Top 7 Best Anonymous Chat Apps For iOS and Android

Bored of your mind? No one to talk to? Do you feel lonely? We will share the best anonymous chat apps that will let you talk to strangers online.

Social media has taken up a great deal of time in our lives. In it, we can connect with our families and friends, friends who live in a distant country, and even with strangers. In case you get bored talking to the same family and friends your whole life, strangers may be just what you need to spice up your life.

Social media provides us with a platform to achieve that. But many are afraid of revealing their identity to strangers. And they should be. You never know who is sitting at the other end of the screen and what their intentions are. 

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So, to protect you from that, anonymous chat apps are here. But among the sheer number of apps, it becomes overwhelming pretty quickly to figure out which one to choose. That’s exactly what we are going to help you with.

In this article, we are going to talk to you about the 8 best anonymous chat apps available on the market as of now. So We will cover every details so that you can choose on your own requirements. And we have also keep in mind both of our Android and iOS user 


7 Anonymous Chat Apps


OmeTV is first in our list as it is the oldest and most appreciated anonymous chatting app. This app help you to directly engage you in private conversation with the other users. 

For this you have to set up an account through your email address . But the most interesting feature is that you can make a fake account to hide your  personal details. In the web version they even did not ask you to set up the account .

After logging in you will be paired with strangers for private conversations. This application offers you both the free and in-app purchase. The paid version of the app provides you with extensive features like video chats , filters , etc. .The application is only for android users.


Now, let’s move on to the next anonymous chat app called Wakie. It is a unique application due to its uniqueness. 

What the app does is that it offers you calls from strangers to wake you up and you can also request them to call you up by wake up calls. Besides that, you can also ask them for suggestions and opinions on any topic you want.

Along with that, you can also apply for a company in case you feel lonely. Also, you can listen to what other people have to say and also give them company. Now once people make these requests, the app publishes them to a live news panel. People can choose to join by simply tapping. 

The app also has an option that allows you to display your original profile and is therefore not completely anonymous. However, if you don’t want to show your original self, you can hide all your details like name, picture, and any other personal details in settings. The app has an active community and works perfectly fine.


In case you’re not living under a rock, which you probably aren’t, then you’ve heard of Reddit. It is very likely the largest community on the Internet. In this app, you can talk about any topic under the sun. 

Reddit has added the chat rooms feature of late. The application allows you to join these chat rooms to ask questions you may have and to answer queries that others have asked.

However, keep in mind that chat rooms are always based on a particular topic. So, don’t expect to join any group chats and just start a conversation.  

If you want to chat privately, then you can pick the “r/anonchat” subreddit for one-on-chat. This enables you to find any chat room that suits your liking . To secure anonymity you have to set up a Reddit account with a fake username . This application is free to use and available for both android and iOS devices.


Now another anonymous chat app that is used by a large number of users is Whisper. The user base of this application is huge along with a community that is engaged and growing every day. 

In case you want meaningful conversation and not conversations related to sex and flattery, Whisper is the best option for you. 

Many users have claimed that they engage in some conversation that changed their lives in a better way , by using this app. You can download this app on both Android and iOS devices.

ap5Meet me

The next anonymous chat app I’ll tell you about is Meet Me. The application was launched as a dating site. However, fate played its part and things changed.

Today, Meet Me has a user base of more than 100 million active users. It is one of the most popular anonymous chat apps for Android.

Also, to meet new strangers, you will love the features like the number of fans you have, the gifts you have received, the total number of times people viewed your profile on the app, etc.

Along with all this, there are also some casino and arcade games that you can play and enjoy with the friends that you have made in the app. Along with a dating twist, an app is a perfect place to meet new people and make new friends.


You can also check out RandoChat as another option for an anonymous Android app. In this app, you don’t need to sign in with your email address or even create a new ID. 

All you need to do is simply download the application and install it on your phone or tablet. After doing so, just launch it, and voila. 

Now you can start chatting at once. RandoChat deletes all your messages once they are sent to the intended person, therefore you don’t need to worry about their safety. 

In addition to that, your IP address and location are also not stored in the application, which does not violate your privacy. This provides additional security by banning any racial , nudity and NSFW content on its platform.


The anonymous chat app that you should consider is Rooit. It is an application that allows you to connect with people who have interests similar to yours. 

The application comes with a virtual assistance which provides you the information to how to use it properly. There are other interesting features that are not available in other apps of this category. You can join chat rooms, can chat anonymously and play funny quiz. 

Another fun feature is the Chef Kang bot that helps you find people with similar interests by searching for them from other parts of the world. 

Note that there are specific rules for each of the chat rooms so that conversations do not get out of context. The application is available for Android and iOS operating systems.


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