Top 10 Best Apps that Identifies Songs For iOS & Android

Musician mix various melodies, harmony and a complex set of tune in a particular song. And we thoroughly enjoy the complete package in the form of a single track. Sometimes some lyrics just get stuck in your mind and all you need there are apps that identifies songs.

We have different means to listen music like, radio, television and mobile phones.  Sometimes it happens that you hear a particular song on radio or in some market place and start liking it.

But after you come out of that phase you didn’t get the hold of what music, lyrics, and tune that song had. Basically you are at your wit’s end.

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So how do you identify the song? Thankfully, there are tons of apps available for you in the market than can make your song identifying experience a child’s play.

These apps will help you identify app just by humming the song on your smartphone’s in-built mic. Apart from these you also get the link of a particular song in audio and video format.

You get the complete lyrics of any song, so no more singing gibberish to any of the track. These apps have all what you need to identify a song. Here we have dodge out some best of the apps based on their speed and accuracy. So let’s get started.


10 Best Song Identify Apps



Genius is one of the highly rated app to identify song for both android and iOS users. With this app you can get annotated lyrics for all your favorite song.

It comes with very easy and cool interface that even makes it easy to navigate the massive song library and top charts. Apart from this you get many features like getting genuine video of tracks, get the facts behind the tracks.

And its best feature is that you can download the song so that you can enjoy music offline.

Music Recognition

Music Recognition

Music recognition is another best way to identify the music around you. This app comes with very easy and simple user interface.

With this app you can explore album songs, read artist biographies, and discover top tracks from the identified song artist. Apart from this it has many features like preview of the song, history page of identified song, and details about album & tracks.

It also supports flashlight party mode, hypnotic visualizer, and you tube access. You can also share your favorite track on the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Whats App.



SoundHound does pretty much everything to identify music around you. It comes equipped with “Hey SoundHound” an incredibly powerful way to interact with the app using your phone.

Apart from this it helps you to connect with Apple music and Spotify account.You can build playlists, explore music genres, and find new favorites all with real time karaoke style lyrics using live lyrics.

And its most important feature is if you don’t have Apple music and Spotify subscription you get access to free built-in you tube player.You can also keep a track of the entire music discovery in your own personal history.



Shazm is one the best app that helps you identify a song in seconds. It has a kicking three panel alluring interface that make app fast ridiculously to identify a song.

With this app you can find a song in second, listen, and add music to apple and Spotify playlists. It also allows you to follow along with time-synced lyrics. The app also features a pop-up tool that identifies music while using other app.

And if ever you don’t have any internet connection it even works offline. You can also share your songs through this app on Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.



Musixmatch is the app that comes with largest lyrics catalog that gives you synchronized song lyrics with multilingual translation for your music.

It allows you to enjoy synchronized song lyrics for every song and let you save playlist seamlessly with in the app. It comes with floating lyrics feature that showcase lyrics of any song and even bold out word in real time as the song play in background.

Its unique feature is that you can create flash card of lyrics like quoting an excerpt from the song and can share it on the social media.

Automatic Lyrics Finder

Automatic lyrics

Automatic lyrics Finder is another app that is created specifically to help you identify music in few seconds. You just have to open this app on your phone it will listen and let you know the song name, singer name and any other information you want.

Its best feature is that it works with every type of music source whether it is radio or a music compilation on internet. Apart from this you can also check the music finder history.

Additionally, it is easily available to Android users for free.


Quick Lyric

QuickLyric is a top quality lyric app that is specially designed for android users. This app helps you to find lyrics instantly.

It offers many features like free offline lyrics, synchronization, notification display, quick download option and much more. Along with this it’s floating lyrics feature let you hear song without interrupting what you are doing.

And in any problem you get top notch customer support that gladly answers your query. Additionally, it also support many music players like Spotify, Google Music, Apple Music and many more. This app comes in both free and premium version.



Songfind is also widely used app to identify song lyrics and much more details. It comes with an easy and fast interface that identifies lyrics in few seconds in real time.

Apart from this it also provide link to listen the song that is identified on most popular music service like YouTube and Apple music. You can also watch the video of any identified song on YouTube.

Additionally, you can anytime check the history page of song identified previously. Not even this you can also share your songs on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and any other app you want.



Soly as its name that stands for song recognizer and lyrics finder only for android users. This app enables you to open lyrics easily or play a song on You Tube and more.

With this app you not only find a song or lyrics but also play music with lyrics in Solo music player.

Along with this you get many feature like finding songs and lyrics in different languages, sing along with music player and adapt lyrics with song if it’s non synchronized.

You can also share your favorite quotes with your friends on social media network.

Music ID

Music ID

Music ID is the app that instantly identifies the lyrics around you. With this app you can see album art of your favorite artist and albums.

You can also see more of their music and view similar artists and much more. Along with these it has many features like view compelling artist pages, movie & TV information about the artist and biographical data about the artist.

And its best feature is adding a note to yourself to remember why and where you made particular ID.


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