Top 10 Best Adult Game Apps For Android & iOS

There is no denial to the fact that games are an interesting addition to life. Some games help you pass some time alone, while others are multiplayer which bring back your parties to life.

One such category is that of adult games for grown ups. As might me suggestive by the name, the genre focuses on 18+ audiences. The genre includes party games with freaky little details, secret couple games for private times and single player interactive storyline games.

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With so many games available online, it becomes difficult to look for the best one. If you are pre-planning a party, we could help you with this task! In the list below, we have enlisted 10 best adult game apps, for every need. Take a look!


Top 10 Games For Adults

Truth or Dare X

What could be a better suggestion to an mature gathering? The classic truth and dare is now mobile and how!

The game deserves to be on the best recommendations for adult games, given the freaky questions and dares that come up. It has 9 different modes to play in ranging from the very basic casual seating with friends all the way up to the only adults!

Just like the traditional game, a person chosen at random has to choose among truth or dare. The app then comes up with a question. Beware: too many drinks could lead you to an unwanted crazy!

Never Have I Ever

Another classic gem of get-togethers is here. If the party has drinks, the party got to have Never Have I ever!

The most popular party drinking game is here to add glitter to your gig. The game is again the traditional one, with three different modes to play in- fun, party and dirty.

The fun mode is the most suited for a casual seating with colleagues or coworkers, the party mode is one level up, for night outs with buddies and the dirty mode, well, gets steamy! The game therefore becomes a pervasive option for all kinds of gathering.

Most Likely To

most likely to

This one is an amazing and fun way to level up your parties and know your friends/partners better!

This perfect party game app has an interactive game play, where all you have to do is to select a category.

Then read the pop up statement out loud that puts up a hypothetical situation. The players then place their bets on which player among them is most likely to be there or do that. 

This contains whooping 2000 spicy and controversial questions. It can also be complimented with drinks!

There are 10 decks in the game starting with pre party pack. With each pack, this game surges the heat and mood gets extreme.


iPassion is the perfect app to spend some quality time with your other half. The app has a game layout designed to strengthen your relationship and at the same time, better the intimacy between you two.

The game follows a quiz like pattern, where you answer the questions to your partner. Every next question is more intimate than the previous one. The game never fails to give you a quality private time!

Evil Minds

You might be familiar with the game of dumb charades, the classic word game. This game, Evil Minds, is the same, but with a touch of freakiness.

The game follows a basic game play layout of a player getting to enact a particular censored word, which the other players have to decode. The game comes up with different dirty words every time you play.

Any number of people from as low as 2, can play this game. A great party calls for great fun and jokes, and Evil Minds suffices that.


The next up in the list is an interactive story game, which lets you decide how your story plays along.

Choices lets you choose an avatar for yourself, then control the life of the character by taking major decisions for him/her. Every part of the story, including the climax, is in your hands. The game has stories from various genres like horror, comedy, romance, fantasy, etc. offering a great buffet of experiences to choose from.

If you are looking for games like Episodes then Choices is a must try.

It lets you choose your partner, your friends and your life.


Chapters is another great interactive story game. The app also involves personalization of character and control over their life. The game features numerous genres and stories to play in including romance, young adult, comedy and fantasy.

In this game, users have the entire control over the major life decisions of the character. Would you hook up with your hot teacher or would you choose to be loyal to your love? It is all up to you.


The app takes one step forward from the classic interactive story games. To be precise it even allows you to customize the person you want to date too apart from the normal customization options for self character.

The app is also rich in different genres of stories available for you to play in. It lets you exercise full control over the actions of your character to end up in a climax you would love.

Love Island

If the idea of participating in a viral reality TV show is of any interest to you, Love Island is a treat! It lets you be a part of a reality TV show at the ease of your fingertips and a stable internet connection.

Choose the way the character carries themselves, their decisions and the climax of your very original story. Perform stunts, gain public attention and still be your truest self to win!

Linda Brown

The game of Linda Brown- an interactive story, follows the story of Linda Brown a female protagonist who has recently broken up with her boyfriend and now moved into a new city to kick start her career from square 1.

The players control the life decisions of the character and also bear the consequences. It gets relatable to users after only a few minutes of game play. The players are free to choose and create their own climax to the story.


Be it group/party games or couple games or even single player ones, the app market has a lot many to offer. In the above list, there are the best of all categories for you to choose from.

The games are designed to be played in a certain way, and hence an introduction would be really helpful to enjoy it to the fullest. Why delay the fun then? Let’s go!


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