Top 10 Best Auto Clicker Apps For Android and iOS

Technology has challenged our normal lives. It has made us use apps that we never even thought existed!

One such wonder is the automatic clicker algorithm. It makes numerous clicks at specified points, and is usually way faster than the human speed. Gaming, video shooting or automated texting- every task is easy to repeat with the use of auto clicker apps.

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In here, we have enlisted the 10 best auto-clicker apps for android and iOS. With their use, we promise you would not be wasting any time in repetitive and mundane activities. Some of these support multi points tapping, others are very simple to understand. A few do not need root rights of your phone and most of them work at an unbelievable rate!


10 Best Auto Clicker Apps

Auto Clicker- Automatic Tap Pro

Automatic Tap ProThis one is no doubt the best app for automated clicks and taps. It is super easy to use and understand, and even comes with instructions when you use it for the first time.

By using auto clicker, you can set the frequency and time interval of taps apart from the point of clicks and the app will do the rest for you! It also supports multiple clicks with stimulated time intervals.

The best feature of this app has to be the option to add a particular set of clicks to your favorites so that you don’t have to program it again and again.

It can also run offline if the instructions are preset.

Auto Clicker- Tapping

Auto clicker TappingThe next up is the Auto Clicker app that finds its home in the menu bar for easy accessibility and usage.

The app is available for both android and iOS and offers a simple user interface for the set up of frequency, time interval and timer settings. The app also supports multi points clicking system.

During the initial few uses, you will need to work with the audio and visual support on- so you know when the app does the work. With more uses, however, you can choose to make them invisible and run in background.

One unique feature of the app is that it allows you to create a list of exception apps in which the clicks have not to function.

Auto clicker – Automatic Tapper, Easy Touch

Auto clicker Automatic Tapper,Easy TouchThis auto clicker app does more than just clicking at specified points- it lets you double click or hold on automated basis!

It lets you perform clicks at specified time intervals, for all the points that you select. Moreover by going to the configurations tab, you may select to double click within stipulated time or emulate holding down a button for a particular time frame.

This is a smart app for it recognizes the windows boundaries and then the selected button proportionately.

Easy Touch- Auto Clicker

Easy TouchThe easy touch apps makes your entire usage super productive. It helps you click on single or multiple points per setting and also learns to move the objects on the screen.

The app is made for a comfortable use in offline apps.  You are just a few taps away from numerous automated taps at an amazingly fast speed. It also supports multi-points clicking at the same time!

The app has a feature of screen locking. Here, it understands your motive and then runs the set of instructions in the background without blocking your screen at all.

The timer in this pp is also a handy feature that allows you to delay the start of taps.

Auto Clicker- Automatic Clicker and Tapper

Automatic Clicker and TapperUnderstanding the fact that there is more to life than just taps, the auto clicker apps also repeats gestures for you within the particular time mentioned.

Every setting is configurable- the frequency of taps, the time interval between two taps, the time frame to complete the number of taps and the points to be tapped. One can also configure the touch duration.

The set of taps and gestures is saved to your history for easy access and repetitive tasks. It is a simple to use app which makes your daily routine work even easier.

Auto Clicker- Auto Tapping

Auto TappingAnother gem that comes with instructions on how to use during its initial uses is Auto Clicker- Auto Tapping.

It needs you to select the kind of function you wish to perform- click, click and hold, pile, gesture etc, the time interval between consecutive actions and the duration for which it has to be repeated; that is pretty much it!

The app has an easy interface and an accurate functioning, making it one of the best automated clicking apps.


HabiTapHabiTap is one of the app that does not need the root rights to your phone to start. It has a simple process of installation.

You only have to specify the basic settings of the auto clicking process and then the app does everything for you without a mark. You can even click at two points at the same time.

It has a feature that allows the app to fulfill your commandments in the background while you can work on anything else.

Auto Clicker- Super fast tapping

Super Fast TappingThe app has a nice design and pretty easy interface. It lets users create customized set of clicks and also schedule a time interval to repeat it in.

It lets you choose the duration of touch, the shape of touch and even the frequency or speed of it. The best part about the game is that it performs the automated clicks in the background, making it highly suitable for gaming.

Auto Clicker

Auto ClickerThe app is designed to ask you for the location and time interval of taps and then work it out in the background mode or full screen mode.

You are free to customize the set entirely or even let the app smartly detect for itself. The auto clicker app is a popular choice among people who do both- surf the internet and/or play offline games.

Overall, it is a great choice for beginners who need proper assistance and control over the click automation.

Automatic Tapping- Auto Clicker

Automatic tapping Auto ClickingThe last one of the best auto clickers is the automatic tapping app.

It asks you to configure what kind of click you want to perform, single, double or hold. Then it asks you to place the pointer at the location to be clicked.

It then saves the action and repeats it as long as you don’t deliberately stop it.

By specifying a time interval between two clicks, you can use it for periodic repetitions of a set of clicks. It makes the app a great choice for gaming.


Whatever might be your need of the hour, auto clicking apps work magic on daily and routine click based activities. It lets you perform stunts without having to undergo serious training sessions.

The above mentioned apps are the best ones available. However, with development in the app industry, additional features are always welcome!


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