Top 10 Best Auto-tune Apps For Android and iOS

With so many people turning confident enough to showcase their talent on the internet, there is no scarcity of apps that help you polish your skills even better like autotune apps. For those friends of mine who wish to sing, but do not feel very positive about the tone, texture, or vibe of their own voice, I’m here to help!

Autotune not only smoothens your voice but enhances it in a manner that it sounds completely professional, without using any tools or technical softwares.

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It might be trendy and common, but each voice is different and each voice deserves to be acknowledged. Singing is not everyone’s specialty so for this multitude who wants to give it a shot even though you don’t have that gift yet, we present to you some apps that might help you to acknowledge your talent to the public as probably your bathroom walls are bored of it.


Best Auto-tune Apps


As the name suggests, the app is the easiest way to become a star!

While the talented folks might earn their fame singing raw, for enthusiasts like us the Auto-Tune feature in the app is a holy grail. It lets you sing normally with the music and your chosen song from a variety. You can sing , record and also share your records on social media platforms like twitter, facebook . The app also lets you purchase new cantos also adds to its features list. Potential Singers sing entertaining the ears of the listeners making them ‘Stars’.


Second in our list is the renowned app , Smule. It allows you to sing together with your friends irrespective of their distance. This app also offers you to sing with famous artists all over the globe. And as for the betterment of your voice? This is where the Auto-Tune feature enters the game but this is not the best part. The best part is it lets the Auto-Tune kick in automatically in order to make your vocals sound the best and the smoothest. All this popularity is well-deserved if we keep the long list of effects it has in consideration.

Tune Me

This app is beneficial for a lot of aspiring singers who wouldn’t want to invest into their hobby and own an android, them being a lot in number (writer crying in broke).

With Tune Me, you no longer have to worry about the quality of your voice, the availability of music or even the cost of production! This app lets you record , share and auto-tune all in one. You can also share your past masterpieces with your audience. One of its many unique feature includes letting you set your creations as your ringtone too.


This application tends to offer voice changing effects along with various other features like voice recording, sharing your best ones in mp3 format and letting you add unique sound effects like-robotic, chipmunk-y and also heavier voices like that of a lady or a man. You can also set your mp3 recording as a ringtone or notification tune among all these auto-tune tops the list of effects. This app is also available for only android users.


MICDROID offers you the facility to record and share your own mp3. As we are talking about potential singers , you all would be happy to know that it does the auto-tuning itself , this feature makes the process less complex and at the same time you can also reproduce or duplicate the pitch corrections that are automatically done. This application is offered for android users. Just record ,  add your desired affects and you’ll be done in absolutely no time with all these automatic features that this app has to offer.

Learn To Sing


This app is kind of different from all in the list as it is NOT an auto-tuning app instead it will help you learn some exercises and better you at your vocals in order for you to attain the perfection. It may sound lame but users have claimed that it had a good influence in their success journey. All The eminent music personalities must have this one in their device. Sorry for the IOS users , this one is for android only. And I believe Teaching your way to success would be better than attaining success directly.


This app consists of an online automatic mode through which you can use effects , you can adjust its intonations which will help in the fast processing and playback of your mp3 , as well as record and share your vocal creations. Features of this app might be less in number but the function and aim of this application  is quite unique and hard to find in this fake  internet era which makes this app one of its kind for auto-tune as well as some rare features

Voice Synth

This application is popular because of its built-in auto-pitch technology. From pitch shifting to sound design and voice delay this app consists of a wide variety of functions making it interesting  and at the same time the automatic functions saving time of the future pop star. This app is also popular among DJs as it offers all kinds of pitch edits which are hard to do on normal editing platforms , but its auto-pitch technology makes this application stand out among all other auto-tuning platforms. People interested in pop can install the app. It is available only for IOS users.

The Voice

Who hasn’t heard of the famous show ‘The Voice’? Well, this app was created as an addition to the show. In the application , you can choose from a wide variety of songs and start performing like you are on a stage , here you might pause me to say  , ‘Where’s the auto-tune?’ this app has an embedded or you can say in-build auto-tune system. To give realistic effects they have added judges with their backs turned at you and if you sing good enough the judges turn their chair around just like in the show. This method of letting a contestant know his judgement has attracted a lot of aspiring ones.

Rapchat: Social Rap Maker

This would be tough for introverts I’d say  , as this application includes socialising. Yes, you can socialise with people all over the globe. You can compose raps and songs and discover a lot of styles that match you and also auto-tune your recordings amongst the other wonderful effects and filters for an awesome outcome for all the aspiring singers who are waiting for their voices to be acknowledged. This app is an interesting blend of styles and effects as it offers both of them in equal proportion yet each one unique in its own way!

To conclude, I would say Your voice matters, its quality also matters but less than the former  So if you are using any of the applications mentioned above be proud that you are making a try to make yourself heard even if you are not the best at it , that try means everything. After all, talent is rising  with the rising population it is hard to be noticed and gifted at the same time. These auto-tune applications might help you through your way as it is definitely a long one but- “ Things are more enjoyed in the course of attainment than attainment itself” – William Shakespeare.


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