Best Arcade Game Apps For Android And iOS

With the gaming spaces evolving itself at a faster rate than ever, we now have arcade games that provide the richest and most immersive experience. And while people might call the developing gaming too distracting, or too off-track, there is no doubt that the industry is loaded with surprises to be uncovered.

Today, game categories like arcade and role-playing are super popular. Such games are also available on your devices. While playing on android and ios devices might not be the richest gaming experience you will ever have, but it surely be the most convenient and affordable option.

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Be it the play store or the app store, there are a plenty of Arcade game games available for download. In the list that follows, we have filtered out the 10 best ones for you, so that you don’t have to spend hours overwhelmed by the choice.


Best Arcade Game Apps:

Rooms of Doom – Minion Madness

The very first one in the list is one of the most exciting arcade games available for android and ios platforms. The best part about the game is its endless possibilities which make the game new every second minute.

Rooms of doom involves the player working with the scientist who owns the lab. To play the game, the player must help the scientist discover the best hybrid species that can be created out of a million possibilities.

You can mix a taco and a dog, a turtle and a rabbit, anything with anything! Any hybrid specie you create will them be taken to a random room of doom to test their abilities. Therefore, there are endless mini games and possibilities to the game.

Rest in pieces

This next game has received much appreciation for its graphics and soundtrack. Together, it offers one of the best gaming experiences of an arcade game.

Rest in pieces is a game where you are supposed to save the souls of 21 dead people by helping them defeat their own demons. They all progress one by one. There are also 7 different nightmares to unlock which can be done through gems collected throughout the game.

To protect the souls and help them rest in peace, you must help them swing carefully avoiding obstacles and within the mentioned rules. Each character or figurine has its own unique story, and its own unique traits.

Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded

If you love retro games, this one is hands down the best one you will come across.

There are 10 tables in this game, each with a unique game of its own, and each customizable. There is pinball, brick walls, space wars, tradewinds, fastball, carnival, treasure hunt and many more waiting for you to try them.

The graphics of the game are also pretty neat. Moreover, the physics of the game play is accurately designed to make sure that you have a fun experience playing.

You can collect points and trophies and even ace the leaderboard. All the minigames make it really fun for all the classic retro arcade fans!

Lab Chaos

You are a shape-changing goo in the game. The location is the lab where a mishap happened. The goal is to figure it all out by solving puzzles, jumping through and avoiding pitfalls. As easy as it might sound to you, remember that you won’t be there in a human form!

Explore the lab and find gates, portals, and gaps to exit, puzzles to solve and diamonds to collect!

Enjoy the best graphics and sound effect designed to keep you in the game for hours and hours. The game offers a  pretty cool feature to play even when you are offline.

Sky Force Reloaded

We know that this one looks like one of a boomer, but trust us- this is not the ordinary space wars game. It is so much more!

With over 10 different stages and 4 difficulty levels, every time you play the game, it has some thing new to offer. The game has amazing graphics and neat physiscs and has been an editors’ choice in the google play store.

The game has more than just shooting down your enemies. Spot your crashed friends, complete in-game objectives and unlock achievements to earn rewards. Additionally, the developers of this game are continuously working towards providing a better gaming experience to you.

This one in the list is pretty less to talk about, and pretty much to do!

You are a hole in a city imploding with holes. Eat up buildings, cars and people of the city to be a bigger hole and eventually hit off the other holes. The last one standing is the clear winner of the game.

This one is a real time game and hence must be played over a good internet connection. It is a fierce game with super easy controls and game play. There is not a lot to remember, just quick and ferocious matched between players.

You will love this one and even spend hours on it without realizing

Chameleon Run

Chameleon run has the most colorful and realistic graphics. It is also one of the easiest arcade games available on the internet for both android and ios devices.

The game involves a character controlled by a player that must run through the platforms and moving stages to get to the finish line. As easy as it might look, the moving platforms and obstacles make it really difficult yet fun for the players.

Overall, it is a small game to play whenever you are bored and does not really require strategies and thinking. It is just you and the game space.


Pastel describes itself as a colorful number game, and very well so.

The game is a fast paced logical war game wherein there will be a lot of numbers on your screen and you will have to tap on the lowest or highest number as asked. All this while, the timer keeps running, so you must get as many rights as possible.

The game can be played in 3 different modes- Quest, Endless and Custom, through 2 difficulty levels.

The game is simple, yet challenging and fun for people of every age and hence a worthy candidate in the list of top 10 arcade games for android . Snake vs. city is another very popular game among android users with amazing graphics, minimal rules and a smooth real-time gaming experience.

The game involves the player as a snake which eats up all objects in the city and increases its size. A bigger snake can beat a smaller one. The goal of the game is to be the last snake standing. is a fast paced and fierce game. Though you can choose the level of difficulty you wish to play in, the players are usually mixed categories. The cool graphics and designs of the game make it all the more interesting.

The last one in the list of best arcade game apps is Smashers with its interesting game play and amazing graphic designs.

The game involves player characters in one arena, smashing each other in order to be the last one standing. The matches are quick and the rules are simple. The winning help you gain coins that you can redeem via purchasing new costumes, characters and bangers.

It is a fun game overall, and is truly worth a try if you are looking for an entertaining and light arcade game.


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