Top 10 Best Bill Reminder Apps For Android & iOS

Have you ever been in situation when you get out of time and come to know about your pending bills? So to save the end time trouble there is tons of Bill Reminder apps that help you to keep a track on your bills. 

Bill reminder apps give you an insight that how you can keep your bills and multiple account detail just on your finger tips and you can access it from anywhere and that too without paying any extra charges for the app. 

And you can even keep the count of your daily expenses that will help in reduction of useless expenditure.

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And we can customise our dates & accounts according to our need and also we can add the account of our family members and friends who can co-operate you on monthly or yearly budget. 

And along with this these app give incentive and rewards on all linked accounts and give security to all the sensitive information through the pin and make your life a little easier. We have listed some apps for you than you can easily access on your phone with just one tap.

Mobile Budget

Mobile Budget

It is one of the highly rated bill reminder app. This app help you to keep a check on all your credit card bills, expanses, budget and financial goal in one go. 

And this app give you a customise feature for your graph and reports that you can even export and import anywhere.

Besides these the most intriguing feature is cloud synchronization so that you don’t have to worry about network cause you can access it offline too. And moreover you can get all the feature of the app without paying for any premium subscription.

Bill Manager And ReminderBills Manager

Bill manager app is fast and easy app to use. It helps you keeping a clean design of all your bills to avoid late fees. 

And for this you don’t even have to register all your information will be stored in your phone and you can access it manually any time. 

This app has many striking feature like reminding alerts as per you choice, autopay option, status of paid, past due and upcoming bills and monthly yearly chart which can make your bill paying process just a cake walk.

Money Lover

Money Lover

Money lover is an app that is enough to fulfil all your criteria of finances. 

Along with working as a money manager, budget planner and giving financial reports this app also give you a feature of debt and loan tracker.

You can manage your credit wallet and you can even share it with people in your network. And one of its best feature is currency exchange and it support multi-currency exchange so that you can make your transaction in different continents.

And this app give backup and restore option and synchronisation between different devices in case you lose  your data. Isn’t it amazing to have it all in one click.



It is one of the smartest free and easy to use app. This app helps you to keep all your money at one place and manage all the budget, money transfer, investments on one screen and for this you don’t need to require a credit card registration. 

You can even keep a count of your credit score and net worth to know where you can do reduction in your expenditure and save more. 

And it also save you from late fee of paying bills and all your data is always highly secured that you can always access easily on your smartphone with one click.



More than being a budgeting and financing app Wallet app give you a clear insight of all your personal expenses and help you to keep a control on all the worthless expenditure. 

This app gives you feature of automatic bank updates and flexible budget and you can even enter all your data manually from many sources. 

It also give you the option of connecting your account with your family and friends who can cooperate you with all the financial report at one place. And beside these you get loyalty and rewards points  on all the transaction .



This is also an efficient and user friendly app to keep your financial health at the top. This app helps you to synchronise the data from different places to one platform. 

You just have to make a record of list once and every time you do transaction you just have to add amount.

And you can customize or make default categories as per your need. It also allows you to use multiple accounts at one app that you can secure with password.



Evernote app gives you another enriching learning experience on how to plan, organise and make a checklist of all the things that held most important place in life. 

From making notes, memos,   planner, keeping picture, video, audio and PDF files it gives you the option of synchronizing your works and ideas across any device. 

In short this app gives you the place where you can put anything and make a use of everything.

Monthly Bill Planner

Monthly Planner

It is a easy to interact app that help you to  keep a check on your bill payment days. 

This app automatically track your bills ,dates and send your reminder  and you can even pay on the same day of bill payment that too free. 

It creates graphs and reports to make it easy for you to understand your finances. And it also gives you the option of choosing different account for payment that too with all the security encryption.

Spending Tracker

Spending Tracker

Spending tracker is a simple and easily accessed user interface app that helps to you to keep an eye on your expense so that you can stick to your planned budget and save more. 

This app allows you to choose multiple accounts and make a summary report of all the transactions to make you understand the areas where you can save more money.

 Besides these all your data and reports always get secured with encryption that you can backup and restore whenever you want



This app is a popular one which helps you to keep a track of all your account and budget at one place with ease. 

With this app you can add your multiple accounts on one click and in seconds you can add all your expenses too. It help you to limit your transaction even during holidays and special events so that you can always stick to your budget.

This app also give you the option of sharing your wallet with people in your network .In short this app is for everyone who want a comprehensive budget planner.


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