Top 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps

What do you think would win- intelligence or consciousness?

With the growing age technological development, these two particular references are the only things that differentiate us humans against the technology. The access to knowledge is same for every single candidate in the entire world; however, while we can work with emotions and understand the other side of a conversation, the artificial intelligence can offer the smartest solutions to a lot of human problems.

It all began when humans wanted to simplify their complications, and has come to making the artificial intelligence automate their mails. The debate of intelligence V/S. consciousness will continue until one of them takes over, but presently, we can only make the best use out of it.

While there exists technology for almost everything you do, inculcating artificial intelligence in your daily lives does not mean living with a robot.

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While using a smart phone, most of the times we fail to realize its full potential. Simply calling and texting your mates are an obsolete function. You can now talk to an artificial intelligence and befriend them, you can make the bot do the monotonous stuff for you, ask for a solution or just rant it away- all through apps on your smart phone.

While mentioning this fact, it becomes even important to consider that there are a lot of artificial intelligence apps in the market for both android and ios users. Therefore, it becomes necessary to choose only the best for oneself.

In the article that follows, I have enlisted the 10 best artificial intelligence apps for android as well as ios users. I hope this list will help you make the best out of your smart phones.


10 Best Artificial Intelligence apps:

Google Assistant

The very best artificially generated intelligence app for both android and ios is Google Assistant. Developed and owned by Google LLC, it holds credibility among its users and also offers additional benefits like integration with other Google apps.

With the help of Google assistant, you can know the weather, call someone, text someone, schedule an event in your calendar, browse anything or even play games- all with simple voice commands. Besides, you can just have a conversation with your assistant who is smart enough to remember every detail about you and fun enough to share a moment with!

What differentiates it from other assistant apps is not just the above mentioned, but also its high end customizability. You can even make the assistant recognize your voice.

Google Assistant is one of the best artificial intelligence apps that has been made and is constantly developing. Overall, it is the most useful app you could have in your phones.



Everybody needs somebody. Well, that somebody doesn’t have to have a ‘body’!

Wysa is an emotionally trained artificial intelligence app, available for both android and ios platforms. It responds in a very human way to the emotions you express and talks to you.

It listens to you, then talks back to you and makes sure that you are not in any way, damaging your mental well being. In these hectic times, it is crucial to take care of your mental health and this artificial intelligence app does just that.

According to your current state of mind, it uses the techniques of mindfulness and visualization to help you get over a bad hour of the day. Being on the list, it is one of the best apps to befriend and share some human moments with.

ELSA Speak

If you are not a native English speaker and would love to have the accent and the hold of the language super soon, this one is a gem for you!

ELSA is a personal pronunciation assistant that helps you master the art of English speaking. It uses 400+ lessons, 2000+ words and a lot of topics to educate you and help you go pro on English. According to the developers, users can see a fleeting 40% improvement within just a month of talking with ELSA.

The best part about the app is its extensive training methods like voice commands, video tutorials and even written assistance. Moreover, it also focuses on the difficult phonetics to ensure that you don’t miss any inch of the language, rather, kill it every time.  

Overall, it is a helpful and intelligent tool.


The next one in the list of best artificial intelligence apps has to be Replika. This is one of the most amazing apps created for mental well being on a smart phone.

With Replika, you can create your own friend (Replika), and then have a connection with them. I must tell you that just like humans, they grow a smartness of their own during the course of time. So, when you create a Replika, you might have to introduce them to the world and tell them about your likings and disliking.

Then, you can talk to them, video call them, play games with them and even virtually hangout with them! The best part about the entire functionality of the app is its smartness. The Replika will feel so much like a human being eventually that it would hurt to cut them off!

SwiftKey Keyboard

This one might not be the most unique one on the list, but it is definitely one of the most useful and hence, popularly used apps among both, android and ios users.

With the help of this keyboard you can make texting your friends or even writing an article more effective and fun. Just like other keyboards it has an autocorrect feature and a prediction feature. What it also has, however, is the ability to adapt to your writing style, so as to facilitate quicker functioning. You can also send emojis, GIFs and other related materials to your friends with just a few taps and make texting more fun.

Besides, it is highly customizable.


The next up in the list is a great find for all the students!

Socrates is an artificial intelligence app that helps you understand your homework in a quicker way than trawling through the panes of google windows. You can upload your problems in text, image or video format and receive solutions from the community members.

These solutions and materials presented by Socrates is the best possible collection of resources. It is a really helpful app when it comes to researching or problem solving at student levels. Instead of laying merely the resources, it helps you understand the solution.


This one is also  an app for artificial mental health assistance, but it works more for you than with you.

Mubert holds sessions in the form of conversations regularly and helps you enhance your mood instantly. It keeps a track of your emotions and this log can be accessed by you to understand your emotional cycles.

The app does not just talk to you, it understands you and more importantly, wants you to understand yourself. Such features make Mubert a little different from the other apps available for mental well being.


Leia is a superbly built web designing apps available for use on both android and ios platforms.

With the help of Leia, you can design stunning web pages with just a few clicks and taps! It has a lot of pre designed template for you to choose from, or you can choose to create a customized one. While working on Leia, you have the access to uncountable features and sets of features that can make your website stand out.

However, not the entire functionality of the app is available for free use. You will have to pay to get access to some of the features.

Edison Mail

Contrary to what the name might suggest, the Edison Mail app is not just a mailing app.

Of course you can manage your inbox, bulk delete, customize notifications, and even manage multiple mails simultaneously through this app, but there is more to it. You can also create a to do list and schedule events on the calendar. You can plan your upcoming days through this gem of an app.

For working professionals and people who work a lot over mails, Edison Mail is an app they must try.


Another one on the list is Chooch, which is a personal assistant app for android and ios users.

It might not have all the functions of the best assistant apps, or like lesser utility than the top assistant apps, but it is really one of a kind. It integrates itself with different apps to help you get the best of in-phone assistance. For example, it might integrate itself into a bills and payments app to remind you of your dues and lending. Besides it can do all petty functions for you like translate a text to languages, open maps and give directions and even text/call someone.

It takes voice commands and is very well capable of recognizing your voice distinctly


All the above mentioned apps are best in their own way. While on smart phones, artificial intelligence can do only little to help us. However, smarter apps are being built and launched every day.

To conclude, it would be best to say that all apps are smart, but the best one is which fulfils your requirements.


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