Top 10 Best Apps to Open Zip Files

Archive files which consist of file types like zip, rar, 7z, tar, and more; are often used to help put a lot of files into a single place that takes up less digital space. Nowadays most of the files we come across are compressed into well-known zip files.

Although we often take the help of our computers to make zip files and extract those as well over that device only because we are all familiar with the apps needed to do so on that device.

But project when everything gets done through our smartphone. Compression and extraction of zip files made easier and on the go. If you often need to handle different zip files most of the time and look for the right apps for your device to do so, then you have come to the right place.

We will be sharing a list of apps that will help you to open zip files on your smartphones and will make your zip file handling easier.

WinZip: Zip Unzip Tool

Open any zip file through WinZip regardless of the file type it contains. Winzip is a popular unzip tool for pc devices, which is now also available for your smartphones to make unzipping of files a little easier. It is one of the best zip file openers for android and iOS devices.

You not only can extract zip files but also can create then and open zip files as well. Unzip and view most common file types such as .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx,.pdf, .jpg, .png, .gif, .tif, and more.

Store your regular zip files or zipx files (most suitable for large files) in the cloud by simply syncing it with your cloud service platform.

The encryption mode offers protection for your files. This app comes with 128- or 256-bit AES encryption that helps secure your files before you save and share.

The only drawback of the app is that it allows ad pop-ups that are non-ignorable. But comes with two great perks one of those is, the app is small in size so it won’t take up much space in your device another is one tap unzipping feature that saves time.


RAR is the perfect zipping and unzipping lightweight all-in-one tool for smartphones developed by RARLAB. With RAR you get to experience a faster, more secure, and easy-to-use zip file tool.

Compression and decompression of files are made easy with just a few taps on your smart device. The app even acts as a basic file manager and supports mostly all used zip packs which includes RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO, ARJ archives; so you won’t need to install any extra app for that.

The app has got a feature that repairs rar and zip packs if the user has deleted or damaged them by mistake. 

While utilizing multiple CPU cores the app enables the user to compress the data. Thus, it becomes easy to send the file via email or with any other messaging platform which offers a limited file size.

The app is beginner-friendly and gives various hints and tutorials on how to use some features. The app encrypts data for the safekeeping of all your documents also, the user can have a password-protected zip file as well.

Although the app contains several ads, they are removable in the paid version.


Zarchiver is the simplest and one of the oldest free zip file tool available for android devices. You can use it as a multipurpose app as it also acts as a file explorer app. The app is able to work with more than 30 different file types and easily create, decompress, view archive contents.

The app has easy to use interface design with easy controls that make the user experience hassle-free. The app is unable to transmit any information regarding any file type to other services or persons as the app doesn’t have permission to access the internet.

With Zarchiver a user is able to open an archive file also compressed files from any mail application. For safekeeping of the files, you get encryption, password protection, and split archives. The vary perk of using zarchiver is, the support team of the app is in case you face any issue with the app, the support team is there to help you out 24X7.


Another lightweight yet powerful zip file reader tool for your android device. Zipify not only compresses and decompresses multiple file-formats at a single time in your device but also has multiple language support. It also comes in handy as a file manager at the same time.

Zipify supports file extractors to convert rar and unzip files by zip file opener. Open rar files in rar viewer and unzip files through zipify.

With zipify browse multiple files in the file manager and create a particular folder for the extracted files under its name in the file manager for easy identification of the files. Thus, you will get separate folders for compressed and extracted files. You get to choose the storage options as to where you want to save those files, to your internal or else external storage of your device.

B1 Archiver zip rar unzip

B1Archiver is one of the most recognized zip file opener app among others. The most friendly and simple user interface with high functioning features made B1Archiver one of the popular zip file opener apps.

Because of B1Archiver’s high functionality feature, the app is able to handle any large files easily. The app helps with password-protected ZIP and B1 archive. It comes with a partial extraction feature that helps the user to extract selected files without decompressing the whole archive.

Browse archive files without extracting them, hide files from media scan and create favorite folders ,and much more with B1Archive. The app is free to use but there’s a paid version as well for an ad-free experience.

ES File Explorer

Although ES File Explorer is popularly known as a file manager app, at the same time ES File Explorer works like a zip file tool as well. Thus, it has gained a place in the list of best zip file opener apps.

Decompress zip and rar files and get access to the contents inside with ES File Explorer. Just like any other zip file opener app, the app is able to extract the most common file types but not every file type. The user can also create archives in two file types, 7z, and zip.

The app is an all-rounder file manager app that helps work with small and large zip files for easy usability.

Unzip: zip file opener

Few taps and extract, compress your zip files easily with Unzip in your iOS device. Unzip works as a file manager tool that also allows the user to easily extract any file formats such as RAR, 7Z, GZIP, and other compressed files.

With Unzip the user can import any photo or video from the camera roll and compress them to zip files. The app offers password-protected encryption for file safekeeping. One tap and the user can easily open and view any document types like; DOC, Excel, PPT, PDF, TXT, RTF, Pages, JPG, GIF, PNG also files that includes video and audio formats. This app is free but to unlock some features the developers have introduced in-app purchases. 

Zip & RAR File Extractor

Zip and RAR file extractor is a lightweight, easy-to-use zip file opener app for your iOS device. The interface of the app is clean and easy for the users to navigate through things.

Zip and RAR file extractor can open files of most common file formats, although the app is only able to create archives for three common formats which are ZIP, RAR, and 7Z archives also open files for ZIP, RAR, and z7 archives.

Just like any other zip file opener app this app also ensures the privacy of your files, thus it offers password protection to the users. The user can download or upload files simply through cloud services as well.


7zipper is an easy-to-go zip file opener app. This app is useful as a file management tool as well as an archiver and extractor of files. The app can decompress almost any file like zip, alz, egg, tar, and more.

The app also supports file viewers such as image viewers of any size and format even gif files as well as any large texts can also be viewed.

iZip: Zip Unzip Unrar

Izip is considered to be the number one Zip file management tool for smartphones. Get a professional user experience through Izip also the most secure zip file manager that comes with 256-bit AES password encryption. It is a free app.

The app is high functioning keeping professionalism intact, thus the process of zipping and unzipping archived files becomes relatively faster than other apps. Open any file formats through zip files hassle-free. Connect your cloud services to share and import files.


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