Top 10 Best Apps For Combining Photos

With an ever increasing craze of social media platforms, how does one make their post stand out? The answer is simple- get in touch with technology. There are a lot of apps available for android as well as ios users that lets them combine and edit photos in an own unique way.

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A combination of photos generally includes a collage. However, it also might mean overlaying and layering for some. The list below contains the 10 best apps for both the purposes.

Most of the apps are free to use and have a really simple and understandable user interface. One does not need more than a few minutes to earn the skill of combining photos- thanks to these apps!


10 Best Apps For Combining Photos

Collage Maker- Photo Editor and Photo Collage

Collage MakerThe first one in the list is obviously the easiest and fastest one. The app Collage Maker lets you create a perfect photo collage with just a few taps.

It comes with a collection of more than two hundred free-to-use templates. It supports a college of up to 20 pictures in a single frame. Apart from all the customizable collage options like borders and effects, it also brings with itself in-picture edit for every photo.

Features like double exposure, image zoom and crop, image borders, etc. make it possible for you to create the best montage super quick!

PhotoGrid- Video and Pic Collage Maker, Photo Editor

PhotoGridAnother easy app is PhotoGrid. It is super popular among the collage makers.

The app features more than three hundred pre-designed templates and designs. What is more is that it also allows you to create and customize freestyle layouts based on your likings.

The app also characterisizes individual editing tools for the images including double exposure and crop. Along with the borders and texts options, the app is a perfect solution to the collage calls!

PicsArt Photo Editor + Collage

PicsArtThe users of this app often refer to it as the easy version of photoshop, and agreeably justifiable it is. The app brings with it the best in town editing tools- exposure, effects, balancing, blurring, cropping, zooming, etc.

Moreover, the app contains many overall editing tools for the collage like the border, background, and over a hundred layouts. The app PicsArt is not completely free though. Many layouts are unavailable and same goes for the effects.

Overall, the app is an amazing choice to create simple and easy photo montages without having to waste time in learning the skills.

PicCollege- Holiday Photo Grid and Story Editor

PicCollageThe PicCollage app is one of the best collage making apps available for android an iOS users. It stands out as a great free app to create beautiful picture out of a collection of your favorites.

The app lets the users create collages of up to five pictures. It comes with an in-picture editing feature that lets you customize and beautify images as per your likings.

As the name suggests, it also comes with holiday themed layouts for your collage. It also has certain unique features like overlays, border settings, background options and text addition to bring out the best of your favorites.

Blendpic: double exposure & HD photo editor

BlendpicThe app BlendPic is not just another collage making app. It creates montages of pictures by merging them in its own unique way.

The app uses more than 20 blending options and techniques to overlay and edit the selected images. It also brings with it a set of lenses to make your image look even better.

The app also lets you adjust the borders of the montage and the pictures individually. This adds to a level of customizability to you collage making. Overall, the app though has limited layouts and design options, comes up as one of the best collage making apps for one.

LiveCollage- Collage Maker and Photo Editor

LiveCollageIf you love variety, this is the one for you!

With more than six hundred templates and layouts for you to choose from, Live Collage lets you create highly customized photo montages with just a few clicks.

The app allows for collages of up to fifteen pictures of yours. It has an in built system to edit the pictures individually including border settings and background customizations.

It also lets you experiment with the overlay feature.

The app is, however, ad supported and might get a little annoying for you.

Pic Stitch

Pic StitchThe next up in the list is also a classic collage maker and photo editor app with all the in-picture editing features like crop and zoom and effects.

Pic Stitch lets you create custom borders and backgrounds to better suit your taste. It features over two hundred layouts for you to use for free.

Excitingly, the app also lets you select a number of pictures and then create a custom layout of your collage with a certain background and border style. It also lets you decorate you final collage with text and stickers.

Split Pic

Split PicThis app aims to make your collage making experience a fun and easy one. With an attractive user interface and an understandable design, Split Pic helps users create the perfect montage.

It has more than three hundred layouts to choose from and unlimited ones to create. A user may create a collage of up to twenty pictures at once.

The selected pictures can also be cropped and zoomed according to your needs.

Overall, it is a great choice for quick users.

Piclay Photo Blend Overlay

Piclay PhotoAs the name suggests, Piclay has an amazing overlay feature. It is also super easy to use, making it one of the best apps for collage making.

The app also offers individual editing options for the images to pop out in a prettier way than the original.

The only setback the app faces is that it has limited layouts for free- the rest being available on paid basis. It is also therefore ad based. So be ready to bear with the frequent pop ups that may arise while usage.


LayoutThis app is specially designed for the instagram users. It enables creation of collages with up to ten pictures.

It lets you choose pictures from your gallery or take new pictures for the collage. The app also facilitates the use of instagram filters to beautify your collage.

It lets you customize the borders, crop or zoom the images and create instgram story ready montages of your favorite pictures. It is completely free to use.


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The above mentioned apps are the best ones available. However, with development in the app industry, additional features are always welcome!


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