9 Best Apps to Measure Blood Pressure

Human health is a serious factor and a matter of concern in order to live a good and healthy life. Nowadays we can easily record, track and analyze our health situation with the help of our smart devices which we carry along with us most of the time.

With that being said blood pressure has become a common medical condition, that might affect our lifestyle in many ways if not controlled and measured on a time scale. Thankfully there are apps that help maintain a good lifestyle for those who are going through this medical condition.

Among many blood pressure apps, we have curated a list of the 10 Best Blood pressure measurement apps that will help you maintain a good and healthy lifestyle.

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure is a multi-featured health app that helps monitor people’s blood pressure; through analysis, statistics, graphs, and comprehensive reports. These data regarding your blood pressure will be stored in the app database to help you look into your progress and track your blood pressure. Set reminders, to help you monitor your blood pressure on a daily basis.

The blood pressure app helps a person to save, edit and update their daily measurements, while the users can also add tags and write small descriptions on the measurements. The data on the app can be exported into two formats, that is CSV and XML. You can also save the data as a pdf file. The app helps keep a backup of all your data so that you don’t need to worry if you mistakenly lose them.

The app has a very convenient user interface which helps the user to easily find useful features. Customize the appearance by choosing between a dark theme or a light theme.

Cardio Journal

Just as the name suggests, the cardio journal is an easy-to-use blood pressure journaling app. The app helps save and analyze Blood pressure monitor readings. Cardio Journal helps remind you to measure your blood pressure on time. And you get to see graphs of your measurement. You can also export measurement data into an Excel spreadsheet if you need to share your progress with someone.

Cardio Journal is a free android app, that is easy to use with a friendly and impressive user interface.

Blood Pressure – SmartBP

Blood Pressure measurement is made easy with SmartBP with its easy-to-use and impressive user interface and various features, a person can easily keep a record of their blood pressure measurement details and analyze it when needed. SmartBp is a free app and is available both for android and ios devices.

The app comes with loaded features like; it can automatically calculate BMI(Body Mass Index), MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure), and Pulse Rate easily. One can easily modify the date and time of the recordings. Users can measure systolic, diastolic, pulse rate, and weight by adding a note to the measurements a small description. You get to compare before and after to determine your health progress.

Export the data into PDF, CSV, and HTML format and share the reports with friends, family, and doctors when needed. Set reminder for timely Blood pressure measurement.

Blood Pressure DB

Blood Pressure DB is an amazing Blood Pressure measuring app that is recommended by both doctors and pharmacists, and also the app is voted as the top health app.

Easily record and store all the data of your systolic and diastolic measurements along with pulse, blood sugar, and others. You also get to track your body temperature with the help of this app which is helpful for those who have an increased risk of heart attack, high BP, diabetes, high blood sugar, and hypertension. There are other features that track your body mass ratio, weight tracker, and more.

Impressive charts to analyze your measurements and export details in pdf format and share them through email with your doctors.

The app is free to use and mostly offline based but a certain feature of this app requires internet connectivity.

Blood Pressure Diary

Blood Pressure Diary helps automatically calculate blood pressure zones such as; stage 1 and 2 hypertension, prehypertension, Normal, and Hypertension). The app not only monitors your blood pressure but is also helpful to keep your health in check.

The app has an easy-to-use interface with a unique design that gives a good feeling to the users and is also effective.

Analyze your measurements with colorful graphs and charts. Track your heart rate on the go. Add dates and tags for easy recognition. Keep track of systolic, diastolic, and pulse by just swiping your finger on your device screen.

Export the data and share the information with your physician and doctors if needed.

Blood Pressure Monitor

The blood Pressure Monitor app might be the only app that you will need to track all your medical and health readings. This app not only helps you keep track of your blood pressure, weight, temperature, and many other measurement readings but also keeps track of body positioning while measuring blood pressure as well as keeps track of your meal and glucose measurement to keep up with your health.

The app has a graphical chart for data visualization that helps you analyze your readings. The data are automatically synchronized in the cloud services. Add reminders, which can be used by multiple accounts, and much more.

Export the data in PDF, CSV, and pain message format and share with others.

Blood Pressure Tracker

Easily track your blood pressure and heart rate measurements with Blood Pressure Tracker. The app is able to automatically record systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate. Analyze precisely by looking at the graphs. The app is beginner-friendly thus, it is easy to navigate and use.

Save files in CSV, pdf formats and share them with your doctor to keep up with a healthy life.

Blood Pressure Log

Blood Pressure Log not only helps the user to keep track of their systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements but also keeps track of other health parameters such as; heart rate, exercise, weight, drug consumption, pulse, and more.

Colorful graphs, charts, and statistics help to track results and analyze your pressure. One can analyze results by means of date and time(day or night), the intensity of blood pressure, place of measurement, and positioning.

You can set reminders so that you don’t forget to keep tracking in check. Also, you can export the data in .txt and Excel file format and share it via email. You can keep backup for safekeeping.

Blood Pressure Companion

Blood Pressure Companion is a clean and easy to use; blood pressure, heart rate, and weight tracker app which is available on iOS devices.

There are various causes that have given rise to High Blood Pressure and thus blood pressure companion helps maintain a healthy habit to keep normal blood pressure in check.

The user can monitor their blood pressure measurements by words, chart, and histogram which helps see any persisting abnormalities in the measurement data. Watch the statistics by day, week, month, or yearly order.

You get to easily update blood pressure, heart rate, weight, and test date also add notes, tags write a small description. The app analyzes the times and percentages of each blood pressure range and can calculate the MAP of each reading.

You also get to set reminders for measuring Blood pressure and visitations. Export the data in CSV, HTML, and PDF format for safekeeping.

The above-mentioned apps are only intended to record blood pressure measurements and related activities. These apps do not work as a substitute for a doctor’s advice visit. Thus, prior consultation with doctors is much appreciated but these apps will surely help you organize your measurement details.


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