Top 10 Best Animoji Memoji Alternatives For Android and iOS !

In today’s world, where most of our conversations with our friends and family take place through text messages, words often fall flat on their faces. Sometimes it becomes troublesome for us to show what we mean, and well that’s what are the emojis are made for!

And what about a personalized animated emoji? These apps take your experience to the next level by letting you design emojis that look like you. Sounds remarkable right.

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 Initially, the trend revolved around Animoji and Memoji, but presently there is a whole lot of applications for the very same animated emojis, or even better. Apart from letting you unlock an immense library of emojis, the majority of them also offer a substantial collection of stickers and GIFs.


Best Animoji Memoji Alternatives ​



Let’s start by talking about the most popular Animoji app available for your Android/iOS device, Bitmoji. Owned by Snapchat, this application allows you to create your cartoonish avatar. The most simple work is all you have to scan your face and bitmoji will create your animated likeness. 

The avatars created work with a tracking engine, which means they will have movement if you move, smile if you smile. the best part of Bitmoji is that the detailed refining of your avatar. From hair color, face shape, eyelashes to the grin of cheeks, bitmoji enables you to edit each minute detail about yourself. 

Apart from the face, it has a large library of clothes, and accessories, that one wants for his/her avatar. Plus the fashion is always trending.

Using Bitmoji in Snapchat allows you can unlock Friendmoji with 2-person bitmojis of you and friends, or with Bitmoji for Gboard, you can share them directly from the Google Keyboard. There’re even commodities sections selling accessories of your avatar. Yet not everything is free, there are some in-app purchases.



SelfieMoji is one of the most popular emoji makers that employs excellent AI technology to turn your face into a remarkable avatar. With the help of this, you can quickly send your buddies the “right look at the right time”. 

SelfieMoji is free to use the application and does not require any pre-registration or any other personal details. It also best for those who want to make real-time animation with their face with different backgrounds to enjoy a more personalized experience. 

Additionally, it has an extensive library of avatars and emojis that you can easily explore without any limit. After a successful installation, simply launch the app, and there you have SelfieMoji with all its tools and services.


AnimojiStudio is a sole app that allows you to record, share, and save Animoji videos without requiring to be in messages. These videos can be as long as you want and can be recorded with or without audio. 

As it uses the private APIs, it must be installed by a third-party system or by heading over to The AnimojiStudio GitHub page and grasping the necessary files. The best part: it’s free.


Avatoon like the others is an application that helps the user to create their cartoon photos, and edit their avatar, without any drawing or painting skills.

Available for both Android and iOS, Avaton is both “Face Emoji Maker Maker, Avatar Creator, and Cartoon Photo Editor”, seems a lot right? Well, that’s not the end for Avatoon. Imagine, if there’s a ‘cartoon you’re ruling the social media without any limitations.

With Avatoon create your cartoon face that reflects your personality and style. It provides you a perfect platform where you can include yourself(your avatar) in stickers, emojis, and more.

Develop your influence, attract other Avatoon users and have a quality time editing your avatar, and own the quality interface of the.




VideoMoji enables you to choose a 3D character and animate your own emotions to express yourself. you can create funny and authentic videos too! Plus it is an interesting way to deliver your message more entertainingly and uniquely.

Build your conversations more emotional and catchy. Use your emotions and expressions to create eye-catching and amusing videos. Live in a parallel world with a thrill communication via virtual 3D character! VIDEOMOJI is full of amazing and appealing characters like cute pandas, monkeys, clownfish, and even a burger. VIDEOMOJI is free with no in-app purchases.



MojiPop enables you to create your 3-D avatar using your device’s front camera or by importing it from your gallery. After the picture is scanned it is all the game of seconds that your animated will is right in front of you. 

 Further, its massive collection will allow you to customize your avatar, initiating with hairstyles. As mentioned before the range of options MojiPop gives you for customization is astonishingly majestic. 

Apart from the general looks of hair, eyes, and face structure, this app adds a cherry on the cake. One plus factor that Mojipop has is the cool-looking stickers that it creates out of simple recurrent selfies.



Proceeding further with the list, we have Zepeto. This app is similar to coin gaming systems, in which you can modify your avatar using these coins. On registering with any of the social media be it FB, Twitter, etc., you will be rewarded with 10.000 coins. 

Afterward, all features will be available for customization of the avatar. It includes basic facial customization, additionally, you get the usual hair, beard, mustache, nose, ears, and face structure. For the accessories, you may include lipstick and the latest goggles.

It even supports AR Cameras and Photobooth. It also provides your activity section where you can manage your created avatar and choose the mannerism in which your avatar should be seen by the rest of the world.

You could also like someone’s stories, comment on it, share them with others or even try out someone’s else stylish avatar just through a single tap. That other’s avatar style, right from his head to foot will be superimposed on yours.



Bemoji is all about having fun with your animations. On opening the application, you will have two methods of creating your avatar. This could be either done by facial recognition or Manual Creation.  

Using facial recognition may cause you in-app purchases, whereas manual creation is free. It has a vast range of features to work with, just like Bitmoji including hair color, facial color, face structure, lips, eyebrows, the color of your eye, and different shades.

 Apart from that, the app also boasts a huge collection of animations and GIFs which you could use along with your manually created avatar.

If these features weren’t enough to surprise you, it also has this amazing functionality of filming 3D scenes with your avatar as a part of it.

In the conclusion, we say that there is no doubt that we will see much more growth in Animoji and Memoji applications in the future, and the growth will be much astonishing with each new feature and service. We wait to see how they evolve. 

If you like any of these applications, we would be interested to hear which ones are your favorites so you can send us a comment to tell us.


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