Top 10 Best Apps To Watch Anime Offline In 2023!

Long before the arrival of cinema there were many means to enjoy the films. And one of the most popular means was “Anime”. Now a days people keep on looking for apps to watch anime offline to prevent themselves from online streaming.

Anime a Japanese word means animation in which hand drawn images could be photographed one at a time, each a bit different, and when stringed together would create an illusion of motion.

This way of filming truly inspired Japanese animators that leads to the development of “Anime”. And they produced over thousands of anime that gained huge popularity.

With these figures however it can be cumbersome to find a right streaming app that has all the content you wish to watch. But with the advent of technology now it’s become possible to watch the classic content with good quality.

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There are thousands of apps out there that you can use to watch anime for free. These apps not only gives you online support but also give you access to watch videos offline.

Be it English dubbed anime or anime in your native language these apps allow you to watch the way you want to be. Here we have inoculated some of the best anime apps that you can easily get on your smartphone and enjoy to the fullest

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Amazon prime is one of the highly rated apps to watch anime shows. It is easily available for both iOS and Android version.

But this app comes with a nominal membership fee that you can pay and enjoy unlimited streaming of the latest and awesome anime content. Some of the best anime shows you can stream are Akira, Cowboy, Flame of Recca and many more.

Apart from this you can download any of the show over your cellular and Wi-Fi connection to watch it offline. And when it comes to quality you get HD quality video streaming for all your shows.


You Tube

YouTube has been one of the most popular video streaming sites since long time. So if you prefer to watch anime videos without any registration and subscription then this is best.

There are tons of anime apps present on YouTube that you can easily watch and enjoy. On this platform you get many classic anime shows with complete episodes like Death note, Soul eater, Beyblade and many more.

Apart from this you get an option to choose the quality of streaming videos. And you can also download and save your video to watch it later or offline.



MUBI is a great app when it comes to downloading and playing anime movies. This app allows you to take great cinema with you wherever you go.

It comes with 7 day free trial which allow you to watch one movie per day. But with premium subscription you get a plethora of anime title across various genres. MUBI has a dynamic movie line up, it changes every day.

So if you want to be in loop of any shows then download it as soon as possible. You can also rate, review and watch it offline.



With the latest addition to offline viewing option, Hulu is another excellent way to watch anime shows. This app come with thousands of TV shows, movies, exclusive Originals, pat seasons, current and many more.

You also get an option to watch live TV, Sports, and News. You can also save anime videos for offline viewing if you are always on the go. And you can also create up to 6 profiles to keep a track of your shows and movies. 

Additionally you always get personalized recommendation every time you watch. However offline view option is for paid subscribers.


Retro Crush

Retrocrush is another app for the people who want to watch classic anime shows. This app also include exclusive first time English release.

And most important it is absolutely free to stream no subscription at all. This app has a myriad of categories from action & adventure to sweet shoujo anime.

The best feature is you can access any anime title from library for free. And ads are also minimal and won’t distract you from content.

There is also web version that you can access through any desktop browser. And moreover you can stream on multiple devices at the same time.



Netflix is an amazing choice when it comes to anime streaming. On this platform you get handful of anime catalogue including Pokémon, Naruto, Hunter and many more.

Apart from this you get an option to download and watch it later offline. It comes with 30 day free trial after that you have to take subscription to enjoy more.

Additionally you can create up to 5 profiles for an account. In short if you’re looking for a simple and safe user interface then this is just for you.



If you are an amid anime lover then this is one of the authentic for both iOS and Android users. This app has world’s largest collection of anime that is popular among 50 million registered users.

You can also browse other content including Asian Drama and Manga titles. For new users, it is available for 14 days free trial so to get the unlimited access you have to take subscription.

Apart from this you get latest episode of any new series after one hour of its release. Moreover it also features upcoming anime shows as well as anime voiceover artists and animator.


Anime Lab

AnimeLab is the app that let you stream multitude of anime titles for free. It has over 718 shows and movies across 32 genres. And its best feature is that you can request your favorite anime if it is not included in catalog.

Moreover you get access to link your account with multiple devices like Samsung, apple TV, Sony TV, Chrome cast and many more. AnimeLab delivers the most popular shows and movies including simulcast straight from Japan.

It is easily available for both iOS and Android user in free and paid version.



This app comes with the largest collection of dubbed anime movies. This app had 14 days free trial option that you can anytime upgrade to enjoy more.

It offers best quality HD video with ad free anime feature movies. And you can connect it easily with multiple devices like Smart TV and enjoy the show on bigger screen.

Though it comes with all kind of anime show but it mostly focuses on nostalgic anime titles and few exclusive options such as Dragon Ball. Moreover it also allows you to watch video offline.



VRV is an all kind of app for your entertainment. It is an app that integrates several anime streaming services in to one catalog for easy access among users and supports Subtitles as well.

You can find shows and movies from different services like Boomerang, Cartoon Hangover, HIDIVE, and many more. You can also bundle your subscription with other channel to broaden your access to multitude of anime titles.

It is a go to app when it’s come to watching anime without Wi-Fi and internet connection. Additionally it is compatible with many devices like iOS, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, Android TV and many more.


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