Top 10 Best Board Game Apps For Android & iOS

If you are game lover then you are on right place. In day to day life gaming app play a vital role in our routine. In our whole day we take out some hours to play game which is helpful in mental relaxation as well.

As we know playing heavy graphics game could lead to stress, hence playing light game using best board game apps with you loved ones could help in curing anxiety.

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In order to get just some peace from burden of work these gaming apps provide some relief and fruitful time.

The various board games are based on calculation, quiz, general knowledge. While playing these type of games soothes the mood and increase the ability of think and calculate.


10 Best Board Game Apps

Real Carom

Real carrom

Real carom is great board game with good rating and excellent reviews. This app is available for both android and iOS users for free. This app is developed by Next wave multimedia. 

It would allow you to play on online or offline mode. Eventually you could play with three levels difficulties like easy, medium or hard.

This board game comes with some extra features like play with multiplayer, locals or family members. And also it provide access to play with two play mode like black or white and freestyle.

This app is available in four gaming mode with the variety or collection of broad which attracts the user. king is a great broad game with millions of rating. This app support both android and iOS for free. This game is based on dice rule.

According to this app you could enjoy this app by playing with three different modes and three rules of dice. It grant access to play on online or offline mode with multiplayer or friends.

To win this game you have to arrive first 100 step otherwise you will lose. This app is full of fun and entertainment and could be used as Party Game apps.

Chess Game


This app is most popular board game app. It is developed by chess .com for both android and iOS. This app would allow you to play with friends on both mode online and offline for free.

If you want to improve your performance they provide you practice video and also thousands of attractive broad theme with 3D chess piece.

Additionally this app has some unique and attractive features like play with computer opponent or with friend on online mode using which you can from anywhere at any time, thousands of tournament with high resolution graphics.

Domino Board Game


Domino board game is also most popular app with excellent features. It is generated by Fiogonia limited and also it is free app for users.

While entering in the app first page looks amazing and attractive with excellent graphics. It has three classic mode with some special features that supports excellent animation and performance.

This app is based on reasoning and logical thinking. It include 28 domino with rectangular broad with two square. You have to collect points to win this game.

It would allow you to play with friends or family member with both online or offline mode.

Rento Board App


Rento is also a great board game with amazing ratings. This app supports both android and iOS device. It is a business dice game with amazing theme broad and audio quality.

It would allow you to play with 2 to 6 player supporting both online or offline mode. 

These app provide extra features like you could select the difficulty level, change the dice color or design according to the user with the facility of language setup.

You could play with 4 mode like solo, multiplayer, online pass n pass and Bluetooth multiplayer.

AI Factory Limited

Al factory

AI factory limited is a developer in which they provide access to multiple app for board games. 

Generally they developed apps then provide access to download and enjoy with excellent features. It is top rated developer with excellent app and top reviews.

AI factory limited is the owner of the apps like Sudoku free, Euchre, Chess free, Go free. These all apps are extremely user friendly and are quite famous as family game apps.

The Apps collection here will surely remind of your childhood days. These games are easy to play and any one can play it without expert will.



Parchis is one of the most famous and best online board game app. This app is a multiplayer gaming app in which you could connect with your friend or family member.

In this app dice plays a vital role. It allows you to play with different mode and win reward also. While playing online it would allow to play and chat.

Play in lair, turbo, private mode.



Mancala is also most popular board game with beautiful broad and amazing audio quality. 

This app support both android and iOS for free. It is divided in three category like Basic, rules, strategy.

There are three difficulties easy, medium and hard. This app would allow you to play solo, friend or family member with the using of internet also

If you win you will get reward so that you can open some amazing features like special broad, theme.



Armello is the excellent board game with millions of review and downloads. It is a type of adventure or fighting game with the opponent player online. 

The excellent graphics and audio quality of this game will give some best gaming experience. 

It has an amazing dynamic world which generates new map in every game and gives you a thrilling gaming experience. 

This board game has world class soundtrack by Michael Allen and internationally known artist Lisa Gerrard. One must take complex and thoughtful decisions to master this game.

Catan Universe


Next comes the Catan Universe which is one of the most interesting board games. It is also a type of Building Game

In this game you are one of the explorers who have landed on island named Catan and along with you other explorers have also landed on Catan. 

Now the race to settle Catan has begun and you have to compete other explorers around the world. Build roads, buildings and convert island into a developed island and become the Lord of the Catan World. 

You can chat with other players, make new friends and discover many more new features by downloading the game.  


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