Top 10 Best Anime Apps For Android & iOS

There are many ways of entertainment nowadays, some do gaming, some pursue their hobbies and some watch shows and web series. If you are one of those guys who love watch Anime and Japanese shows then we have brought you the Best Anime Apps.

It sucks when you are not able to watch your favourite Anime shows because you have to pay hefty amounts to the streaming platform and you feel left out when everyone in your friends circle have watched it but you have not.

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Japanese anime are getting quite popular in US and Europe, and everyone wants to watch the latest episodes but due to non-availability of episodes in their country and non-availability of English subtitles, people miss out on new episodes. 

Keeping this in mind we have sorted out some best Anime streaming apps which will provide with exclusive anime with English subtitles within a week of its broadcast in Japan.

Nowadays watching new anime is not very difficult task, you can download anime from various websites but many websites proves out to be fake and not working. 

So I have mentioned you top 10 best Anime apps which will surely help you in discovering your favourites Anime


10 Best Anime Apps



With Crunchyroll you can watch the Japan’s most famous anime, from Dr Stone to Abandoned Sacred Beasts. 

This Anime app allows you to watch all latest anime and brings you new content every week. 

You can buy premium subscription and enjoy latest anime without any buffer, Ads, and new episodes within one hour after airing in Japan. 

It has best Chrome cast experience to make your anime watching more fun and amazing. Browsing and searching engine is also greatly optimised according to your interest and its constant updates keeps it bugs free.



If you are anime lover then this app can be your dream destination because it provides you wide varieties of watching options with fewer Ads. 

You can explore many things, from Korean anime to reality shows with buffer free experience. 

App constantly updates itself, so you regularly get new content to watch every week and it has commercials, so you get everything free without even paying single penny. 

There is always something for you from drama to comedy, comedy to kids and from kids to Korean or British dramas. You can even sync your account to Xbox, Apple TV and other devices.  



Funimation gives you variety of Japanese anime with English subtitles and thousands of other anime with their respective subtitles. 

You can download your favourite anime and watch it offline anytime later. You can watch various anime without any irritating commercial interruptions. 

Watch new Japanese anime within two weeks of its broadcast in Japan with English subtitles. You can also buy its premium subscription after 14 days free trial.

You can also add your favourite anime to favourite’s and also give forward or backward increment of 10 second by tapping on the screen

Anime & Manga

Anime manga

Anime & Manga is one of the most popular app among anime super fans and it is also one of the most growing mobile network. 

This anime streaming app allows you to explore more anime enthusiast like you. 

Get united with Manga, cosplay, otaku and anime fans from around the world and enter a new world of anime enthusiast.

You can discover other people and friends, and their anime interests and ideas. You can also answer and discuss other anime your favourite anime scenes, character and episodes. You can buy premium subscription for better experience and more fun.



Next comes the Hulu which is a great anime streaming app with some jaw dropping features. You can stream movies, discover new shows and many more great things. 

Get smooth TV experience and personalised recommendations every time you watch new series. You don’t have to pay any rental fees or installation appointments Hulu. 

You can buy different plans like Hulu with Ads or no Ads and also you can stream over 85000 of shows without any buffer and great experience.



VRV is one of the amazing streaming service out there on App store and Play store which is compatible on both android and iOS devices. 

You can watch your favourite shows and movies for which you had to pay a handsome amount of money on other streaming platforms. 

You can buy a premium subscription for Ad free experience and offline viewing on your device.

Anime Lab

Anime lab

Next comes the Anime Lab which allows you to watch thousands of your favorite’s animes free. You can watch free like Dragon Ball Super, Fairy Tale, One punch man and many more.

You will get free Japanese subtitles and English subtitles for premium subscription. You can also save it for later and resume it anytime you want. 

You can stream on big screens through Chromecast or Airplay. This app is compatible on android and iOS devices.



Next on our list is Wakanim which is compatible on both android and iOS devices and gives you best anime watching experience. 

Watch your favorite animes in HD and receive notifications whenever a new episode is uploaded. You can even create your watch list and access it anytime anywhere you want, you can even access Wakanim news. 

This anime app allows you to download your favorite apps and watch anime offline whenever you want. This app also allows you to access to your calendar so that you can keep a watch on new episodes.



Next is another amazing anime streaming app which will surely give you best anime watching experience. You will get awesome Japanese content directly into your phone without any buffer problem. 

You can get HiDive subscription which will surely provide you some amazing features like Ad free streaming, English subtitles, Simulcasts and many more fun features. You can download your favorite episodes and watch them later whenever you want. 



Kitsu comes with some really good features which will surely prove out to be great for anime enthusiasts. This app is compatible on both android and iOS devices. 

You will get exclusive content directly on your phone without even paying a single penny. You can find new animes by browsing them and can keep a track of episodes you have watched. 

You can check the updates and reactions of the animes from the community. Moreover it provides you advanced filters so that you can always discover new amazing series and animes. 


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