Top 10 Best Animation Apps For Android & iOS

Everyone loves watching animation and wants to create one of his own but due to lack of knowledge and tools creating animations remains an incomplete dream. 

Keeping this in mind we have gathered a list of ‘Top 10 Animations’. So now you could also make your own anime and earn fame with just few clicks.

These apps help you to cultivate some best skills to make you own animation and gives some solid tips to enhance creativity in your animations. Don’t need to worry if you are a beginner because these apps guide you properly from the scratch to advanced level.

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Everyone have some hobby which we do for fun and to follow passion. Some listen music, some do fashion designing and many other things. Making animation becomes feasible if you know right tools and proper steps to follow.

These animation apps have classical and advanced tools so that you can make your animations more presentable and creative. You can share your masterpiece on other platforms to gain popularity and could even see other people’s work for more ideas.

Animation is something which requires creativity but sometimes you run out of ideas, to tackle this problem these apps have timelines where you can check frames and get ideas.

So let’s get started with some best animation apps which will surely prove out as a helping hand in unleashing your imagination.     


10 Best Animation Apps


RoughAnimator is an animation app designed by professionals for its beginners and professional users. Now you could make your own traditional hand drawn animations easily through this app. 

It has customized brushes through which you can give different texture to your animations making it more cool and fancy. 

You can import videos and audios from your gallery for lip syncing and rotoscoping animation. Make different Gif’s and quick time videos through your animations and share it to your friends for fun.

Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion

If you are a film maker than this app is definitely for you because it’s easy to use interface provide you whole set of film making features to you. 

Now whether you are beginner or a pro, this app will always prove out to be beneficial for you. You can cut paste and insert frames at different positions, import video from your galleries and create amazing animations. Make your films catchy by enhancing background and by changing aspect ratio and fade effects.


This app is more of a movie editor where you can edit your films and give it a creative angle. It has 100+ slideshows and has licensed music library which makes it more fun to use. 

You can write texts in between your slideshows and could also do clip trimming. It is very much feasible to use, you just have to upload picture and videos from your gallery, add song of your choice, add text to tell your story and your film is ready. 

You can even share your clip to Facebook and other social media handles to show off your video editing skills.



Next comes the ToonTastic app which allows you to make your own animated story through its amazing features. 

It is one of the most fantastic app to create your animated story by just speaking and get your dream come true. You just have to speak and your voice and animations will be recorded and stored in the form of 3D video. 

Create animations of any type like adventures, breaking news, family photo albums and many more other animations you could imagine. You could even design your own animations and make soundtracks with its thousands of in-built songs. 



Coming to the next animation app we have PicsArt app where you can make your amazing animations and show your creativity. 

You get professional drawing and sketching tools to make your animations. Add music to your animations and easily share it to your Facebook or YouTube account. 

Instantly import images and video from your galleries and make instant Gifs and animated selfies with utmost perfection in no time. So now you could make your own animations easily through PicsArt without any tutorials.

Animation Desk

Animation Desk

You can create animations through animation desk with wide variety of features. You can create animations from scratch and share it through your iPad. 

It has multiple 46 brushes which allow you to give amazing textures to your animations and also copy and paste option. 

Animation Desk has export and import feature so now you can export videos, Gif and PDF. This animation app has community of creative artists called AniZone where you can share your animation and could even comment on others animation frame.

I Can Animate

I can Animate

Next comes the most amazing animation app called ‘I can Animate’ which is totally free and provides you pack full of mind blowing features. 

Capture your own frame through your camera and compare it with other frames. You can add every feature you want from exposure balance to music of your choice very feasibly. 

Make time lapse through your phone and edit it whilst making it. You can adjust playback speed and add amazing filters to your animations to make it more cool and fun.

Animation Amino

Animation amino

Animation Amino is one of the most well-known animation app among animators because it not only provides best features but also connects animators. 

You can chat with other animators and discuss new ideas and projects. Gain popularity by sharing your creations and you can even vote for the project you like. 

It has Map catalog where you can learn new things and could even contribute to it. Animation Amino is not only an animation app, it’s an way of learning and connecting to new people.  



Now you could unleash your imagination through Movepic. You can make your still images move through its special effects and make your animations more realistic. 

Place your photos in loop and adjust speed of the loop. This app can make cloud move, your hair float or even river flow. Use freeze brush to freeze some parts of your animations. 

You can use magic sky effects to make dull sky look more colourful. Add animated texts to make your animation more informative and creative. 

Animation Desk Classic

Animation Desk Classic

Next comes the Animation Desk Classic which gives you every feature for creating your animation. It has classic drawing tools which gives you 8 brushes, support 3 layers and pigments. 

You can insert shapes, background colours and graphic stickers. Export videos and audios to add effects and share your masterpiece to your social media. 

Add sound and recordings to your animation to make it more cool and fun. You could also cartoon yourself using this animation app.


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