Top 10 Best Apps For Veterinarians In 2023!

Did you just start veterinary practising? Want to become a veterinary doctor? Or begin with studying in an academy? Well all of us don’t have so much experience in solving eternal problems.

That is why here I have listed convenient Apps for Veterinarians to help you in treating and diagnosing diseases. Also, it will help you to determine the medicine and dosage for best veterinary.

So let’s take a look at 10 best apps for Android, iPhone and for both. To help the veterinarians to do their jobs efficiently.

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10 Best Apps For Veterinarians

Vet Calculator

vet calculatorVeterinarians are not only castrated cats and examine animals but also they are the doctors to provide the calculations of treatment and medication.

Also they are responsible for providing the correct dosage. In this app, there are a total of eleven types of calculations which are available for veterinarians.

This app is also helpful to find the consumption of energy and fluid, calculations of dosages of drugs and many more. As we all know that is thousands of.

Metering systems used across the world. This app can convert the data into the exact units of measurement.

CVP Vet (US)

CV VetAre you a type of person who checks all the products before buying also the manufacturer of the drugs?

If yes then I recommend you to use the CVP Vet app. In a short time, it will give you all the information about the drug you need thus it is a complete drug consultant for you.

With this app, the veterinarians will get the expiration dates and specific advice on the product. Keep in mind that this app will not work without an internet connection.

MSD Vet Manual

MSD vetThis app is a complete medical aid solution. With this app, you can carry all the important information on your phone.

In this app, you will get to know about thousands of different diseases and topics, and also find the data about these things from specialists from more than 20 countries.

To provide information to the student and veterinarians in a timely manner this app is designed. You will get here texts, you will find illustrations and photos of disorder and diseases.

In addition to this, you will get manuals, reference tables and also interactive quizzes to examine your knowledge are available in MSD Vet Manual app.

IDEXX VetConnect PLUS​

IDEXXAs a veterinarian, you might be gone through with the long waiting for the results of your pets. There are tests for animals and for the results you have to wait for a long time.

As a doctor you can’t sit at the laboratories at the time, in fact, you visit to see the other animals.

With this app, you will get quick results. Which provides a convenient and faster way to get information without waiting too much.

Vet Blood Tests Guide

Vet bloodIf you want to know more about homeopathy then this homeopathy app is best for you. By Boiron, it has a wide collection of essays.

Through its convenient interface, you can easily understand homeopathy. Also with this, you will easily get rid of the symptoms and give them a cure.

You can get detailed information about every topic which is stated in lists. Just 3 clicks and you will get quick medications recommendations.

This app contains a description and dosage of each remedy. In fact, you can also go through with other lifestyle tips.


ViralvetThis is an amazing app which was recently launched for the professionals of veterinary. It is made for collaborating on cases and sharing images.

Currently, there are 2000 professionals who are using this app and this number is rapidly growing day by day. It provides a great platform to share your cases and learn.

You can share your animal image and the issue to receive advice. It is a free and very useful tool.

Vet Nurse Quick Reference

Vet NurseIt doesn’t provide advice to eternities only. In fact, for veterinary nurses, there is information for them. This app is for nurses who are training in veterinary.

This app contains the information for 18 ordinary pets including dogs, cats and also snakes.

With this app, the nurse can understand about the incubation period of diseases with determining the disease.

Horse Anatomy: Equine 3D​

HorseIn horse riding is a sport which consists of injuries and illness. These issues are not only faced by riders but also the horses also get affected.

You may have seen the veterinarians on racetracks who are specialized in providing treatment to horses. If you are also one the veterinarian for horses then this app is made for you.

With this app, you can explore the anatomy and structure of the horses in 3D form.

This will help you to see the internal parts of the horse such as bones, muscles even the organs. As well as you can see the detailed display of head and hooves models.

VetPDA Calcs

VetPDAThis app is created by UC Davis and contains 22 very useful calculators for veterinarians and students.

It can calculate the rates of fluid and develops the plans including ongoing losses, dehydration per cent, fluid additives and many more.

It also calculates the blood gasses, CRI and bolus doses and many other things. In clinical practice, this app is extremely reliable and trusted.


TARGETFor most effective treatments this app will calculate the dosage for you also estimates the cost. For choosing antimicrobial medicine the cost factor is necessary which is simplified by this app.

The reason why the target app is created is to help the veterinarian in determining the effectiveness of specific drug treatment.

For antimicrobial agents, the target acts as a competitive guide for reference. There is a table to help you in finding the effectiveness of treatments.


As a veterinarian, you know that our pets need more safety and protection because they are more sensitive as compared to us. They will become ill or catch infections easily. That is why these apps are developed to take care of your pets on your fingertips.


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