Top 10 Best Apps To Hide Messages For Android

Privacy is one of the biggest problems facing the world of technology. 

Despite the fact that there are more and more functions to protect your device from the hands of unscrupulous and gossipers, they always find a way to evade them, especially if we have a shared use phone like the business ones. 

For either case, you must download these applications to hide messages.

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With them you will be able to ensure that no one interferes in your affairs and reads your messages without your consent. 

Each option that we prepare in this list shows you a different and original way to hide your messages, so we invite you to try them all to enjoy their different features and possibilities, thus protecting your information. Next, our TOP 10 of the best apps to hide messages.


Best Apps To Hide Text Messages For Android

Private message boxPrivate Message Box: Hide SMS

To start hiding your messages you need to download this application. 

Private Message Box is an app that is responsible for storing your sms and call records as soon as you receive them to hide them behind a safe, making it impossible for anyone to read it, unless you have the password. 

For this you will only have to register your number and choose the contacts you want to keep hidden.

Meanwhile, Private Message Box stands out among the applications to hide messages because it will allow you to change the icon of message notifications to one that is distracting. 

You will also be able to add a custom sound so that you can detect if it is a private message. It will quickly be possible to make a backup or add call blocks if that is what you need, always protecting your privacy from spies.

Privacy MessengerPrivacy Messenger-Protected Text, SMS, Call Screen

Another application to block messages that you need is Privacy Messenger. 

With it, you can get a completely private mailbox for text and multimedia messages, since it stores all those that arrive or enter your slide, automatically deleting them from the original messaging app. 

This will allow you to access them by entering a unique password to prevent other people from reading the content of the received ones.

On the other hand, with Privacy Messenger you will be able to block numbers so as not to receive text messages, in case you wish to do so. The best thing is that all your data will be encrypted with an end-to-end code, so no one can intercept it. 

And if they manage to access your password and view the content – which depends on the strength of your password – they will not be able to take screenshots or record it thanks to the ban made by the app.

Calculator pro ++Calculator Pro + – Private Message & Call Screening

Hide your messages … behind the calculator? With Calculator Pro + it is possible. 

It is an app that acts incognito to keep the content of your messages safe from any spy, since it stores them in a directory that is identified with the icon or shortcut of the calculator. 

Automatically when you receive a message, it will move to the app and only you can access it, especially since the calculator is the last app a spy opens.

In addition, it works with a few simple steps: add a private contact who instructs the app to block their messages. After that, all the texts will reach the calculator. 

In any case, you can lock them with a password to give it a higher level of security. And if you are concerned about notifications, you can change the icon and hide the content of the preview so that no one can see your messages, standing out among the applications to hide messages.

Chat LockProtect Messenger and Chat

But texting isn’t the only thing we want to keep out of the gossipers.

Protect Messenger and Chat is an application blocker that supports most of the most popular messaging apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram and Messages, of course. 

All you have to do is define a pin or password and all of them will be automatically blocked.

Even Protect Messenger and Chat is one of the best applications to hide messages because it is capable of taking a picture of intruders. How does it work? When someone enters the code in the wrong way, the app will take a picture without them noticing. 

This way you will know who has been trying to snoop through your conversations and you can take other types of actions to defend your privacy.

Hide ChatHide Chat

Perhaps what you need is to hide your multimedia files. 

Hide chat offers you a safe so you can safely store all the images, videos, voice notes and documents that you receive through WhatsApp, so you can get rid of those annoying scares because someone has accessed your content. 

Everything will be protected by a password defined by you and only with it will you be able to enter to view them.

As if that were not enough, Hide Chat offers you the opportunity to review the number of times someone has entered the wrong password so that you can determine if they are trying to view your files. 

Do not worry about your privacy because everything will be protected so that only you can access them. And if it is not enough, your data will be completely safe, standing out among the applications to hide WhatsApp messages.

Private calls and messagesPrivate Calls and Messages

If you need a messaging application exclusively for your private conversations, you will love this one. 

It is an app designed to be able to send and receive messages, files and any sensitive content in a secure and private way, since everything is deleted in the established time. 

You will be able to delete the messages after sending them and save all the shared files in a password vault, where they will be encrypted until you can see them.

It is important to highlight that Privador Calls and Messages has two levels of keys: the first one that acts as a decoy and the second for real protection. 

If they discover the first they will have to guess the second as well. And if you fear someone taking captures or screenshots, the app’s security code automatically blocks this feature on your device, making it one of the best applications to hide messages.

SMS PlusSMS Plus- protect your message

You will always need applications to hide messages that offer many alternatives. 

With SMS Plus you will be able to change the messaging icon, choose the fonts of each text, double password protect the application, assign another name to the app, add end-to-end encryption to avoid interceptions, block incoming numbers and messages and a lots of other options that you can take advantage of to keep all your messages safe and free from “snoopers”.


Private ReadPrivate reading – hidden chat for WhatsApp

With Private Reading you can hide all the files you receive on your WhatsApp to store them in a secret vault. 

Recover messages deleted by the other contact, keep videos, images and documents in a safe place. Download WhatsApp statuses and easily repost in your account. 

Send messages by removing the read notification feature to maintain a higher degree of privacy, ideal among applications for hiding messages.

App HiderApp Hider

An original way to block your messages is through the calculator icon. 

But, although there is already another application for this, App Hider does it in a different way. And is that, when hiding any message you will have to define a password. 

The difference is that you are simulating the panel of a real calculator. That is, it will seem that you have really opened the app for that and no one will notice that it is your hidden message. Super cool!

Hide OnlineHide online and typing Was (Tricks)

Some tips always come in handy. 

This application is a compilation of the best and most functional tricks for WhatsApp, which includes recovering deleted messages, fooling people with fake “online”, changing the privacy of received messages and a lot of other things you need to know. 

The best thing is that all the tips do not require any other application to do them, standing out among the applications to hide messages.


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