Top 10 Best 3D Camera Apps For Android And iOS

Our mobiles take better photos, but you might already be tired of ordinary photos, you need something new. Did you know that you can take 3D and 360º Photos with your mobile ? As you see fit and also, without accessories, just with these useful applications that we leave you below.

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All of the apps on this list are free, but need a bit of practice for best results. The first shots you take are probably not as spectacular as you would like, but little by little you will be able to take pictures that will drive anyone who shows them crazy.


Best 3D Camera Apps

LucidPix 3D Photo Creator

An intuitive interface application that will allow you to give depth and movement to your photos

To do this, the subject will have to remain still, while the photographer will have to move a few steps sideways to achieve a brutal depth effect. 

The 3D effect can be as extreme as you want – the more you move when taking the photo, the deeper everything will be.

Google Street View

Google Street ViewDesigned for interior 360 ° tours, Google street view allows you to capture everything around you and combine it . 

Along with all these features , Google street view also allow an individual to create photo spheres to add your own street view experience.

In addition, it has the detection of annoying objects to create the route and the lights, to automatically correct the scenes and that the result is brutal.


As in the previous app, it has smart detection of objects and lights that might dam age the end result. 

It’s meant indoors and outdoors, but “only” creates aspherical image of a place, not a path as such. 

Either way, it will serve to capture everything around us in a simple way.


ZeotropicWith zoetropic you can do virtually anything you want in 360º and 3D photos. In this case, the 360 ° photography is not of what surrounds us like a sphere, but of a specific object, capturing it from all angles . 

Some social options are also implemented in this application , just to allow an individual to store and share the photos and videos to his/her family and friends with the help of different social networks like Facebook, Instagram , WhatsApp etc.

On 3D photos, you can also take them with the front camera, with a small movement of the mobile and share the results in the form of a GIF.


Selfie360Selfie360 is one of the easiest applications to use to obtain 3D photographs. 

We only have to point the object or the scene that we want to capture, move horizontally a few centimeters and we will have a result with a incredible depth that we can see without the need for 3D glasses.

This application uses a unique technology to empower you to capture 3D animation selfie and photos on your smartphones. It provides you a variety of options to utilize your selfie and photos in many other different forms and styles.

The best thing about this app is the ability to sync two mobiles as well as 3D video recording as shown in the demo video of this app

Panorama 360 Camera

Believe it or not, there is a business behind 360 ° photos and with Panorama 360 Camera you can only enjoy it with your mobile. 

You can capture everything around you in a single spherical photograph so that you can view it at any time thanks to the accelerometer of your mobile and if you are lucky you can sell it and make some money with it.

DMD Panorama

A 360º camera application that will also serve as a gallery to appreciate and classify them. 

Its use is totally focused on 360 ° sphere type photographs and you can capture memories from a unique angle. 

It also has a section similar to a social network , in which we can follow other users to see their creations and vice versa.


Make it 3DThis is an alternative that we haven’t found inside Google Play and App Store as well , but have already told you how to download it before. 

It provides you a wide variety of 3D modes  as half color , grey , color, cross eye , side by side, wiggle , optimized anaglyph and many more.

There are many more other feature provided by this app so that it allow you to combine your photos and change them into a 3D wiew.

Anyway, in the Celsoazevedo forum you will find all its versions. The advantage of the Makeit3D, beyond its photographic capabilities, is that it allows us to use the “Photo Sphere” mode to take 3D photos of everything around us and be able to view them from Google Photos.


LoopsieThis is possibly one of the oldest 3D camera apps that we have on App Store, and what interests us the most (it works very similar to the previous ones) is that we can configure our 3D Photos as animated wallpaper will change when we move our phone from one side to the other.

This app is a free camera app and one can also use it by the means of remote control so that he/she can be able to record videos and photos and these can be stored in your smartphones as a memory.


BestieWith a slightly different twist, we have bestie camera app. 

With it we will take a normal photo, but automatically it will crop our body and we will be able to place ourselves in a series of 3D photographs of the application. 

This app is quite easy to use as it allows an individual to just slide left and right to change the filters and up the down to adjust the brightness.

It is highly customizable which helps you to make your photos stand out from the crowd.

For example, even though we are in 2D, we will appear above some elements of the photo, but behind others, as if we had really been there, anywhere.


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