Best Bass Booster Apps For Android In 2023 !!

With the evolution of technologies over the decade, people now have access to more resources and even to those which were once considered limited to home and professional devices. Smartphones or a laptop now are completely more than a chatting application centre.

Out of many apps, the one which we are going to talk about is the sound equaliser that provides limitless enjoyment of music with better quality to its users, the plus point being it allows great edits in far simpler and practical ways.

Bass Booster apps are reasonably obvious. To be more precise, it incorporates a particular band equaliser, ten equalisers pre-sets, and a bass supporter. Individual developers affirm that it should work with the most utmost music VCR, video players, and FM tuner.

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The solitary main concern is that some applications may close sometimes when left in the background and seldom it doesn’t constantly operate.

Want to strengthen, boost the amplification of your phone? Aren’t you going to search in Google Play for the same? You will have dozens of results, applications, with identical alias, very useful discussions, and numerous downloads.

The predicament will be to make them operate accurately and be content with the new loudness obtained by your android device. With the following, we have these equalizer apps that we will talk about in brief.


Top Bass Booster Apps for Android:


Neutralizer is a specifically designed application whose recess is sound rehabilitation as reversed back to sound twist. The vibrating user interface may be not-so-well for some people but it’s extremely easy and convenient to use, even for beginners.

The main focus of Neutralizer is on sound equalization and transparency. It isn’t an equalizer in a conventional sense but it allows you to fine-tune the audio of your speaker so it can resemble your necessities.

We suggest it as a great app for those who are hearing weakened. It works best on full bandwidth speakers and headphones. This application is a must to iron out any distortions in audio. For those of y’all concerned with your perception.

Music Volume EQ

Music Volume EQ furnishes you with a live three-dimensional virtualizer, which is something that the greatest music equalization and bass supporter apps fail to offer.

On top of implementing a clean but very interactive user interface, it likewise allows users to choose between two themes; standard and material. It has media audio control and five-band equalization. It also offers a stereo UV led meter that can be viewed from its home screen widget.

The application attempts to give users not just expertise in sound but a visual one too. To achieve this, it also arrives with vivid wallpapers. On top of that, it is free and that’s why this equalizer application justifies your attention and your device’s memory.

Equalizer and Bass Booster

Equalizer and Bass Booster- one of the most famous equalizer apps out momentarily. It’s not hard to see why it found its way on this list, considering a great rating of 4.5 stars on Google Play with thousands of downloads.

This app has an interactive near-user interface with a corporeality design. Nevertheless, this application isn’t just a pretty face. It offers users a five-band equalizer, bass boost effects, virtualization, stereo LED UV meter, and 10 equalizer presets.


“Equalizer” is added equalizer and bass promoter Android application with a very naive handle. It appears with a “home” widget that is theme-able which suggests that the user may download coats for it.

When it comes to the interface of this application, this app finds a balance between tangible and simplified options. The app is added with eleven stock presets, notification shortcuts, a bass booster, and a virtualizer.

Equalizer blends with your in-stock music play but it also underpins music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify. Moreover, not only does it come with equalization presets, but it also happens to come with reverb presets. Its users can also add their own custom presets.

Music Sound EQ- Bass Booster

Music Sound EQ- Bass Booster gives the users a tangible interactive form. Utilizing this application offers you feel like a real-life Sound Engineer with its slides, nobs, and LEDs.

This app also originates with a five-band equalizer, bass promoter, and a volume turbulence enhancer. Moreover, it provides you with ten presets that all perform according to the style.

The users can set their custom presets as well. It also attains a useful music player authority where you can pause, play, fast forward, bound your tunes.

Equalizer FX

Equalizer FX is classified into three main parts: Equalizer, Effects, and Profiles. Equalizer FX provides the user with a fresh, transparent interface. Because of its mild user interface configuration, it has a profound learning arch.

Also, it arises with a widget that executes it easier for users to configure quality on the fly. It turns on and off automatically as promptly as the music begins or ends. The utilization is not confined to just music players, it also works with a plethora of streaming and radio services.

It originates with 12 presets but it also provides you to create your own. The best part of the app is that it proposes you conventional features like equalization, bass boosting, sound virtualization, and loudness enhancement.

I extremely suggest you download this bass booster equalizer app for your Android device.

Equalizer – Bass Booster & Volume EQ & Virtualizer

Equalizer — Bass Booster & Volume EQ & Virtualizer is a different application with a very modest name that tells you precisely what it does. It has a simplistic yet aesthetically delightful interface. It’s straightforward to practice. It appears with ten presets but you are not limited to them. You can update or eliminate these presets as well as generate your personal. It begins with a five-band equalizer, bass promoter, loudness enhancer, visualizer influence, virtualization, and a switch that allows you to empower and incapacitate sound effects. Additionally, this application offers all of this and it is free and that is why Equalizer – Bass Boost is worth your time, the download.

Music Equalizer – Bass Booster & Volume Booster

Music Equalizer – Bass Booster & Volume Booster comes with up to fifteen themes in picturesque material designs. It additionally comes with a bass supporter that’s readjusted for your headphones and speakers.

It’s a simple yet effective application built by the developers. It produces normalization, stereo surround sound effects, and a five-band equalization mechanism. The equalizer also comes with ten presets. 


With this, we conclude our list!
It’s all up to you to partner your Android device with the right and the best-in-class booster app for more fun with music and sounds.

Despite the best quality apps we suggested, and whatever as a user your choice may be, there’s still and always a risk of damaging your hearing, headphones, or phone speakers if the volume is too high for long periods.


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