Top 10 Best Apps To Watch Cartoons Online For iOS & Android

There used to be days when we use to sit in front of TV and enjoy watching carton for hours. And I think mostly for all of us that were the best time of our life.

But with time technology grow out and this is a period of web. Individuals have begun picking up enthusiasm for gushing kid’s shows on web.

And truth to be told the greater part of the kids now days approach cell phones. But still there is one thing that is still most favourites for kids is cartoon.

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With the advent of web services there are many carton watching available for kids that you can easily get directly on your smartphone and enjoy watch your favorite shows.

These apps allow you to watch your favorite classic cartoon shows that has been long stopped its telecast on television. Not only this you can also download any episode of your favorite show and enjoy it later offline.

These amazing apps also give you an option to watch live streaming. In brief in the age of technology it is much easier to relive childhood again.

Here we have curated some of the best cartoon apps for you that you can access easily and enjoy your favourite cartoons.


10 Best Cartoon Watching Apps

You Tube Kids

You Tube Kids

You tube kids is one of the highly rated apps for watching cartoon. Coming directly from you tube company it is easily available for both iOS and Android users.

This app comes with family friendly videos on different topics that ignite kids’ inner creativity and playfulness. You can easily search video of your choice and enjoy it for free.

You are allowed to create 8 profiles with an account that you can locked with parental controls too. Additionally if you want to experience some advance features you can anytime buy subscription.

Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is another good app which allows you to stream top live and on demand, TV cartoon series and also movies. Apart from cartoon this app also gives you many other kids show to watch and enjoy.

With this app you easily stream any of your favorite show from anywhere and anytime. Additionally you also get many news channels and sports to enjoy.

It is easily available for both iOS and android users both in free and paid version. So if you are looking for an app that gives you more than cartoon show then it’s just for you.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is the app that comes with 250+ channel and 1000 movies that too for free. You can easily stream binge worthy cartoon shows, breaking news, live sports and many cartoon shows.

Additionally it allows you to relive iconic moments and classic games to 24/7. And the best part is that you get all the shows, movies and series for free.

Moreover you also never need any registration and sign up process. No hassle just simple user interface that let you enjoy all your favourite cartoon shows.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network App

Cartoon network is entire time favorite app for every individual and most popular since ages. With this app you can watch all the episode of your favorite cartoon series of even old times.

Along with this you can also enjoy your favorite ongoing shows, movies and series. And you can also enjoy long length video that too without log in authentication.

It’s one of the best feature is that you can even personalized video according to your choice. And all this is easily available for both iOS and Android users. Moreover you also get constant support from team in case of trouble.


Boomerang Cartoon Movies

Boomerang packs thousands of your favorite cartoon shows and movies at one place. From A to ZOINKs, Scooby Dooby Doo to Tom & Jerry you get everything on this one app.

It has a huge collection of over 5000 cartoons and movie that you can easily stream on your phone and computer.

 It comes with seven day free trial but you can anytime get advance feature and ad free shows with premium subscription. And it’s one of the best feature is that you can easily download your favorite shows anytime.

Play Kids

Play Kids

Play kids is an internationally acclaimed platform with cartoon, books and different activity for kids. It offers education and entertainment while boosting the development of your little ones.

It is widely popular app among 5 million active users. This app has content in 7 different languages and engage kids to learn by playing. You get over 5000 cartoons and books curated by experts.

Along with this it have many features like material for different stages of development, content for social economic development, lullabies and much more. And its best feature is that you can even put the parental control over the content.



With the latest addition to offline viewing option, Hulu is another excellent way to watch dubbed anime shows. This app come with thousands of TV shows, movies, exclusive Originals, pat seasons, current and many more.

You also get an option to watch live TV, Sports, and News. You can also save anime videos for offline viewing if you are always on the go. And you can also create up to 6 profiles to keep a track of your shows and movies. 

Additionally you always get personalized recommendation every time you watch. However watching offline view option is for paid subscribers.

Toon Googles

Toon Googles

Toon googles app allows you to enjoy 5000+ cartoons and tons of interactive educational books for free anytime.

This app has many features like parental controls, thousands of animated live action episodes, custom playlist and video recorder with fun filters.

Apart from this you can also download video offline to watch it later. And its best feature is you can create your profile on this app to ensure complete anonymity while interacting.

In brief if you are looking for an app that provides you safe environment then it is the perfect choice.



TUBI TV is another app that comes with unlimited streaming of cartoon shows and movies. It is one of the effective solution to choose what you want to watch and when.

Along with this it comes with many features like discovering many international hits, browsing multiple categories, reality shows and much more. And it’s one of the best feature is that you can easily sync it with your Apple TV and Amazon.

Additionally you can also create and manage your own personal queue and pick up watching where you left off.

Voot Kids

Voot Kids

Voot kids are one of the best apps that are perfect combination of fun and learning in safe and secure way. It has 5000+ international shows movies and series with 30 day free trial.

Along with this you get 500+ of the best comics and educational e-books from world’s top author to encourage kids love for reading and help to improve their vocabulary. You also get level mark option for reading books so you can easily track the kid’s progress.

Additionally you also get 150 hand-picked audio stories and 5000+ exciting educational games to enjoy.


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