Top 10 Best Apps To Catch A Cheater For Android & iOS

A good relationship is the most beautiful thing one can have and having a partner which equally loves you can make your life great. But if you are struggling with a cheating partner then here comes the free apps to catch a cheater.

Behind every healthy relationship there lies a great sense of understanding and trust on each other which makes a relationship more strong.

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But having an unfaithful partner is the most awful and heartbreaking thing one can go through.  Here we have collected top 10 apps for catching a cheater which would surely help you to catch them red-handed.

This breaks people’s heart and even increases suicidal tendencies amongst youngsters who can’t overcome the heartbreak.

If you feel that your partner is behaving weird or seems to be more ignoring to you then you must really check on him or her


Best Apps For Catching a Cheater

Chat Message Tracker-Remotely

chat message tracker

If you want to privately read all your messages without even opening your chat application then this app is perfect for you.  

One of the best things about this app is that it is totally free and has no hidden charges. You can read all your messages and save them at one place for free. 

Just install the app, sign in through your mail and you would be able to read all your messages privately. 

Even if the device is not with you then you can visit control panel and remotely access all your messages which make this app cooler.

Spy Phone Phone Tracker

spy phone tracker

 If you want to keep a track of your children’s or employee’s phone records and location then this app is perfect for you. 

App will allow your children to check-in with their GPS location and then you can see the data. 

This app will help you in finding your phone if it gets lost which is one of the amazing feature of this app. 

You can log-in to you r control panel 24/7 whenever you need, on up to 5 different phones. It has a special feature called panic button which you can tap in case of any emergency.


 Next on our list is Highster app which could be a potential app for catching your cheater partner red-handed. 

You just need to install Highster app in your partner’s phone (you have to be smart enough to do this) and then you will be able to keep a track on their every social media, location and call records

App keeps you regularly updated with your partner’s location. Moreover, you can even use this app for checking on your children’s phone and keep them safe from all unwanted threats.

Find My Family-GPS Location Tracker

find my family

 Next comes the Find My Family tracker app which is surely made for tracking your family members but you can still use it for catching your cheater. 

Its wide variety of features easily helps you finding your cheater. 

You could make your own virtual zones in the map and would get notified whenever your family member enters or leave the zone. 

Know the whereabouts of your family members/suspect during the day. This app allows you to keep a view on apps installed in your children’s/suspect’s phone which makes it perfect for use.

Catch a Cheating Spouse

 Coming on to the next app of our list called ‘Catch a Cheating Spouse’ which is quite a popular on playstore. 

App provides you with various practices and techniques which help you to spy on your partner and catch them red-handed. 

It is more of a spy book which teaches you some ways to catch your partner and teach them a lesson.

Catch Cheating Wife

Catch cheating wife

 Relationship can be the most beautiful thing and frustrating thing at the same time. 

If your significant other is faithful and loyal to you then your life will be bloomed with happiness but if he/she is unfaithful then it becomes hell. 

Catch Cheating Wife helps you to find your unfaithful partner by indicating red flags. 

You just have to just observe your partner and whenever she behaves weird, you will be indicated with a red flag.

55 Signs Of A Cheater

55 signs of a cheater

Next on our list is another amazing app for catching your unfaithful significant other. 

App gives 55 tips to catch your cheater like if your partner sticks at his/her phone even in the bathroom then he/she would be cheating on you. 

Similarly there are other 54 tips which will properly guide you to catch your partner red-handed. You can download this app from playstore for free.

Catch A Cheating Lover

Now if you are in a relationship then you should definitely have knowledge on this topic. 

It’s a fun and amazing app where you could read different ways for catching a cheating lover. It has pictures which makes it more fun and cool to use. 

It’s not necessary that your partner is always cheating on you but having knowledge on this topic will always be more helpful and good for you.

Life 360: Find Family And Friends

life 360

Next comes the Family safety app from which you can track your family members and ensure their safety. 

Now you could even this app for your purpose (catching cheater).  

You will every location of your suspect even when they are driving and where they took a break. Whole location history is being saved on your phone which will help you to  see their whereabouts of whole day. 

This app is also perfect for parental control by keeping a track of your children’s location and whereabouts.

Automatic Call Recorder

automatic call recorder

Automatic call recorder could be very important tool in spying your partner because it helps you record the calls in high quality. 

You just have to download the app in other person’s phone and this might help you in catching your suspect. 

This app allows you to record both incoming and outcoming calls and save it in SD card. If you effectively use this app without getting noticed then you could catch cheater easily.


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