculator that plugs into your smartphone. This is a free app for Android users. It costs 1.99 euros to unlock additional features.

ap2MyScript Calculator

It is a striking calculator that is not as complicated and sophisticated as other apps. As it enables you to introduce the procedure by writing the mathematical terms.

 Either you can use ‘hand-in-hand’ with your finger or with a digital pen. The machine reads, transforms, and calculates the product of these terms.

ap3Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha created after 30+ years of development led by Stephan Wolfram. it uses the power of Wolfram intelligence to answers your questions. 

This computes answers from the vast collection of algorithms and data. So any numerical problem of maths or chemistry Wolfram Alpha is there to help you. You can get personal homework help on buying a yearly or monthly subscription.


Tydlig is a name that has little to do with calculators. Although, It is actually among the best and most curious calculator apps that we can find. 

Unlike others, its interface and input methods make it a very different option. As it is completely adapted to use through the touch screen. 

You can draw simple functions. It Makes you handle equations and generate results in a very attractive manner. These are the kind of things that many high school and high school students will appreciate.

ap5Calculator ++

Calculator ++ is an updated classic alternative to a calculator for modern devices. Calculator ++ has many of the characteristics of a standard calculator. 

Smartphone enables it with some extra features including the ability to draw functions. To configure the aesthetics and colors, different modes and themes are available.

ap6Math 42

Math 42 is one of the calculator apps that assist you in your maths homework. It’s a full forum for studying mathematics that, helps you to solve equations and problems. 

While also describing solutions step by step solutions. It also has a testing mode that tests the user’s ability to solve mathematical problems.

ap7RealCalc Plus

What if we made an interface that looked like a conventional science calculator? RealCalc Plus is an app whose interface is very like the calculators we used as students. 

It has all the features of the standard scientific calculator with enhanced capabilities. This provides a bonus to interact with something that we are familiar with within the real world.

ap8The Calculator 

One of the best calculator applications for iPhone and iPad is The Calculator. It’s also a well-known app that’s been available for a long time. Depending on your needs you can switch between scientific and basic mode. 

It also has over 70 different themes to choose from to make the calculator stand out. The app’s dark mode makes it an excellent option for those who like dark modes in their applications.


Calcularium is one of the best iPhone calculator applications in 2020. The app has over 18,000 reviews on the App Store, all of them are 5 stars. Its interface is basic which appeals to its users. 

But the most impressive aspect of the app contains a wealth of specialized features. That makes it a simple but effective calculator. It includes features like advance search inputs, unit, and currency converters, etc.


PCalc is one of the best iPhone calculator applications. This is a calculator for anybody who needs a calculator with advanced features. 

Developers, designers, surgeons, etc find its features helpful. Depending on your need. You can select from various modes such as Scientific, Basic, and others. It is a premium application that costs € 10.99 to buy.

ap11Calculator HD Pro Lite

Calculator HD Pro Lite is a feature-rich calculator. It has all the features you’d expect from a top-notch calculator. You can choose from a variety of layouts, including simple and science layouts. 

It also comes with ten fun themes that you can use to customize the appearance of your calculator. Calculator HD Pro Lite is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a full calculator app.

Calcbot 2ap12

Calcbot 2 is one of the best iPhone and iPad calculator applications. The application’s user interface, which is clean and tidy, is its standout feature. The buttons are color-coded according to their functions, making a pleasing visual experience. 

It assists you with measurements and has a converter that transforms more than 500 units. The app is free to download, although there are in-app transactions.

ap13Numerical 2

Numerical2 is one of the best iPhone calculator games. There are several positive aspects of this program, but the GUI was our favorite. Instead of limiting all screen functionality, it used sliders as the basic interface on a slide. 

It is one of the best calculator apps because of its innovative approach. It also comes with over 16 customizable themes that you can use to customize the look of the program. Furthermore, the Numerical 2 software is free of charge.

CALC Smartap14

CALC is a highly intelligent, multi-functional scientific calculator which makes doing maths like an art. 

CALC has basic and advanced calculation functions, unit converters, as well as a good interface. It keeps track of your time through a timer. 

You can easily access advanced math functions just by swiping left and right. To see the previous calculations you have to swipe up. To make look more aesthetic you can choose 6+ beautiful themes.


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